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My most recent ride logged 25miles however the route is approximately 40.1 miles. The map shows the correct route but the miles do not match. How do I correct the ride?  I can't find a support that provides and answer. Actually, I don't see many answers through this method. Hey Strava, is there a way to open a support ticket? How about a topic to discuss Bugs or Problems? 



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    Please follow this related discussion, Edit Distance for an Activity

  • I have a similar issue with the run I just went on. It says 10.1km but in actual fact it was only 8.7km. Really screwing up my 10km and 5km pb's :(

    Did you happen to get an answer back?

  • This doesn't bode well...hello? Strava? Like the 2 above I need to edit an incorrectly measured distance...My TomTom Spark recorded 10.01k but Strava shrank it to 9,9! Grrrr! NO STRAVA! 

    Any one from the company who I just paid Premium membership to got a conscience and want to help? :-)

  • Would be Nice to at least get an answer! Strava somehow stop my recording after 5 minutes into my 2,5 hour MTB terrain trip yesterday. And i didnt see it before i got home. RIP...!

  • Any responses to this - I have the same issue - ride is saying 57km instead of 68km but the map is correct??

  • I'm using strava for the first time this year because of the bike challenge, but my phone dies or auto stops in certain areas, so half my millage is not recorded.  We can't edit miles, this means deleting every ride and entering manually; anyone have any suggestions on something easier?? Endomondo is easier to use with its edit feature, thinking of switching back.  

  • I have got exactly the same issues. I just ran somewhere between 3-4 miles but it only recorded 1.2 miles. Yet the map is showing my route. Why can't there be a button which calculates the miles based on the map. ex. if you start from your home and end there but Strava only picks up the distance from half way through, there needs to be a button which then adds the first segment onto your distance and then recalculates based on the correct time (which the app actually records correctly).

    STRAVA???? Getting frustrated with this app as this is the second issue that I've never had an answer to.

  • Is anyone at Strava reading these posts? I've yet to see an answer.  How do I edit the distance.  I forgot to stop my tracking on my Iphone. Would like to know how to edit the distance. 

  • Janice, there's a feature now where you can crop the end of your run/ride - once done, this can't be undone. Still have no idea how to edit within a run/ride or to edit the distance. I don't think anyone from Strava actually reads/cares about these questions.

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