Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

Here are some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 



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  • Strava is loosing out on 1000s of paying premium customers yearly not getting this done, including me =)

  • I agree.  Fine to be a premium.

  • I agree, having a list of a person's Top Ten performances (trophies) shouldn't be that hard to do, and it would enhance the usability/usefulness of the app tremendously. As it is, I need to look through all my rides to see if I'm even in contention for a segment, which is a bit silly given the nature of this fantastic program. I could see not querying for anything beyond 10 (or 25?) places, but this should be a feature included in the basic app. 

  • I fully agree. I would like to see a list of my top 5 times for each distance so I can compare how I am doing with previous runs. Surely that is a simple feature that really should be standard. Please can this be included?
  • My favorite part is how this is nearly 5 years old and NONE of these ideas have been added to Strava.

  • Come on Strava.. give us xmas gift with My Top 10s or Almost KOMs.

  • 1200 votes


    ...what do we get?

    Apple watch health integration, which has about 20 votes...


  • 6years later

    1224 votes



    How many votes / comments does it take for Strava to take notice?!

  • Oh nice... now there's the new "Summit" plan.

    Dear Strava please stop hiring creative / designers. We don't need new plan names or ig kudos icons...

    We need features like this one or for example tagging our friends directly from the website.

    Plz hire more Interface / DBMS developers.

  • They could start with a running only tab that shoes PRs at certain distances at a glance. Sort of like what they had before.  I could see how KOM sorting would be incredibly more difficult.

  • On the proffile page, I'd like to see top performances for additional distances, for running: 3k, 8k, 5 mile, 15mile, 20mile and also be able to click on each distance and see the top X performances at each distance. This shouldn't be server intensive compared to something like the segment matching logic and would not need to be recalculated at runtime. When new activities are uploaded, check if that activities performances overtake any in the current list and if so inject appropriately. Additional analytics could be possible time along the lines of the timeline suggestion. Viewing best performances during a given time period could be nice.

    I'd pay the additional for the premium subscription for this.

  • It really bothers me that we cannot see our archived runs when we run a best effort. So for example, if I'm told I've run my 3rd fastest 10km, I can't see what my 2nd or 4th is. The only one that is listed is the 1st as the all time PR on the profile page. I really would like to have access to all of the fastest runs of a similar length, similar to what SmashRun do. 

  • Fine to be a premium feature.

  • I really wish the KOM/CR page was an overall top 10 page or if there was a convenient way of seeing all placements achieved (even beyond 10th).

  • Why not handle "best efforts" like segments, with the ability for anyone to define a best effort type (run/ride) and distance, then see a "leaderboard" of their best efforts for a defined distance with links back to the runs/ries where the times were recorded? If you like that idea, vote "me too" on:

  • I thought this would surely be a premium feature! Time to downgrade.  Seriously, what am I paying for?

  • wow cannot believe this has not been implemented!?

  • I've posted in this thread in 2015 and due to this is still not available I still haven't renewed my STRAVA membership. Veloviewer gets my money to get this function, not Strava.

  • meanwhile, at the Strava HQ (insert thumble weed gif)



  • You’re all more than welcome to come and visit where, amongst many other cool things compiled from your Strava data, you can see a fully filterable, sortable list (along with maps, charts and other data visualisations) of all of your completed Strava segments with current placing info. Similar features for all of your activities and planned routes. That last bit is currently being used by 6 World Tour cycling teams including BMC, Mitchelton-Scott and Team Sky.

  • Also it would br great if strava could keep track of 1 5 and 10 min power and alert the user when those records are broken, or what percent of each of those critical power numbers are achived on each segment.
  • I would pull the trigger for premium with this feature.

  • Agree with most posters above - great add on for premium.

  • Add me to the "would pay for Premium if this was a feature" crowd. 

  • I am not convinced this would be serve intensive.  For any new athlete, the list of achievements could be built simultaneously with the event history.  For any athlete wanting their prior history evaluated, requests could be queued and processed during system idle periods.  ie: customers might have to wait a few hours to see their list populated upon request.  Regular users should not be a strain at all.

  • Like A. Ferguson, I'd like to be able to click on someones profile and see their KOMs in a list, but even better, I'd like to see every segment we have in common, and how we each score.  Sort of a 'challenge' or 'compare' feature.

  • Hi - firstly, love Strava. This is a great foundation to build upon. For some reason though, when i upload not all my PRs etc are shown on the home page? It seems to be very selective and i dont know why this is the case?

  • Quick response to Not Speedy - it's exactly those 'achievements' that slide down the scale that I WANT/NEED to know about!

    The KOM's take care of themselves through the email system now, and everything other than that, I want to keep an eye on, either so I can make a charge to get the KOM, or just to make sure I'm not sliding any further down. Plus, if someone logs a segment for a ride that I've been on, I'd like to know that I'm on another ranking board, so if I was dawdling, I can save face and make a charge on that too!!

    Competitive? Moi? It's why I'm here...


  • Thanks Dennis! 

    Sounds like a good opportunity to share some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 

    My Top 10s or Almost KOMs:

    Rank as a Percentage on Segment Leaderboards:

    Notification when someone you Follow beats your PR:

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