Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

Here are some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 



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  • With all due respect Chicken Legs (that's a great name BTW), what advertisements do you see on this site?  None! does Strava make money so that they can continue to enhance its features?'s not advertisements, and I for one would like to keep it that way.  Most of us have had to deal with free sites where you have to put up with the constant parade of ads getting in the way.   That said, I'm all for Strava making money with Premium memberships as you should be too.  Looking at the user feedback, it seems this feature has a good deal of demand which a majority of people are willing to pay for.  I might be wrong, but I think most of us want this feature for our own use rather than for showing off .  The word "Trophy Case" suggests otherwise, but I personally  would like a report in which I can see my current standings on my favorite segments for the purpose of identifying those on which I have a chance of improving.  After all, I'm fairly certain there are many cyclists out there that may not be top ten segment athletes...but they still would like to see how they're improving.  Just my opinion...thanks.

  • I absolutely agree with Chicken Legs. There is little value to a trophy case that is not on display for all members. Even if it was publicly displayed but only for premium subscribers that sends the wrong message. "Shared" challenges are vital and are what got me hooked on Strava.

    I used Strava infrequently until I saw a challenge that was possible but very difficult and along with my brother I used it to motivate me to stretch myself, and Strava became a part of my daily life and part of the daily discourse between myself,  friends and family members (many of whom joined strava). I then did more challenges and shared Strava with many colleges at work and was hooked before realising after the challenges are over any record of them is essentially gone forever.

    I did finish that challenge (out of principle) but with much cursing and a bitter taste in my mouth. My subsequent challenges have been external to Strava (there are plenty of other options), communications with friends and family no longer include strava and I have cancelled my premium membership. I am not a die hard rider and not really in KOM contention, so without "shared" challenges, for me, there is no reason to engage with others in the Strava community anymore. Its is sad, and pointless Strava have stalled on this low cost, easy to implement core feature for soo long. 

  • I can actually imagine some reasons this might not be a cheap feature to implement, from an operational cost perspective. If you what you're asking for is "for each segment I've ever run, show me a page with my current rank on that segment," tracking that could lead to troubling fan-out issues in database writes. Someone finishes a run on a popular segment, sets a new record, then everyone below that has to get a new ranking written to their personal record. So one run finishing results in, say, several hundred or several thousand database writes. You can do that, but it's not a thing to do on a whim.

    Seems like, other than people wanting the public version, you can also get an approximation of this with "starred segments"? 

    (When I originally commented here I thought the ask was basically for the distance-based "Estimated Best Efforts" that's on your profile, but which I was unable to find for a while, because herp.)

  • To those following this thread who want a trophy case for achievements but do not care about challenges, I apologise for my long rant above. Unfortunately, Strava continues deny us having a separate thread to discuss the need to display challenges completed. Another bizarre decision by Strava which completely baffles me.    

  • Carlton D, I don't know what you mean by "shared challenges"...what am I missing?  I believe this feature request, originally started by Rosie back in Feb of 2012, is regarding a page that displays your current standings on all segments ridden. Are you referring to challenges such as the "Extender Challenge" which runs to the end of this month? 

  • I would expect a trophy case for all completed challenges other than the monthly series at a minimum. Segments can be viewed/updated through the "starred" function, KOM's obviously have their tab.

  • Yes, James White, but the "starred" function does not show your current standing for that segment...only your best time and the KOM time.  You have no idea where you actually rank.  You have to drill down into each segment in your starred list to see where you rank.   I'd like to see some of the "starred" columns disappear and add a ranking column.  That's all I'm suggesting.  I'm done on this topic!  :-)  Thanks for reading.

  • Bill Anderson, yes I am talking about "Strava Challenges" like the "Extender Challenge". I previously joined challenges and encouraged others to join as well and though we lived in different states we would use strava to cheer each other on as we completed the challenges together. Perhaps I could have avoided some confusion if I have said challenges were shared instead of saying they were shared challenges.

    These challenges do not strictly fit within the original post of this thread, but they certainly fit within the "trophy case idea" and within the topic of this thread which is "Show me all of my achievements on Strava". Since the need to show Challenge Badges was first raised in this thread by Kenneth Trueman 14 months ago (July 13, 2012) the concept of a trophy case just for challenges has received a lot of support.

