Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

Here are some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 



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  • Thanks Dennis! 

    Sounds like a good opportunity to share some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 

    My Top 10s or Almost KOMs:

    Rank as a Percentage on Segment Leaderboards:

    Notification when someone you Follow beats your PR:

  • Thanks for sharing Elle...those look awsome...I especially like the PR notification when a friend beats it.

    And for the record, you're my favorite Strava employee!  :-)  Seriously, thanks for keeping us up to date with features & other issues.

  • Particularly for Running:
    There is an achievement button on the athlete profile page that shows number of achievements but this is pretty useless info. The data on PRs and even 2nd and 3rd best times for 5km for example is already held by Strava so it wouldn't take much programming to have PRs for standard distances available in the achievements button/badge here.

    It is tedious to have to scroll,open,go back...repeat in order to see how many seconds you are from a PR when you've just logged a 2nd best time.
    I view this as an absolutely key piece of data and it should be available to all users Premium or otherwise.
    I value this feature more than the Challenges or my Hurt Score.
  • I really wish the KOM/CR page was an overall top 10 page or if there was a convenient way of seeing all placements achieved (even beyond 10th).

  • This would be a great feature especially if you wanted to set a new personal record. You could see where you need to improve

  • Great idea. I am surprised Strava doesn't have this feature. I went clicking through old rides from more than a month ago and found that I have placed in a few top 10's and didn't know it! Come on Strava!

  • This would be my Premium Member tipping point feature. I will sign up the day this is added.

  • the prem membership tipping point for me will be more advertising on this site so we dont have to pay so much

  • Why not handle "best efforts" like segments, with the ability for anyone to define a best effort type (run/ride) and distance, then see a "leaderboard" of their best efforts for a defined distance with links back to the runs/ries where the times were recorded? If you like that idea, vote "me too" on:

  • Any news from Strava team?

  • I use VeloViewer to view all my placings and rankings overall. Always a nice feeling when you upload your rides on the site and it shows your improved placings and new segements where you've ranked top 10. Not so good when you see how you've slipped down the rankings...which is what happens most of the time.

  • This must be THE most requested missing feature!

    At the moment I have to star every segment that I ride in order to easily keep track of them, i.e., with out having to search back in time for old rides, this is ridiculous!  Just show me a list of every segment I've ever ridden and every KOM I've ever had - PAST & PRESENT!

    I am now using VELOVIEWER to gain this seemingly simple functionality.  This would seem such an obvious feature, I wonder why Strava don't do it?!

  • I´ve cancelled mye premium membership due to I now have to pay VeloViewer Pro version to see the best result list.

    When Strava adds these features I´ll become a Strava premium paying user again.

    I think Strava is loosing a lot of premium customers/money on keeping these features hidden.

  • It would be great to just be able to see a simple list of my fastest times, either a 5km run or 10km run, or my times for particular segments. How hard can it be?

  • I would like to see this as well!

  • This was an email I sent to Strava support in regards to viewing "Top 10s" in addition to Tropheys and KOMs.  They suggested posted this on the Forum to enlist interest and possible changes to the Strava paying customers.


    "There needs to be a way to see acheivments such as top 10s in one place rather than just my KOMs. If we were able to view our top 10s it would give many people more motivation to improve their times. Often we receive a top 10 medal but soon forget about it. Then later, I would like to go back and search but Strava does not have this option"

  • It would be good if it also showed KOMs where you are tied with the leader. I have a couple like this and they do not show in my list.

  • does this and lots more, it makes proper use of your ride data!

  • Strava, do you have an update as to when this may happen? I do tend to agree that if you could make better use of ride data to give more detailed analysis it would be a great help and make our subscriptions more worthwhile. It seems there are other places, like veloviewer, that do this better at the moment. Thank you!
  • All great ideas, why are they not implemented? 

    My Top 10s or Almost KOMs:

    Why not have it user configurable, so could list all top 25s or top 5%s etc. 

    Also could list the ones that got away (where you have slipped down the leaderboard to below this position).


  • How about show ALL KOMs/CRs from ALL activities in profile? not just the running, biking, and swimming. We have a good crew of nordic skiers in our community who use Strava.

  • It really bothers me that we cannot see our archived runs when we run a best effort. So for example, if I'm told I've run my 3rd fastest 10km, I can't see what my 2nd or 4th is. The only one that is listed is the 1st as the all time PR on the profile page. I really would like to have access to all of the fastest runs of a similar length, similar to what SmashRun do. 

  • I fully agree. I would like to see a list of my top 5 times for each distance so I can compare how I am doing with previous runs. Surely that is a simple feature that really should be standard. Please can this be included?
  • My favorite part is how this is nearly 5 years old and NONE of these ideas have been added to Strava.

  • I thought this would surely be a premium feature! Time to downgrade.  Seriously, what am I paying for?

  • This would also be a feature drawing me in for a premium membership.
    I don't have a lot of use for the current premium features. These are more in the category "nice to have" than in any way an asset to my training.
    Tracking custom distances and having an overview over PRs, however would be amazing!
    But the Strava team is ignoring its top voted feature idea for 5 years now? No premium from me, sorry.

  • wow cannot believe this has not been implemented!?

  • I've posted in this thread in 2015 and due to this is still not available I still haven't renewed my STRAVA membership. Veloviewer gets my money to get this function, not Strava.

  • Come on Strava.. give us xmas gift with My Top 10s or Almost KOMs.

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