Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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  • ^ +1 for Colin Ayer.  I have some bad power meter data on a few rides that skew my records but I dont want to delete the ride.  Very annoying.

  • This needs to be implement. While i dont mind showing my HR data, I know many people who dont want to, and they are not using Strava because of it.

  • I have noticed many users stopped using Strava, since they don't want to show all ride statistics to others. So you will need to implement options, where user can select which data should be public and which not. It would be nice to set this options under profile settings, and then before uploading activity, this preselected settings can be offered where user can then quickly check/uncheck what he wants to hide/show. 

  • Ok just bought a power meter, as soon as I can choose to keep the data private I'll happily upgrade to premium 

  • I agree - If they made this a Premium feature I would upgrade. In the meantime I have set my Profile to enhanced privacy.

  • Ich eine Anregung. Könntet ihr eine Option schaffen mit der man die Pulsansicht ausblenden könnte. Da ich diese Daten für mich Privat halten möchte und nicht der Öffentlichkeit zur schau stellen möchte. Mann muss auch etwas in die Zukunft blicken und wer weis wer alle mal solche Daten heranzieht und ihnen evtl. später medizinische Kosten verweigert...........! Sie mögen jetzt vielleicht darüber lachen aber die Entwicklung in diese Richtungen sind beängstigend. Mfg Herbert Kulzer

  • Same for me ! I do not like strava because I cannot hide my data : mainly HR and power outputs

  • Note that Garmin Connect provides now a segment analysis with real privacy settings ! In your profile, you can choose to participate or not in leaderboard and you can choose who can see your activities (all, you or your contacts).

  • Any update on this?  It is cool to see where people are riding etc. but you should be able to hide power and HR as an option.  Maybe Strava has reason to keep it in??  Seems like a no-brainer.

  • PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS -- we've been asking for it for a long time OR ATLEAST TELL US WHY YOU CAN'T

  • Hello!


    Ok i stand still this Year but it is the same with the Herathrate in 2015 (every Body can show it ) i leave Starva for ever!







  • Agree, should be able to hide power and HR data

  • +1 to be able to hide hr/power.
  • Hello,

    This is obvious that Strava is reluctant to hide HR and power output !

    First, a skilled webmaster would need 1 hour to implement them. A beginner would need 1 day.

    Second, Strava is a reality show !!! It is absolutely necessary to enter in people life to make Strava attractive.

    Strava is like a zoo where riders are the animals...

  • You have to wonder how people don't sign up for premium just because of this. This string has been going on now since Feb. and still nothing.

  • I would even say HR should even be private by default

  • I contacted Strava via a support ticket highlighting this page as an example (there's others too) but the gist of the answer I received back what that they have no interest (don't give a shit) in implement this 'feature'.

    I urge you all to contact the support department with a quick email, lodge a support ticket with them, and highlight/include the url to this page.

    It's either too hard for their programmers or they don't care, but I'll gladly sign back on for Premium if they implement, other I can happily do with out my digital badge trophy case (lmao)

  • +1 to be able to hide/share HR and power data as i choose

  • FIT File Tools (https://www.fitfiletools.com) has added an upload to Strava feature. You can remove fields (e.g. power / heart rate) from your FIT file and then upload directly to Strava. Previously you had to download the modified file and then upload to Strava. The FFT->Strava integration is a minor but convenient feature!

  • Hallo


    Ein totaler Schwachsinn das File zu bearbeiten. Die können das ganz einfach umsetzten ist nicht mal viel arbeit wers haben will machts an wer nicht lässt es aus. Programmier technisch kann das ein 2 Klassler. Und jeden Tag ein File zu bearbeiten ist nicht mein Ding dann blende ichs gleich ganz aus!


  • It's really boring not being able to choose. It's a simple function, why don't add it???
  • I think striking a balance is necessary. I completely agree hiding HR and Power data would be useful for many (very) serious athletes. I think that option would see many more from that target market join.

    I do think it is important for HR data and Power to be displayed on Leaderboards though (regardless of whether the user has made them private), as one big factor of the site is the focus around "proving it".

    If the competition you are trying to hide the data from is determined (desperate) enough to track down the segments you frequent in order to try glean your HR data or wattage, then so be it. Because if that's the case they'd likely find another way (check the rides of those you train with).

  • +1
    I would like this also please , lets make this happen


  • My main concern about getting a power meter for £600+ is that if I was a bike thief then I'd target riders with the lightening bolt. Planning on buying one for Zwift and help with training, but I don't want my (otherwise very average) bike nicking. Would be nice to have the option to not show the bolt that's all.

  • As any software  engineer worth their salt knows this would be an extremely trivial option to show/hide in the Strava interface / database..  

  • Ive started only loading in the gpx file, no longer the tcx file.  Call me paranoid if you want, but I know I check out the competition for upcoming races and it's great to get a handle on who has been able to do what for pure watts and w/kg.  If I can do it, so can they, so gpx it is.  Would love the option to show: only me, only followers, only club members, everyone.

  • I would upgrade to premium if it was an option to hide power data. I got a new power meter and am not interested in sharing that much data with others. I like the social aspect of STRAVA, but will either leave STRAVA or make all my rides private.

  • Strava team is deaf and blind. They think only of unnecessary features.
  • This topic is has been active since February 12 last year. If they wanted to do something they would have already done.
  • I'll probably 'downgrade' from premium just so people don't get to see as all the data about the ride when using a PM. 

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