    I have asked Strava repeatedly for a separate threat for showing Strava challenges completed but this request has been rejected in significant part because Strava believe discussion of challenges belongs in this thread. Strava are wrong. Showing "Rankings" and "Challenges" are two very different things, Both are valuable but to very different audiences. Showing challenge badges would require almost no resources and is valued by newbies and social riders/runners. Rankings [may] require more resources and are valued by those more serious who are challenging themselves via the rankings.

    re: Strava making a profit, I paying premium in order to give back to strava even though there was no added value for doing so. Many others do the same. I would also be willing to make a voluntary tokan payments for specific challenges or participate in a special paid challenge once a year to Ride as far as you can in day or 1 week, etc, with the notion that it is Strava's annual fundraising drive and our opportunity to pay back a little. Give participants a Challenge Badge and add a logo to the badge showing that they supported the strava community through this challenge. Then show the badge in a trophy case with all our other badges.

    There are plenty of ways to generate money through happy willing participants..

  • Yes Bill, you have to preform a single mouse click of the starred segments to see where you are ranked ... 10/250 etc. I just checked a 9-10 of my starred segment placements in less than a minute. That is not really a big deal when considering the server time to post  hourly/daily data for all users on all starred segments of which many users wouldn't check regularly anyway.

  • Carlton D, well said.  Thank you for an excellent explanation.  I completely understand what you're saying and totally agree that challenges and segment rankings are two totally different topics.  Challenges should indeed have it's own thread.  Let's hope (some more) that Strava will at least respond to us if these are viable features or not.  If these features are too database costly to implement, it would be nice that they state such so we can cease the endless begging!!!  :-)   Strava? about some response?...are these being considered or not?  Thanks. 

  • @ Carlton - continuing to pay for Strava premium while they ignore these requests sends them the wrong message.


  • Thanks James, I appreciate your comment.  You're right, I have to click on each starred segment.  So...after clicking thru each of my 4 pages of starred segments, can I remember the ranking of each?....can I remember the one's that I think I can improve on?...can I remember how many seconds I have to make up to get to the next rank?, I can't I must say.  I would like a report that I can sort by clicking on the column headers... such as segment distance, power, rank, even by name.  The starred segments aren't even ordered alphabetically right now!  Yes, for 9 or 10 starred segments, it's not an issue since they all appear on one page.  With multiple pages, it becomes extremely frustrating to do any analysis of your results. Thanks for reading. 

  • Anthony Cree, you are absolutely correct. My comments were unclear due to my poor editing. I cancelled my premium subscription months ago and wrote Strava a final comprehensive message via support stating it was cancelled solely because challenge badges were not visible and Strava's response in relation to the matter were inadequate.

    Unfortunately, the way cancelling premium works, you remain subscribed to premium until what you have already paid lapses. So it is possible Strava will not notice any financial drop of from cancelled premium memberships for many many months after they are cancelled.   

  • Well...all this is now a mute point.  I just checked out  Awesome.  It pulls in all your Strava data and displays it with just about any type of filter imaginable.  Further, it allows you to dump ALL of your segment data to a CSV file, which you can then import into EXCEL or OpenOffice .  Problem solved.  I can now sort on any column desired.  It took less than 30 seconds to download ALL of my 300 rides, 174 segments and provide stats that I never knew existed.   If veloviewer can do it, certainly Strava can.   'Sorry to waste all of your time bantering this around, but I'm done.  For those wanting Challenge changes, I wish you the best...maybe will eventually accommodate you guys as well.  Time to safe everyone...

  • I subscribe to this thread and following on from this most recent flurry of comments I've spent this evening adding a Strava Challenge Trophy Cabinet to VeloViewer. Info here: I hope it ticks the box for a few of you.

  • Thanks Ben, you are a legend. Your "Strava Challenge Trophy Cabinet" is perfect. Perhaps you can clarify for us how much load/expense is really involved, and/or perhaps give us some insight into why maybe Strava have not implemented this directly?  Thanks again.

