Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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    Hi Everyone,

    You now have the ability to hide your heart rate on an activity. You'll find this setting in any activity that recorded heart rate. Click Edit (pencil icon), and click in the box next to "Hide Heart Rate." 

    This permission hides heart rate from others while allowing you to continue to see it. 

  • I have a power meter and would just like to be able to hide that data from display to others if I chose to.

  • +1 for having the ability to zero/hide HR and Power Data

  • I would certainly appreciate the options to hide Power Data and HR data.  If doing a "race recon" ride, and even a race, it is of the benefit of the racer to hide such data if they choose to do so.

  • I'm not sure what you are saying Mick?  Are you assuming that the OP doesn't have a power meter ?  I have a power meter and I would like an option to hide my power data as well, I would prefer that I'm the only one that sees my power data during training rides / interval sessions but would be okay with group rides and such to be displayed for bragging rights.   

  • I'd like to hide power as well, but be able to share with coach or small group/team

  • Yes, give us the ability to hide the power settings. Trying to find the sense in paying for premium and not having the ability to Hide certain data which other training sites offer.   

  • I would like this also please , lets make this happen

  • Years later and this still hasn't been implemented......

    Strava is clearly a company that doesn't listen to its customers

  • So are the features to hide HR and Power data that is only available to 'PROs' are available now for us 'PREMIUM' members? People are requesting for it why STRAVA is not listening?

  • I would also like to hide power and HR data if I choose to

  • Right, this isn't about having a 3rd party tool to manipulate data.   It would simply be nice to have a little checkbox to "hide xyz data to the public"

  • On last Strava update (I'm a beta Tester) in Settings/Data permissions there is a chance to delete the heart rate data from activities.
    It isn't the functionality that I wanted: with this feature my premium account is useless because I can't analyze my trainings.
    The functionality I'd like to have is to be able only to hide from followers the heart rate and power data when I want to hide them, not to delete them permanently.
    When I upload an activity, as there is a switch to hide the activity by leaderboard of segments, I'd like a switch to hide the data heart and another one to hide the power data.



    Now then managers and developers.

    Come on get your finger out your ar*e and implement this feature.  It's been 2 years on the to do list!!!

  • Dear Elle,

    In 2016 you wrote: "Your privacy is a top priority for us".
    In 2018 you write: "It will just depend on whether the development work is prioritized".

    Isn't this a contradiction?

  • I quit publishing my rides, for now, because I don't want to manually manage which ones I display.

    If enough people did that, based on a request for a privacy settings, I bet this would get changed/fixed, fast. You can bet they track metrics like this, although I'm not sure how they'd correlate it to the (privacy of) HR/power data.

    Maybe there needs to be a poll or something, to generate enough momentum...

  • Well, I’ve been patient for what I believe is a reasonable request to filter personal data. With so many options now available i have canceled my subscription that i have maintained for several years.

    Sad really, I am used to the site but all things are replaceable and competition forces change of consumes the stagnant. Adios 

  • +1 on hiding data info 

  • Would be great to see us get access to the ability to hide Power and HR data via the privacy settings.

  • I have a few activities where my heart rate monitor recorded bogus data - it would be good to be able to delete or hide that bogus data.

  • I have noticed many users stopped using Strava, since they don't want to show all ride statistics to others. So you will need to implement options, where user can select which data should be public and which not. It would be nice to set this options under profile settings, and then before uploading activity, this preselected settings can be offered where user can then quickly check/uncheck what he wants to hide/show. 

  • Yes, that would be very useful. But I don't want the data to be deleted, just hidden in order to see them in my fitness and freshness graph. Sad that Strava let us wait for it so long :-(

  • Can you hide this data now or is this still a problem?

  • You still can't do it, I canceled my premium subscription, it expires in 10 days, I will not wait for Strava any longer...

  • If privacy is a top priority for Strava then why is this request still open after three years ? Heart rate is by nature, private.


  • Just hide power and HR. What is the matter? It cannot be so difficult to just show an empty window instead of a filled one. We know privacy is your priority. We know it will not take more than a day or two of coding. Three with testing. It will have zero effect on cheating, as cheaters just do not upload HR data.

    Can you give us any reason why you are acting so totally against your own statement of protecting privacy?

    Can you explain why it is good for you to undermine your trustworthiness?


  • I cannot understand why Strava is ignoring this wish. For me it's okay that Strava is allowed to collect heart rate and power data, but i don't want my competitors to see and analyze it. It should be pretty easy to implement a function which allows the user to control the visibilty of theses datas; for example whitelisting coaches and team mates.

    In a better solution users could divide follower into groups to set difference access-rights to the private profile.

    This missing feature is the reason for using Golden Cheetah to analyze training instead of Strava for my team and me. 


    Keep on biking!

  • yes anthony..... the update is called trainingpeaks! 😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  • First of all thanks for respecting my wisch on privacy. 


    BUT 😊. Please make it possible to set this by default, or integrate this checkbox in the activity menue like the oscillating checkbox.

    This Realisation is not easygoing.

    best regards


  • I waited patiently for 2 years for this feature, but in Feb 2016 when my subscription is up, I'm not renewing it. I'm voting with my valet. Without this feature Im out. it is my data and I would like to have ability to show/hide every aspect of it.

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