Attach a Route (map) when entering a 'Manual Entry'

It is really frustrating when a device destroys your data!!! In my case an 18 hour ride and nothing to show for it.

What do we do .. only solution at the moment is to add a Manual Entry.

Currently there is no image of the route taken when adding a 'Manual Entry'.

If we could import a route (gpx or  select one of 'My Routes') it would greatly enhance the entry.

Note: no time data would be available from the file ... that is expected.



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  • I have succeeded in drawing a route in (the super new Route Builder) in Strava, exporting the GPX,and adding enough information to get Strava to upload the activity (add time for first trackpoint).  It showed the activity and the route wonderfully.

    Unfortunately I stole everyone's KOMs with my infinitely fast times (Someone suggested I could keep them - forever).  At this point I couldn't even open it to delete on the Web.  Fortunately the Android App lets me at least delete it!

    So frustratingly close - distance, altitude, map, the lot (but some mystified cyclists...)

    @Benjamin C - didn't you find the same problem?

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  • Are we really more than SIX years on and this is still not available? I'm on a trial, doubt I'll be paying for a subscription if Strava aren't investing in their product.

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  • I have this issue frequently where my Apple watch can't get a GPS or for some reason the run isn't logged properly. Surely (SURELY) this is an absolute no-brainer? I'm on iOS and naturally via web but I don't have access (nor the desire) via Android.


    What the hell Strava?!?

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  • Aight, if you're get greedier and greedier and gonna take away features from the free version then at least make a premium version that has resolved basic issues like this.

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