  • (Apologies for the essay) I'm only speculating here as I don't have any inside info on this but this is my take on what any issues might be for Strava:

    1. Challenges - to be honest I'm not sure that there would be any performance issues with providing a page of completed (or semi-completed) challenges that you have entered. Individual totals are all very easy to work out on the fly but I would guess that Strava would also cache the result of each Challenge after the cut-off date. While a Challenge is ongoing then they may not want to cache the leaderboard as it is subject to too much change but seeing as these are of a limited number then perhaps these could be worked out on the fly when generating an aggregated view.  There may well be some show-stoppers that I'm not aware of though.

    2. All segment placings (the OP) - this is far more tricky. I would guess that when you look at any leaderboard on Strava they calculate your position there and then. Some segments have 10's of thousands of athletes on them so if every time a new PR is set it would mean updating the current position on potentially 30,000 records below that person, and that could be happening every 5 minutes as people upload their rides. Also there are the gender/weight/age/time permutations of each leaderboard as well which multiply those process up heaps more.  That is both taxing on the servers and potentially expensive on a cloud hosting environment and also for 99.99% of those records completely unnecessary as chances are hardly any of those people will actually view their placing before it changes again.  The downside however is that in order to find, say, all top 10 placings, it will be necessary to calculate the athlete's placings on possibly all of their segments (some people have many thousands of segments) to find out which ones are relevant.  Basically a non-starter from a scalability point of view.

    The way I get around this with VeloViewer is by getting each user to choose when that big calculation (i.e. check all of your placings) is done and until you perform that process again all of those stats are static.  I can get away with that because mine is a niche site for people who are prepared to put up with that little bit of inconvenience but I don't think it would be an acceptable experience for the average Strava user on the main Strava site.

  • Ben. Thank you!  I suspect you're spot on regarding processing load in calculating segment placings.  If this is indeed the case, it would sure be nice if Strava stated such and we could get on with other things.   

    It appears to me there two different groups of strava members that want to see segment placings:

    #1, there are those that wish a real-time "Trophy Case" in which to display their palmares and current standings.

    #2, there are those like myself that want to use it as an analytical  training tool...which is exactly what provides. Being able to export filtered segment results to a CSV file is icing on the cake!

    Thanks again Mr. Lowe, for the explanation and providing such a great service.  Donations are coming.  Kudos! 


  • +1 here too... wwould be greeeat to have a trophy cabinet... mostly wanted to see all the Achievements earned from doing Challenges in a summary page! aka Medal of Honour / Trophy Cabinet style. 

    Please implement Strava!

  • +1 from me too. It would be great to see a nice view of all your earned challenge badges.

  • I want to keep my KOMs!!!!

    Yes I know people will beat them (that's the idea!), but I have worked hard for it and would like to see it still listed under my achievements (even if I don't hold the current KOM).  

    There is the slight problem that you get an instant KOM when you make a segment (perhaps have a "needs to be ridden 100 times" rule, or similar to sort this out).

    When I discovered that I lost my KOMs this was a huge disinsentive for me to continue using Strava (I like collecting my achievements).


  • Hey Ben, congratulations on a great Strava trophy case @VeloViewer.... Just a heads up that it appears to me that my indoor & GPS tracked data is being calculated in my totals towards each challenge on your website. I can't say I really mind but I have been awarded challenges that I did not earn according to Strava. At first I thought I didn't like the displaying of uncompleted challenges but seeing them there will motivate me to make sure I complete them in the future. Either way ! Nice work.


  • Strava's new"ish" challenge page is essentially a trophy page but it does not differentiate between joining a challenge and completing a challenge. Strava appears one line of code away from having a trophy page. They upload the graphic images for all the challenges on that page anyway so bandwidth is likely not a factor in avoiding the trophy page issue.

  • Hello! Please if you can add the icon cross-country skiing. Thank you!

  • Please vote here for a display to showcase all your challenge badges:


  • +1 with this suggestion, if one date, this feature arrive... i become Premium instantly =).

  •'s been a year now...people are willing to pay for this functionality...please get this done!

  • Maybe a premium feature... maybe - The 10 most deserving accomplishments instead of 3 random ones? Do we really need them all there when if someone really cares they can clearly see by looking at the segments themselves? 

  • Agreed, have also been asking for this, including 1-3 overall trophies.

  • I would never get a KOM but have a few to 10 cups. This would be great as a premium member to see where they are.

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