Set Climbing Goals based on VAM (Vertical Ascent in Meters)

Those running or biking trails like to track their performance in terms of miles and speed, but also CLIMBING and speed.  It would be awesome if we could track our fastest 100 ft. climb, 500 ft. climb, 1,000 ft. climb, etc....



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  • This would be huge. I've been asking for weekly goals for VAM for three years... still nothing. Really glad we got that minifeed function, though, as I really use that all the time... while I'm geeking out on my computer and not riding my bike. I thought Strava was for RIDERS, not DEVELOPERS. C'mon you nerds, get us the functions we VALUE!!! Like tracking rates of climbing, and how many vertical meters of climbing we do per week, etc. That is what makes a real training tool, not some stupid window that let's me know what I already posted. (To Brenden R.... this is a GREAT idea, and I would use it ALL THE TIME!!!!! Good luck ever seeing any of it, though. Strava doesn't listen to its users anymore.)

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  • Rate of ascent would be great to have as a measure of effort/work/power. Mass lifted through what distance in what time. This is a metric that is transferrable across any climb for a given rider (and transferrable between riders if mass of rider plus bike is known).

    I'd like to see rate of ascent as one of the graphs displayed under 'Analysis' for bike rides.

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