Custom Unit Preferences (Miles, Kg, Celsius)

I'd like more control over what units are used in the app.  Specifically, I'd like miles, kilograms and degrees Celsius.  Miles is the most important to me so at the moment I'm stuck with other units which mean nothing to me (pounds and Fahrenheit).

Can we just get fields in the settings area for each unit of measurement please?



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  • Everyone, on behalf of Strava, make a sentence from the following words: Hand, We're, To, Talk, The, Listening, Not, 'Coz

  • Maybe we will get mote attention with twitter? I do agree that it kinda makes premium feel very over priced. You would not by a thermometer that give reading in the wrong unit would you.
  • Perhaps Strava competitors could use this thread as a place to advertise alternatives.  Pointing out their flexibility in how units are configured would be a feature people here might be interested in.

  • I would like to be able to choose my own units (mix and match) for each activity type. Various people have asked for this over the YEARS but nothing has been said or done. t least tell us if you anot going to do this.

  • Honestly, I don't get it. It's not like it is complicated to implement. I like the post to twitter idea.

  • Actually, I don't know why we would think that it'll produce any greater effect. Perhaps if we all opened a NEW feature request and bug report and whatever other variety of entry, and post the links here and then everyone who's interested ALL go and "like" and comment on ALL of them, we might actually be able to (at least briefly) dominate the strava user-feedback domain to the point where other people might realise how poorly Strava considers the importance of responding to user-requested features, seemingly!

  • I have twitted , I am no word smith but I could fix this code issue ;)

    I am not asking for re-tweets, but if we use #Strava and also mention them @Strava

  • This is surely a *SERIOUSLY* easy thing to do.  They clearly already store the data in a "base-unit" form (e.g. I can switch display between F/miles/ft and C/km/m and all is well.  All we want is the option to control the *presentation* units on a per-parameter basis.  SIMPLES.  a couple of extra parameters per subscriber.  Thassit.  COME ON STRAVA.

  • Steve Drake suggested a temporary fix to this is a browser extension so I built a Chrome extension to do exactly that. It only converts temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius (mainly because I'm happy with everything else in Imperial units). It should work with the temperatures on the "Overview" page and also the graph on the "Analysis" page; for it to work, make sure your units are set to Imperial.

    Here's the link:

    Its my first browser extension so any comments/criticisms, suggestions are welcome. If any fellow nerds are interested, the code is on GitHub:

    Obviously I would prefer this was a feature in built to Strava but for now this will do.

  • Phil Garner, that really is very awesome!!! I got as far as looking at the html and thinking about doing it.

    Nice work!!

  • If you're on Firefox not Chrome, I wrote a Greasemonkey script to change the units a while ago:

  • Phil Garner, thank you SO much! Is there any scope for a modified version of the extension to change feet into metres?

  • William N, there definitely is scope for this. I think a conversion for altitude could quite easily be added to the extension (now I've got Fahrenheit to Celsius working the hard work should be done!). I'll look into extending it to enable you to pick whatever units you like for all fields (although I have no idea when I'll get round to this).

    Please note: if Strava change the layout on the pages this extension will probably stop working. If it does please let me know and I'll try and fix it ASAP.

  • Yes please - would like miles, and C

  • I'd like miles for running BUT... metres for swimming.

    My pool lap is 50m but it comes out as 55yd and the paces come out as time/100yds. Surely nobody uses yards for swimming anymore, even the USA has metric pools.


  • This topic seems to have trailed off, but I can't see that the suggestions have been implemented. It's a +1 from me.

  • How long does it take Strava to work out how to multiply numbers by a constant factor?... 2.5 years and counting.

    Your competitors figured it out years ago. And not just the distance/weight/temperature, but even that kilojoules are the actual metric SI units...

  • I'm astonished that anyone forces you to use the same units for all activities.  I want miles for my cycling, why must I then have miles for swimming as well, and on top of that I'm stuck with Fahrenheit..... 

  • As a new user of Strava I'm gobsmacked to find this issue has been going on for at least 2.5 years and 137 comments. The ability to set units of measurement as per regional custom or personal preference is really, really basic stuff. Come on Strava - pull your finger out!

  • +1; I have to put up with km so the other two are correct.

  • you can add me to the list that would like more control of my units.

  • Amazes me that Strava doesn't show Celsius and other units base don the location of the customer. They really do need to get a bit more international.

  • Amazes me that anyone would think Strava care about this (type of) request !!  (and yes, I signed/added to it a LONG time ago)...

    2 scenarios to explain it :

     1.  They have discussed the request, looked at roughly what would be involved in implementing it and concluded that the business case does not stack up for them - too much work for some happier freebie customers, not an increase in "Premium" membership or additional side-revenue.


    2.  They don't understand it/Haven't realised this thread is here..

    if (1) then fair play but I think they're dead wrong - I for one am NOT going to go premium as long as this feature doesn't exist - it's fundamental to my use of such a service.

    and if it's (2) they are just as unworthy of my Premium cash because this is basic stuff, a long-running subscriber feature-request and really not that hard to get your head around, Strava guys.


    So, which do you reckon it is ?

  • I'm just one more person who would greatly appreciate using miles, kilograms and Celsius.

  • I know this is more of a work around than a solution but I made this Google Chrome plugin to show temp in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit:

    I've posted it on here before but thought I'd do it again just in case anyone that might find it useful missed it.

  • I have installed the above plugin and it does exactly what it's designed to do. Until Strava implement the requested functionality, I strongly recommend this plugin.

  • Fantastic, the plugin does indeed work. It's like an entirely new feature has been unlocked from Strava, temperature readings that actually make sense!

    But c'mon Strava, if someone can make a web plugin to do the job then your dev team should find it a matter of a moments work. It's been two and a half years this has been asked for. 

    This is really really basic stuff, that should have been in from day one.

  • I've just changed from training for a marathon (miles) to a 5k (km) so I'd like the ability to swap how I'm displayed my stats and change things on the fly.

  • Yes please.

    I'd also like the option to change according to sport. Mainly because most of the pools around the UK are measured in metres - certainly all the ones I have swum in - and it would be great to get the option to have min/100m for swimming while still having miles for running and cycling (and of course m elevation, kg, C).

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