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  • Come on Strava.  When are you going to add spinning?

  • I see that my comment from 2016 is still floating back there in this discussion. I pretty much use Strava as a shared training log. I don't use it to analyze my efforts because there are so many that it can't analyze (swimming, treadmill, spinning), elliptical, etc. I also no longer use it to record anything, because there are other ways to do it, linking the data in. I'm about one thread away from not using it at all, if, for example, I get a Garmin watch and start using their app.

  • Wow, was thinking about signing up but the spin threads killed that idea.

  • What is taking so long to get spin added? Sure seems like Strava is just asking for a competitor app to beat them to it, and then will wonder why people start switching their app of choice. Ignoring your consumers is a great way to become irrelevant.

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