Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

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  • KOM's and PR's aside, I'd actually be happy with just a display case page where you can see all of the finishers/monthly challenge badges you've earned.  

  • ditto - I would like all the challenges I have completed to be listed somewhere on my dashboard / profile - ie little flags / images with a tool tip hover over / link to the challenge.  It would give me a warm glow in winter, and would be nice to see on others profiles too.....

  • For me, just seeing my achievements related to challenges would be enough. I never get anywhere near a KOM...

  • +1, fine with premium

  • I'm premium and hope to see all finished challenge badges somewhere in profile! Thank you

  • Well .. another year has passed. I would still like to see something that showed earned badges perhaps with a selection to avoid the monthly training series.

  • I can't believe this hasn't been implemented.
  • I was just wondering about this... apparently lots of others too. Would love to see this feature!

  • Cool features like a trophy cabinet and a page for different PRs together with the features you already have on premium would definitely make me want to buy it!

  • It would be nice to see current position/trophy or KOM on the starred segments page if its not a starred segment then I probably don't care where I am in the leader board.

    Then have a trophy cabinet on the profile to show off your best efforts. Maybe only show a few on the profile that you can select, like the star on the segments so you can decide what is displayed. So if you want challenge badges or KOMs or a PB then you can pick them. All of these data are already recorded you can see your trophies if open an old ride, so this just needs pulling together as a list somewhere.

    I have a few KOMs but they are not on popular segments, getting in the top 10 (sometimes top 50 or 100) or a PB or making one of my goals on one of the really busy segments is more important to me and that's what would go in my profile trophy cabinet. Maybe only show your last activity to make space or make the Recent Achievements tabbed with the trophy cabinet a tab?


  • I have no idea why they let you get challenge badges but you can never look at all the challenge badges you've earned.  Seems fundamentally broken (and the wording of the challenges themselves implies this is possible, though it's not).  Way broken.

  • +1 for digital finishers badge trophy case, even if premium.

  • huge +1 for a list of running PRs at difference distances

    +1 for the ability to see top K (5 or 10) efforts for the same distances (perhaps uniqued at a per-activity level, if that makes it any easier; so you can't set all of your top 3 mile efforts in one 5k)


  • Totally agree! A digital trophy case of PRs and Badges would be awesome!

  • +1 for all the above.  I'm already suckered into paying for the site, but being able to track top 10's would be awesome.  This feature would definitely motivate me (both to ride and continue paying for premium).

  • This should be a fundamental feature of the basic version. Your profile should store (which it does already) and make visible your current PR's for the various distances for cycling and riding. At the moment you have to scroll back and manually check your previous activities until you find what you are after - very clunky. I don't see this as being an advanced feature compared to all the other info already available in your profile.
  • ^note: as opposed to displaying ALL your achievements.
  • Find this hard to believe that it doesn't already exist.  The data and achievement is obviously calculated upon hardware import (or Strava app save) so why not start "collecting" those achievements in another database/table so they can be saved? I realize there may be technical hurdles that we're not aware of but seems pretty straight forward.  Aren't achievements/PR's the reason why most people share to sites like Strava to begin with?

  • An example. I did a run yesterday where PR'd on pretty much everything. On the trophy column it says "pr in 5k" when you click 5k it takes you to the run you just ran. It should take you to a list of your 5ks so you can compare how you've progressed.
  • Agreed, folks have been asking for this for quite a while now. It's just an added display of data that is already kept. Get it together pretty please!

  • I really wish Strava would publicly address this issue.  A simple explanation of why they are not developing the concept would suffice. Wether it be server/data demand, cost, perhaps it is being explored via partner relationships, or not inline with Strava's philosophy. Which ever the reason an answer would be appreciated.

  • ^^ Agreed.
  • Use VeloViewer to view all achievements and other things that Strava doesn't show you
  • Thanks for the tip. Veloviewer works great, wish I didn't have to go offsite to get the info that should be here. Come on Strava!
  • I think Veloviewer's trophy cabinet is down for the short/medium term.

  • I would definitely like to see this feature.  Isn't it just a quick programming thingy??  come-on....

  • This would be a great premium feature.  You already have the Starred Segments tab page on the "My Segments" page.  Merely add a column that indicates my standing in each of my starred segments (only show a number if in top ten).  Going a bit further regarding the Starred Segments tab page, I'd like to see the following changes:

    1. order the segments alphabetically or allow sorting by clicking on the column headers.  It's really aggravating to have to go thru 4 pages of segments to find one that starts with a "B"!  
    2. Remove the Elevation Difference and Average Grade columns since we already know the contour of our segments.  This data is noise to me.  If I want that much detail, let me drill to the segment page.
    3. Change the PR column to "Time Behind" or another appropriate title and show the time in arrears for each segment  I suspect most of us do the math in our head to calculate how far behind we are. Why make us do the math?   I need to know how much time I need to make up. 
    4. Add a "Current Standings" column.  Only show a number if in the top ten.
    5. Add a "Power" column.  Many times, even though I'm not the KOM holder, I know from viewing my power number that I've maxed out on a particular segment and it's a futile effort to improve my position.  Having the power number in that report would allow me to pick out those segments that I feel I haven't maxed out on just yet.

    That's it!    With the above Starred Segments page format, I can tell at a glance EXACTLY where I stand on any segment without having to drill to the segment page.  Thank you for your time! 

  • In all high schools an colleges there is a trophies case. I suggest that on the top line where we see DASHBOARD, TRAINING, EXPLORE, CHALLENGES, and SHOP. There be a new one added called TROPHY CASE. Only current KOMs and top tens. 

  • Commenters suggesting making this a premium-only feature: what's the point of a trophy case if you can't show it off because it's behind the premium paywall? C'mon internet racers, use your heads.

  • I think the "Premium only" idea comes from users who think the bandwidth cost increase may be a reason why Strava isn't moving on this one. I don't know the actual cost of X amount of users refreshing their "trophy case with low res graphic badges" X amount of times a day/week/month/year etc. I read an article a few years ago suggesting that Strava wasn't breaking even yet. Locally it appears as if the amount of premium users has increased 10 fold since two years ago but who knows.

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