Import Rowing workouts to Strava from the Concept2 log

For those of us who split their time between rowing running and cycling it would be great to have all this on strava.



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    Strava just announced a new sync with LiveRowing:

    LiveRowing transforms the standard Concept2 indoor rowing machine workout into a fun and challenging workout. Just connect the LiveRowing app with any Concept2 rowing machine and sync your account to Strava to see all your rowing metrics on your Strava profile.

    Let us know how this is working out! 


    There is also a 3rd party program is an online tool for indoor and On The Water (OTW) rowers. It accepts workout data from a number of devices and applications. It analyzes the data to provide valuable insights about your training, and enables you to share data with many common online training tracking systems.

  • Yes, this would be fine !

    Current I record my indoor rows with ErgData to sync with the concept2 Logbook.

    Additional with my Mac and a USB cable connected with the PM5 and the Chrome extension PainSled.

    Then I  import the TCX file. Looks like

    But it's not optimal. Automatically sync between ErgData and Strava would be great !

    And statistics and training log not only for running and cycling !!

  • This would be awesome!

    PM5 could be logged straight into Strava App via bluetooth?

  • this would be great

  • Please consider supporting Concept2 Logbook (CVS) files.

  • Please support Concept2, there must be many others that want this feature; but haven't taken the time to request!

  • Yes please! It's a very useful to get all activities in Strava including Concept2 PM5! Please deploy support of this! Ideally through Bluetooth with mobile Strava App.

  • Concept to Strava is definitely needed.

  • Yes please include support for work outs on concept2


  • This would be a very helpful widget for those of us who divide our time between cycling and rowing.  These feature would also further secure Strava's position in the market as the premier log for us amateur athletes.

  • Bump for a great idea.

  • supposedly pm4 and pm5 sync well with older garmin watches like fr70 or 910. ironically all the newer devices won't work anymore

  • Another +1 for this idea. I run, cycle, swim and also have a Concept 2 ergo. It would be great to be able to see all my training in one place. I use Garmin products for the other three activities, and the sync from Connect to Strava works brilliantly. It would be great to have something similar for the C2 online log.

  • While a lot of these ideas are good, I would vote for (initially) just being able to see the workouts.  I would hate to see it get shelved again for lack of ability to implement advanced features.

    For me, it's a bit of a gamification thing.   I want my strava friends to see my efforts, but what I really want is for them to know that they will not see them if I haven't worked out.  it's motivation to get the data on board to as an incentive to keep working.

    it's also a log of what I've done and if I'm improving.   being able to look back of average pace, heart rate spm, time and distance over time is a nice to to have.

    I hope we can get this worked out.

  • Thanks everyone (and especially Sander R. for the additional insights in your last comment).

    The Strava Product team is tuned in to this discussion, and will assess the potential for a future project. I'll share any updates as they become available. 

  • I would like to see this feature added too. It would be great to have all the data from my cycling and indoor rowing in one place.

  • Yes, please add this function. 

  • Is this still not available on Strava?


  • Yes please add this feature. The Concept 2 is a key cross-training option and I want to hold all my training data centrally in Strava,

  • I guess since we're going on two years since you made this request, there must be a partnership problem with concept2, or strava just doesn't care.


  • Agree. The user should be able to pick their top activities to see and have the data show up.  I don't run (bad knees) but cycle (in/out), C2 Row and Xfit, hike, swim, etc and all Strava will show is Run/Bike/Swim.... 

  • Yes please!

  • agreed. seconded. upvoted... 

  • Yes please! Ideally log the rowing workout using Bluetooth connection from PM5 to the Strava app.

  • I agree. - make it happen please Strava

  • Before I bought my Concept2 I just assumed that I'd be able to import my data into Strava, then when I started using it I was surprised that there was no way to do so either directly from the app, or via CSV :-(

    I love the way I can keep my runs and rides in one place, and share with others no matter what device they're using. It would be great to be able to have my rowing there too - even if it's just a basic, manual entry.

  • I just bought a Concept 2. Why don't you have this already?

  • Strava, it has been 18 months or more since this thread was created.  is a nice App that sucks data off the rower directly to your phone. It stores that data local and then uploads to Concept2 log book. Surely Strava could get an API to connect to the local erg app so that when we upload it has a choice to upload to Strava as well as Concept 2 

    Alternatively the guys at Concept2 could create an API from their log book to strava - same way that Garmin or Sunnto does.  

    Bottom line, Strava community doesn't just run and cycle there are many of us who cross train. Concept 2 rowers are a serious platform with a huge community 

    Be great to here something back on this 






  • I don't work for strava, but based on the lack of response in two years (unless I missed one), I gather they just don't care enough to support it, and would rather not admit that fact. 



  • Strava, the lack of Concept2 integration prevents me from upgrading to a premium account. Indoor rowing is a popular endurance training besides running and cycling and Concept2 is the most popular rowing platform!

    Hint: Concept2 has their logbook API here: 

    +1 for this feature!


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