Better recognition of device's Creator tag, and/or support for more devices

I have a Timex IRONMAN Run Trainer (original '1.0' version), which I use with a PWX-to-TCX converter to upload TCX files. The TCX files have a <Creator> tag where the device name is 'Timex Run Trainer'. However, Strava shows this as 'Timex Run Trainer 2.0'. By testing I determined that this seems to be from matching 'Timex Run Trainer' in the Creator tag - if I put 'Timex Run Trainer 1.0' it still comes up as 'Timex Run Trainer 2.0', but if I put 'Timex IRONMAN Run Trainer' then no device is shown for the activity.

My request is that Strava properly recognise other devices - I suggest that this be resolved by Strava showing the Creator tag as it is.

As an aside, it would be interesting if the Strava Android and iOS apps would report the actual device the app was used on, e.g. iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S5, rather than just 'Strava Mobile App' - this would enable access to an interesting metric of popular devices (watches and phones), just like Flickr reports the popularity of different cameras used on its site.



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  • Thanks Ian! 

    It is indeed true that our recognition of device types is limited to a list we manually compile. So if the exact device tag isn't on our list, then we won't display it as-is. I think going forward we can do a better job of recognizing more device types, and more clearly specifying the exact model. Thanks for the feedback! 

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  • please add the Timex Global Trainer to this list!

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  • Hi, could you add rowing related devices to the list? 

    NK SpeedCoach



    Concept2 ergometer


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