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It would be nice to have a live friend tracking function when on the trail. For example: my friends and I start out cycling together but after a while we get torn apart on the same trail. It would be nice to have a screen with a live 'ranking' where we could se how far we are ahead or behind each other. This way we can also see if one has stopped for changing a flat tire.



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  • agreed. need this feature for safety. I usually ride by myself and it would be nice to have something that says where I am in case something happens. I've been looking for something that would do that for a while. I understand Map My Ride has this feature, but since most of the guys I know who ride use strava, and bragging to other riders at work is important, I'd rather stick with it. Also, all my riding history is on strava. 

    so, please strava, make it a feature. I'd feel safer riding and my wife you feel better about my riding too. And as we all know, if my wife feels better about my riding, I'll get to ride more. ;)

  • I'd like to add my support for this feature, in terms of safety (people knowing where I am) but also for convenience in terms of tracking where people are for logistical purposes. Both my partner and I use the strava app on our phone to track our rides as I'm sure several other users do! A point of privacy is that this feature should only be available to trusted members (building on the safety aspect, we don't want dark hooded figures knowing when we'll be in the middle of a deserted forest road). 

  • I was really surprised to find this _isn't_ a feature. adding my voice - it should be.

  • Map My Tracks (mapmytracks.com) does exactly that, even in the free version.

  • This has a lot of applications, certainly. I would love the safety aspect -- it could be like KiteString with precise location information.

  • Agreed, this feature would be very helpful.  Strava, please add this Live Tracking Feature.

  • I have to add another vote to have this feature added. I recently found another app that will allow live tracking. It would be nice to have this feature integrated into Strava, which is the main app I use when cycling or running. I usually run or ride alone, so it would be nice to have people be able to check up on you. It would be a plus for people who aren't yet using Strava and are comparing similar applications. 

  • I would like this functionality also for Strava. I recently also began using Strava from Map My Ride. However this is an important safety feature. I often decide my route "on the fly" and could be gone for several hours at a time. My wife wants to be able to check my progress, especially when I am gone longer that I said I would be. 

  • I have been using Ride With GPS which have live tracking or paid members of course. I have just started using Strava as a lot of my friends use it as well but no live tracking . Something to think about  Strava as you have so many people using your app . Theses days people want to stay safe out there while cycling or running ect .

  • This is on our list of features we want to include on Strava in the future! Thanks for all your feedback. 

  • Runtastic also have it... its a standard feature on many apps and there is no excuse not to have it ........

  • On Endomondo -this is available fro free - When one of my linked friends is active I can track them on maps and see where thy are training and where they are on the route. This would be nice - however then the function to "see" others would need to be available.

  • I'd love to see this feature as well.  What I'd really like is for it to show where my buddies are on the map screen of the current ride. We all use strava and it would be awesome to be able to see which direction they went and how far ahead of me they are at a glance.   I'm currently using a bike mount for my nexus 5 but if this worked with the new android wear watches coming out (which also have HR monitors) it would be even better! 

  • Having a live tracking feed would be an awesome addition.  I ride every night and often my wife (who doesn't ride) is always calling or texting me to find out where I am or when I will be home.  It would be a great feature for her to be able to log into Strava (because she's following me) and select me from a list and pull up a map of where I am.  Safety, Safety, Safety.  This would be awesome especially when mountain biking on back country trails in case of a fall of accident.  It would be obvious to her if there was no movement for a long time.

  • I currently have to use two apps for my rides. Well I track and record using sportstracklive, then upload to strava later. I used to have them both tracking each ride but that got to be a battery drain when going on longer rides. The live tracking option is a real big selling feature. Although I see if it comes here to strava it will be part of the premium features and with all the other options that are free I'll still be using two aps/tracking for looking at and sharing my rides.

  • Glad this on the agenda.  I do not mind it being on Premium as my battery will last longer. Also I would not have upgrade my Garmin.  I upload my Garmin file, but I run the phone app as a back up.  I use Premium so I can download routes to my Garmin from all over the world.  

  • I vote yes here too.....

    I have just signed up for premium, I'm sure that a few months ago I saw it advertised as a feature of premium, maybe I misread, but i am 99% sure it said that with Premium people cn track you live on rides.... have I missed something here, anyway, cant find the feature now, I want it so my wife and otheres can see where I am when I go out on my own. Cancelling Premium as £3.99 a month is not worth the additonal features.... not many that I see really.

    When this is available, I will pay for Premium again.

  • My wife would like to be able to know where I am while riding.  She is very concerned about my safety.  I know that there are other apps that do this, but many of them drain my phone battery very quickly, even on a Samsung Note II which has a huge battery.  I am using a Garmin 705 and it works great and I don't want to upgrade to a newer version only for the tracking feature.  

