Heart Rate Announcements/Feedback during recording (mobile)

Dear STRAVA decision maker

In the past I've used a  Polar watch that was set to my Low & High heart rate zones (by setting my age), then during any activity (run/bike ride) I got announcement/warning when I was below/above these values. 
As you've already have the distance Audio announcement I'd like to suggest you אם add
1. Announcement of the heart rate value together with the regular pace announcement that available today. 
2. Warning announcement when the runner exceed this range ( below/above) as by using an old Polar watch. 

Thank you very much for this great App & Best regards 



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  • I will be dumping the Strava app all together as Strava refuses to respond to this.

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  • I cannot believe that this is really true! I changed all my data to Strava from Runtastic and now such an important key feature is missing. I will go back to runtastic! Bye! A feature that is asked for more as 5 Years! Unbelievable that you dont care of your customer!

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  • Seriously? 5 years passed! And nothing changed?

    I really like your other features but without this, I can't choose you over Runtastic. So sad. I hoped that I received this feature as a premium client, but I was wrong. Bye.

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  • It is very sad to realize Strava has not been doing anything to implement this vital and not so complex feature for 5 YEARS. Really sad.

    I seem to go on another application and churn Strava subscription. The segments feature may be used without pay, all other functions may also be found in another application(s) (e.g. beacon function is implemented in Locus map app and it is one-time-pay app). Fitness trend may be calculated by free Open Elevate App for web-browser based on uploaded Strava. The only thing I'd need Strava on my android-based bike computer was heart rate monitoring. It is almost useless without alerts and zone controls.

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  • Is this feature still not available? Seems very basic as well. Will quit Strava premium if features like this stay lacking.. 

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