Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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  • Might want to put that on your wish list for 2020... 

    I posted on this loonnnnggggg support 'issue' years ago and have seen only one response from Strava. I would venture to say it is not an 'issue' in their eys, don't expect any movement on this as there is no pressure on Strava to do anything. just go with it or change products. 

  • I also would like to hide my HR-info for other people. Hopefully strava makes it possible in 2018.

  • Hi guys,
    a few months ago I wrote to the support asking for information about https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208835687-Hide-Power-or-Heart-Rate-data-on-an-Activity .
    Mrs Elle Anderson replied to me writing
    "I'd be happy to pass your comments along to our team. Privacy features are very important to us and we are interested in a feature for our members to hide heart rate and power. 

    Manager, Strava Feedback Team"

    After this answer nothing more.

    If everyone write to the support asking for information about https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208835687-Hide-Power-or-Heart-Rate-data-on-an-Activity maybe Strava will understand that it's a feature to be developed...

  • Gg, Sorry but I simply don't have a firm answer for you at this time. My response is accurate. A feature to hide heart rate and power is under discussion. The Strava team agrees that the community wants this feature and that there is a demand for such a feature. Work is not currently scheduled nor does this development have a timeline right now. We will do our best this year to see if this feature is possible. 

  • Ciao Elle,
    thank you for your quick answer and it's true, when I wrote to you, your response was accurate.
    I hope the feature will be planned soon.
    Just one think: you wrote "We will do our best this year to see if this feature is possible" but we all know this feature is possible because it exists for professional athletes... so I don't understand why it isn't implemented for the other users.

  • To be polite I can't imagine how could be such simple question discussed within a Strava team for four years without any answer/decision..

  • Gg and Viktor, We'll do our best to see if this feature if possible for development. It's not only possible, but we agree that it would add value to our existing privacy features. It will just depend on whether the development work is prioritized. 

  • Hi Elle, thank you again for your reply.
    I'm sure Strava will do the best for develop this feature and I hope it.
    I'm sorry for my awful english, it's hard for me to write in English, I don't want to be argumentative...
    But I think this: we are talking about privacy feature and then a privacy feature should have the highest priority but I have the impression that Strava prefers develop social features like a sort of facebook (post, photos... I have read post with videos will be planned).
    I agree social features but I think privacy features are most important.
    Thank you

  • Dear Elle,

    In 2016 you wrote: "Your privacy is a top priority for us".
    In 2018 you write: "It will just depend on whether the development work is prioritized".

    Isn't this a contradiction?

  • In the meantime, you can always use FIT File Tools to remove heart rate, power, etc., before uploading to Strava. 

  • " If privacy is a top priority for Strava then why is this request still open after three years ? Heart rate is by nature, private." Heart rate is our privacy. We will hide heart rate. DO it. 

  • @ElleAnderson please don't treat us like a child. This feature is implemented but available only for pro cyclists!!!

    The answer is why simple people can't chose?

  • The main benefit I am getting from Strava are the routes I can download from users of the area I'm not familiar with. As a pay back I also want to share my routes with the community, but would like to keep my other data private. Strava still didn't make it possible, thus I keep all my rides private. When riding in a group I always upload via Fit File Tool. Due to the fact Strava treat us as the animals in the ZOO I've also cancelled my Premium subscription and since Strava is not my prefered training diary. Instead I've started to use Trainingpeaks. btw. much better for training purposes..Dear Strava team, I don't know why you are doing this, but you are losing paying customers.

  • It's the same with me. I have also cancelled my premium subsciption due to this issue...

  • Hi Strava Team,

    Can we get an update on where you are with the heart rate data privacy?  

  • It has become very obvious the commitment Strava has for customer data. It has now been exposed by several major television channels world wide the failures of Strava to take into consideration the data privacy of their client base. 

    This support request has been going on for years now, don't expect Strava to do anything, Ride on...

  • Unfortunately I think Neal D. Is right....
    C'mon Strava!!! a switch to hide the heart rate and another one to hide the power!!!

  • I attended an international IT conference today. The key note speaker used Strava as an example of a company that has serious disregard for privacy.

  • This thread has been around since 2014 and the best response from Strava is "we have a working group." Sounds to me like Strava doesn't care much about this topic. This isn't a hard feature. Either show the data or not and give users the right to choose. Not much different than making an activity public or private. I am at the point of ditching this platform over the issue.

  • Is there an update concerning that issue?

  • Some news?

  • To hide the hart rate would be nice.

    Very quick is Strava, the question is form 2014???

  • I just terminated Premium to the next date with the reason of this missing feature. I reorder as soon if the feature is implemented. But perhaps than I won't miss the Premium features at all. The Pros can use it, so it's obvious that strava is kidding us. This should be punished and one of the best punishments is ending the Premium membership, best would be ending membership at all.

  • Why strava don't care about our sensible data? Are you sell this data to other company like facebook...

  • @ Syntax Error What gives you Premium? Heart rate analysis? You got that for free at TrainingPeaks. I've dropped Premium last year and keep all my activities private. I refuse to be an animal in the ZOO.

  • STRAVA is collecting all our health data, the more data they can get from all GARMIN, FITBIT, SUUNTO etc devices the more value their database will be. One day they will be approached by HEALTH CARE COMPANIES and make money out of their database. The response that they have a "Group that is working on this" was send to me in 2016 as well, its a joke and they are literally keeping us all busy with these responses and definitely are not doing anything about this.

  • @ Igor i that's one reasion why I have quit. I can use other tools to analyse the data. I used live-segments some time ago but latest since I have a powermeter I did'nt touch this feature neither. Heatmaps are nice but there are also other tools. And for sharing the tours we made with others we can also use other platforms like komoot (it's only displaying GPS, altitude and speed). So no need for strava at all.

  • Eric, the health data is collected with or without the activity show this datas. The problem is the privacy of our data to the other people, even because we agree with the policies of the application to use it. But I want to see this in little time. 

    Ps.: This site offers a way to remove this datas (https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/top) 

  • Would like to have the ability to make the heartrate data private. I’m riding in a team and it’s not that interesting that other riders can see when and where you had hard times on the bike. It can give them verry important information that they can use the following rides... maybe as an extra feature for the premium members???

  • Yep just had a ride with a crazy power meter reading - meter was off by over a thousand watts for 10 minutes or so, my Fitness/Freshness chart is now useless if I want to use power data, if I could just press a button and strip off a sessions power data that'd fix it. I went googling and now here I am.

    Can't be that hard can it?

    I am not going to accomodate workarounds, because an even easier workaround would be to just move my training management to a different platform.

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