  • When I go out for road cycling, I see a lot of people training alone.

    If your program would have some live bikers tracker, everybody could wait for groups or people on the same way.

    Do you know "waze" program for car navigation? I think it will be nice also for bikers.

    Then we (bikers...) need for a program on the smartphone useful to plan our route. I want touch the map to select intermediate points, the program should propose various routes to go there, then I can select my preferred way for that segment. This for every single intermediate point, up to finish my training path of today.

    The program could share these information to others Strava users, so I can see people cycling on the map and, touching them I could have also information on their path.

    In pratice, which will be the use of these features?

    I plan my training route for today (or recall) segment by segment;
    People can see paths of every other user;
    I can decide to go together with the group is coming in front of my house and stay with them until they are on my path.
    I could also add an estimated starting time, so I can plan when the group to follow will arrive.
    Everything should be done with the app, just before going out for the training session.
  • This is a feature that should definitely be added.

    It would be great to have a link automatically sent to my wife whenever I start a run so she can see my progress. And should I get hurt it would be easier than trying to tell her in a text or phone call. Especially now its getting to winter.

  • Well this is even more important now that my other app that does this just sent out notification that they are shutting down. They are looking to sell the app and site if possible, but if not they are closing up shop as of 11/1. This is your chance strava to get someone's expertise, sportstracklive is for sale.
  • With Garmin Connect playing well with Strava these days, can Strava make use of the Live Track feature of some Garmin Edge devices?  I always use the Live Track with my Garmin Edge 510 and I think it would be cool to share the Live Track link with Strava somehow.

  • Would be great if  the live tracker function can also be linked to a sports event. How cool is that if all participants on the track are moving along on screen.

    We are organising a relay race where a team of max 6 bikes for 24hrs. The stressfull thing there is knowing when your teambuddy is going to arrive in the relay zone.

  • +1.  Absolutely agree with the benefit of having a live tracking feature, both an online version (me too, so my wife can know whether I'm rolling along well on a long solo ride or in some ditch not moving) and on the app (to be able to know where buds if we get split up).  To ensure privacy, there should be an opt-in decision per ride, and choices for whether to be viewable to online, just those who follow you, or to everyone.  Let's make it happen in to 2015, Strava!  

  • I have been using Ride With GPS app on my Android phone for a long time now , great app, never fails .  It has  real time live tracking feature , uploads photos while you ride without the need for Instagram , It has many other great features way ahead of Strava. 

  • Would totally upgrade to premium if this feature was added. Wife gets so worried when I am on solo rides. If the app had some user definable settings so my current GPS location and a few basic metrics could be sent via a SMS (or via some other tech .... GPS coordinates could be sent so when touched Maps would open up with your location) so she could see where I was and if I was moving. Sure, there are Android apps that can do something similar (Google Locations etc) ... just would be so much more convenient if it where bundled into Strava.

  • Great idea, though obviously a privacy override would be an expectation. For those tracking their friends progress in a race though...
  • Some great feedback here for live tracking on Strava! We are exploring both a live tracking feature for events/races and a safety feature for making sure loved ones are safe while they ride or run.

    We'll be sure to share updates on the status of any developments as they become available. 


  • I'm planning on doing a ride in the future where my wife and toddler will be meeting me at the finish in London. Our toddler is quite impatient, there's not much I can do to change that, but it would be good if my wife can track my progress round the course so she knows when its worth getting near the finish area. It's hard for her to keep our toddler occupied without him giving her grief.

    Rather than live tracking which could potentially eat battery, could a simple periodic upload feature be implemented instead, perhaps with a configurable send interval, this way I could leave the phones data on and every 15 minutes the data is recorded? I'm guessing the app doesn't have an activity ID for what is being recorded, so the code complexity may come in where you have to send updates to a recorded activity, when when you press complete the activity is finalised.
    The strava app is amazing already in my opinion, this would satisfy the only thing more that I want from it.
    Premium subscribers could potentially set a box on a map that once they cross an email/sms is sent to friends to alert them of a position.

  • Let me put my plug In also for live tracking but also for live tracking for  "equestrian" activity use.  In distance riding, endurance riding and competitive trail events there are often drag riders who have to follow the event to make sure everyone is on track and safe.  These rides are often in wilderness type areas where people do get off trail and lost.  Crews wait anxiously for riders to come into the check points.  Ride managers are often faced with problems of riders off trail or cutting trail.  Live tracking would be a tremendous safety feature for equestrian use.  Even when my wife goes out alone for a long training ride I worry and it would be tremendous if I could live track her.  This feature should be top of the list for Strava development!!!!

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