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I think it would be cool if you could make several activities. So as Walking, cycling indoor (Ergometer), Hiking, Mountain biking, Rowing, ect.

Indeed, I would like to have an overview of all my training in the same app.



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  • I agree. I would like to set goals and track my milage in the kayak but I have to register my rowing sessions as swimming in order to do this and to see my training in the log. Why give the possibility to select e.g. rowing as an activity when goal setting etc. is only for tri-activities?

  • Completely agree.  I go on 10 mile walks and would like to see these as an overall stat.  It is annoying that I can't see how far I've walked this year.


    1. Separate rowing into "Indoor/Ergometer Rowing" and actual rowing.  
    2. For the former, allow entry of distance into an activity recorded with Garmin, so I can match Garmin & HRM data (indoors, GPS off) with the distance.  


  • I still use MapMyRide because it is easy to track my Kayak trips.  The tracking in Strava just seems to be Bike and Run.  I guess to track my Kayak, I need to act as if it is a run.  Not my idea of tracking.  I would move over to Strava if I could track my Kayak trips.

  • I'm a snorkelling guide and use a Garmin Descent multi sport computer/watch. I think it would be very useful to Freediver's to have an Apnea mode to track Dives, Dive depth, Dive time & Surface Intervals. Garmin app does this, so to link this to Strava would be useful. Garmin App allows custom activities so if linked to Strava, Strava could/would also take on all the associated activities a Garmin user has it would be a most useful. 

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