Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

Here are some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 



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  • I have never seen a response from Strava here. But If you log a call with their Support, they will respond directly to you fairly promptly.

  • Until this becomes available in Strava you can get this exact functionality on my site  You do need to register your interest to see you details but I think it ticks most of your boxes.  Still work in progress but I'm showing sortable lists of all completed segments, rides along with a graphical "dashboard" to compare all your segments.

  • A cool tweak to this feature would be to graphically see on a map all of the KOMs that you have claimed - once you have more than a couple of pages of KOMs seeing them in list form only is not very helpful.

  • How about adding our Challenges badges to our profile as well, so that others can see our accomplishments ?

  • Like the Challenge Badge idea!! Make a side box within profile page for those that have done them. Like the original idea and the Challenge Idea!!

  • Any updates on this?  We really deserve this:)

  • I raised a ticket with support regarding this... see below.


    Rick Saunders
    Jun 27 05:44 am

    May i draw your attention to some suggestions made on the Feature Request Forum. Can you advise if there will be any such features detaliled in the below link.



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    • Hello Rick,

      Yes, we read these suggestions and your cries are not falling on deaf ears sir!! =) 
      Thank you for taking the time to share your enthusiasm regarding this feature request with us! I cannot guarantee any immediate changes, but I will pass your suggestion on to our Product Development Team. I am confident that you will eventually see these features in the near future, however, I can not give you an exact time frame.

      Have a great day!

      Strava Support Team

  • Thank you Rick for checking into that! :)

  • Would love this, even if its going to be a premium only feature.

  • Just a another vote here that would love to see this as a premium feature.

    ESPECIALLY, the sorting of KOM's that one has by "prestige" or number of times ridden, etc.  Really miss that feature when it was taken away earlier this year.  (I realize why it was taken away, that's why I'm in favor of it being a feature for Premium account holders if necessary).

  • Another vote here.  If this was a premium feature I'd upgrade for it.

  • Would love 20min and 60min power avg, great for those who use power meters

  • You can see the minute by minute power average under the ANALYSIS tab either by moving your cursur down the power curve or viewing the BEST EFFORTS table.

  • Another vote...Would be good to see my best times for all distances and be able to see the top 5/10 rather than just the current selected 1k, 1mile, 5k, 10k on the Profile page.

  • I think the PRs for the "standard" distance should be available to all users. A complete list of KOMs could be a premium feature as the number you can hold is theoretically unlimited.

  • Another emphatic yes vote on this badly needed feature.  I would really like to see all my segments, what my current rank is and out of how many, how far off the KOM, how many times I've ridden or run it, etc..   This would be fine if it were premium only, and I think you would get a ton more of your customers to upgrade to premium.  

  • No doubt.  I'd gladly pay for premium if it had just a few features that added value over the free accounts.  A better way to see accomplishments, track status on segments, and compare segments in common with other riders would do it.  Seems like strava has been stagnant for a long time now....

  • Just use and forget about Strava adding the feature. is great and offers you lots more.

  • Wow, great site.

  • I am already paying for premium, but would like to see more premium features to sweeten the pot. I bought premium basically because I thought strava was a great idea and wanted to contribute to the company (and keep it going).

    This would be a good addition. Get it done strava - please. I see garmin connect now has a public profile page - it's like they are starting to go down the strava road. You guys need to keep well ahead. It's like a kom competition - you've got to work to hold on to top spot :-) Keep it up :-)

  • +1

    This would certainly add a lot more incentive to completing challenges. 

    Hope to see this feature soon!

  • I am shocked to hear that badges are not displayed on profile pages .... 

  • +1 that having this as a premium feature would make sense.  Would get more people to upgrade, I'm sure.

  • I just ran a 2nd Best PR 5K and wanted to see when I ran the actual PR.  It would be great to be able to easily see the list of top 5 PRs for each main distance category.

  • to further this feature request, it would also be nice to view/compare a complete list of you and your friend's PRs on all common segments.

  • Challenges badges on our profile pages would be much appreciated.

  • Challenge badges is an absolute must! We work extremely hard to finish the challenges and some of them can last for weeks at a time like Oktoberfest. Not being able to look back at our accomplishments is a big miss for Strava. Things like that are what helps motivate us when the days are short and the weather is foul.

  • I would also very much appreciate it if the challenge badges are added to our profiles. Or perhaps you could make a list where you can see the badges you received, just like the list with the KOM's you own, but now for badges. 

  • +1 for a "trophy case" where we can see our challenge badges!

  • Just to add my vote to support this thread. Ten months now and counting!!

    KOMon Strava, this would be such a useful thing to have, premium feature or not - why not spend some time delivering features like this, rather than layout tweaks that nobody wants or needs?

    You already have all the data, this cannot be that hard to implement, with a well engineered and suitably indexed database you should be able to instantly show me every segment I've ridden, my position on the leaderboard for each, all my top 10 positions, every ride on every segment ordered by elapsed time etc etc

    Also how about a feature that lets me opt to receive an email notification whenever someone pushes me down a segment's leaderboard?

    How about a feature that lets me opt to receive an email notification whenever someone attempts a challenge on my KOM? At the moment I occasionally look for this buy going to my list of KOMs and clicking on each in turn to view the leaderboard and looking to see if anyone has come within a few seconds/% of my KOM since I earned it - but WHY should I do this manually?? The software should do the hard work!!


    Please sort it out!!! :-)

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