Manually Enter Cadence and Heart Rate data to an existing Strava Activity

I have a Bontrager Node 2 that calculates cadence and heart rate, tells me temperature too. Why cant I manually enter this data into my rides? I use my phone to access Strava for all other measurements. I cant justify investing in another device to add this data to Strava, if Strava allowed me to enter the average cadence and heart rate numbers at the end of the ride it would be perfect. Greg



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  • +1 

    Because I use a Garmin and it freeze 1 x month I must do manual entrie but the heart rate do not existe and my Fitness number is falling down, and I pay also for it :-(

  • We need this 3 years ago!!!

  • +1 for this! 

  • It would be great not having to start an activity on Garmin Vivosmart HR and Strava App at the same time to have an overview of the route and the HR.

  • This is a HUGE shortcoming of Strava.  When you do 50 miles on an indoor trainer, Strava records it as 0.  SOOO  FRUSTRATING!!  Strava, you need to change this!!

  • I can't believe this hasn't been fixed in 3 years. I recorded a 1 hour ride on an indoor trainer today using my Vivosmart HR as a cardio event. Garmin connect then allows to add distance manually. But the sync to Strava only has the time and HR data and I can't amend. Even more annoyingly the sync to MMR allows edit, so the issue is unique to Strava - sort it out!!

  • Please put my vote in for adding a manual entry for at least distance for indoor activities (bike trainer and treadmill).  Unfortunately, my indoor trainer does not upload to Strava so I have to use my Garmin like others which of course means distances can't show (GPS driven).  I would appreciate the feature.  Thank you for all you provide so far.

  • if only a premium subscription meant paying would get things like this fixed...

  • I run on an indoor track throughout the winter using Polar HRM/GPS, which feeds automatically to Strava, but no GPS signal indoorsso no distances get logged.  Polar allows manual entry after the fact for runs like this.  The lack of this feature is why I just use the free login on Strava...

  • I'm as frustrated as those who have posted the cannot add distance to a stationary trainer activity.

    My Garmin upload from say all of my spin classes, is amended accordingly and then I have usable data to look back at. 

    Wish Strava would add this feature and as it's a big topic of what the audience wants, so why not. 

  • This request is now more than three years old. Can't believe you still can't do this. Wake up Strava!

  • +1 on this feature. Really painful to have not noticed that heart rate data collection was off until after my run. would be great to be able to load after the fact. Hope someone at strava is reading these.

  • +1. Can't believe you still can't do this. Wake up Strava!

  • So a fix is here. It means getting access to Zwift but it's here.

    Heart rate monitor, cadense and speed sensor and Zwift will give you stationary cycling info.

    Heart rate monitor, foot pod and zwift can give you treadmill running info.

  • No, Zwift isn't a fix here.


    +1 for this ticket. I have Sigma ROX 5.0. It doesn't support ANT+ and my phone doesn't support ANT+. So... I thought I could import file from Sigma and Strava would recognize additional data for a ride. But it isn't the case. And there seems to be no way to merge data from Strava and Sigma.


    There's no reason for me to buy Premium if I can't even use such basic features.

  • + 1 to adding average maybe also max heart rate to a ride where 1) you forgot your HR monitor or 2) you had bad HR data like a weak battery or loose strap. Training peaks allows for this. I am very close to scrapping Training Peaks but right now it has a more accurate fitness, freshness, form graphs since you can add HR to activities that you didn't have HR data for. Without editing Strava HR then the fitness freshness graphs are almost worthless (which is one reason I pay for premium).

  • +1  not all devices are connected and manual avenues should be accommodated.

  • +1, can't believe this ticket has been open for nearly 4 years!

    My GPS failed so I needed to edit the GPX data, which loses my Heart Rate data.

    Since I still have the Heart Rate data from Garmin, I want to be able to add Avg & Max HR manually to get a Suffer Score and have this included in my "Fitness & Freshness" calculations.

  • I would like to be able to add distance to an uploaded indoor activity.

  • Agree and it's driving me crazy in 2017

  • Clearly Strava doesn't give a fuck about their users.

  • Could you not let people add distances manually in a separate box (that also shows on their feed)? Then you could use only genuine distances for challenges etc, but on their profile page show genuine distance and then in brackets manual distance ie Rides this month = 48 miles (36 Miles Manual). This would let me see what I have done on my bike trainer, and if I enter false mileages, because it doesn't count towards challenges, I am only cheating myself. This must be possible and would keep the integrity of the product :) 

  • "give a *** about their users" is not quite the phrase I would have used, but the sentiment is probably true.  I would guess that in addition to the fees they get from Premium users, Strava gets non-trivial financial support from companies like Garmin and Polar who sell watches and sensors which sync directly or indirectly to Strava.   Providing us with the ability to manually enter workouts would amount to an end-run around needing to buy hardware,  and is probably not in their best corporate interest.  Like all for-profit corporation, their first responsibility is to the stockholders, not to the athletes, although we do benefit indirectly, since the services they sell are something that we want anyway.  

    I note today that they just announced a new feature allowing indoor workouts to be uploaded, but only indirectly through gyms or exercise equipment, with a promise of supporting other hardware in the future.  

  • Training peaks can do this... Helpful in that adding a missing HR can make Fitness/Freshness graph more accurate. Guess we should keep looking at training peaks more than the strava app...

  • Please add feature to manually add miles from a stationary trainer.

    every other platform seems to allow this feature.

  • I’ve asked for this (adding mileage) as so many others have and it’s like asking for Strava users to get paid for using them! Good luck 😉 

  • I'd like to be able to add distances to treadmill and trainer workouts so that I can track my annual mileage.  I realise that this thread has been open for 3 years + without a constructive response, but I'm adding my voice to the chorus anyway.

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