Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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  • I would like to have this feature too as a premium member...
  • Yes, that would be very useful. But I don't want the data to be deleted, just hidden in order to see them in my fitness and freshness graph. Sad that Strava let us wait for it so long :-(

  • Can you hide this data now or is this still a problem?

  • You still can't do it, I canceled my premium subscription, it expires in 10 days, I will not wait for Strava any longer...


    Now then managers and developers.

    Come on get your finger out your ar*e and implement this feature.  It's been 2 years on the to do list!!!

  • why don't you implement this feature right away, since there's no technical impediment to that?!?!

  • I just found out that you can hide your Power Meter and/or Heart rate data if you upload your activity to Strava via Golden Cheetah (a wonderful and free software for power analysis).

    It's super simple, you just tick the boxes of the parameters you don't want to share.

  • Please implement this feature. I don't want to have to use other tools to remove the data I don't want to share. I want to keep the data in Strava privately for my own analysis.

  • +1 !! This is urgent. Especially for premium users!

  • please do it finally...

  • Any update os this issue? 


  • Can we please block power or any stat we don't want to share with others?

  • Seriously, why is this taking ages to implement...

  • Strava will never hide those private, personal data.

    This is not an issue !

    It is clearly a willingness from Strava to have people be "naked"...

    People loves looking at others and putting comments on others' life.

    This is the business model of Strava... It is a pity but this is common model nowadays...

    Be aware that Strava is not the only app that you can use ;)

  • If you don't want people to see your power data, don't let them follow you...

  • I too would like the ability to hide the power data or to have the possibility to turn off the Honors for a certain track.

  • + to hide HR and power data.  specifically for TT races and FTP tests.  without this option, i opt to make races private - which isn't the right answer as it strips fellow competitors of the opportunity to see fly-bys.

    one potential option / compromise for transparency vs. privacy would be to give folks a certain number of workouts they can hide (maybe ~10-15 per year).  

  • Separately, Elle Anderson (Strava Community Moderator) stated on April 9, 2015 that Strava is targeting "later this spring / summer" - back in 2015.  Just saying.

  • Just saw the link below in this thread.  This covers what I need (though being able to click what to share / what to hide would be preferable).  Thanks to whoever posted below.


  • Guys has this been resolved? Can HEART RATE date be turned off and not show up in STRAVA?

  • Come on... is it that difficult for this simple feature?

  • Why strava doesn't respond at our question?

    Let us the choice of what data to share!

  • I would also like to have this option!

    I don't care if other people look at my data, but what, if companies start doing so? What, if my health insurace company sees my heart rate data and some weird algorithm says my heart is not working 100% correct (or I am just exercising too strong) and I have to pay more for the insurance in the future? Fast forward 10 years to the future and I think we will have this kind of situation! And of course, they will be really happy to look at past data for a better analysis.

    Maybe, from Stravas point of view, this could also be a real selling point for Premium! (The "hide" option, not the selling of data to insurance companies ;)

  • Thanks for your continued support of this request to hide data such as heart rate and power as a privacy measure. Your privacy is a top priority for us and we have created a working group to discuss privacy improvements. This request is on our list, and I will keep everyone informed of it's status going forward. 

  • Ho-ly sh*t...  2 years and 7 months later...  I had given up on this actually getting an official response...

    Anyway Yay! 

  • Dear Elle, STRAVA representative,

    I appreciate the hard work that you and STRAVA do to help us share our cycling adventures among friends. However, your comment today regarding the option of hiding power/heart rate data (https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208835687/comments/205064584) really comes off as lip service since this thread has been around for over 2 years and you originally posted that it seemed like a reasonable feature enhancement request back in 2014 (https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208835687/comments/211902487). I'm sure that anyone that has followed this thread for the past couple of years has given up, avoiding a premium subscription to STRAVA, and finding alternative biomonitoring software like Golden Cheetah.

    I'm a ride leader for a large cycling club in northern California and like to share my ride routes, distance, and frequency of riding to inspire and encourage others in our club to ride. However, I would prefer to keep some of my performance data private.



    P.S. (edit) It appears that Elle's original comment from 11/7/2016 at 11:36 & delivered via email by subscribing to this feature idea may have disappeared...

  • Two years later, ....

    Elle Anderson 

    Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic, and Kevin thanks for linking your tool. 

    I think this is a reasonable feature enhancement request, and I'm going to put this on the list for consideration by our developers. We'll have to wait and see what happens, as I'm not able to determine if we can fit it in in the near future.


  • I did give up. Everyone thinks I don't ride anymore because I use a different tracking site.

    How hard is it to add a little check mark to each cycling dynamic and have it be private or public?

    You guys spend too much time worrying about the beacon feature which is just as unreliable as"live track"

  • @Elle Anderson , say something.....!?!?!

  • Totally bizarre thread. I have Garmin optical HR which is often inaccurate. Would be great to have a button to hide this data without having to go to the hassle of manipulating a file. Spend less time on charity rides and more time on features that make it worth being a premium customer.

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