Extending fitness/freshness graphs to running (and possibly other activities).

Now that HR based fitness/freshness calculations are there I'd expect this to be fairly easy.  And I'm sure many runners/thriathletes out there would really appreciate this!!



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  • 'We'll see' isn't really good enough! Premium cyclists are getting these features and runners are second class citizens! Even cyclists wHo happen to go for a run are getting poorer service. Needs fixed or runners will drift away. I count myself in this number
  • Seriously, I can't think of any reason to not include this feature, I would really appreciate an explanation - why expending time and resources on the "big 2015 adventures" videos when one of the premium features is broken

  • Saying that i'd love that feature in that thread too! 


  • Without this it doesn't give me an overall indication of my fitness and freshness. I train both running and riding so it looks ridiculous to only see one set of data.

  • Could not agree more
  • Still waiting (and still paying for Premium...) Strava. We won't wait forever!

  • I'm very disappointed for this and other missings and even most for the lack of info about Stava roadmap, if things didn't improve I will not continue my premium subscription. They are spending resources in things like Strava insights, that are nice but and the end of the day do not add anything extra but to be able to show what can be done with Strava consolidated data to other interested parties...
  • no use in having this graph if you can record all the different type of woprkouts, inlcuding crosstrainning, weights, etc. all workouts need to be accounted for to know my real form and when my body is in ultimate condition for a race!! 

    also it would be nice to have this graph available to see on the mobile app.

  • Ellie - why no explanation on why this can't be implemented??? The feature is useless for those of us who bike AND run. You guys claim to love data. Are there just too few runners on Strava? What's the story?

  • I Confirm what Adam says.

    For Triathlets, the Fitness and Freshness Graph leads to wrong results!

    If I Run 30km one day, Ride 150km and run again 15km after the ride the graph considers only the second effort and suggestiones are incorrect.

    Furthermore it should be able to override the suffer score in the event that you perform workouts w/o pulse monitor ( in a season it can happen ) : also in this case the graph leads to results very far from reality.

  • Strava please listen to your loyal customers. this feature is useless if you cant incorporate cross training and other exercises to the equation!!

  • I think Strava should offer a discount for runners if they cannot offer a comparable service...time to check the competitors out!

  • Needs to happen.

  • Almost two years on... and Strava still does not release the functionality for running. What is going on?

  • I stopped paying for Strava because of this.

  • Hello everyone,

    No new updates to report for this feature request. 

    We are aware of the feedback you have communicated in support of the Fitness and Freshness feature for runners. It is something we have considered in the past, but have decided not to do. We may change our mind in the future, but for now this is not a planned project. 

    We still appreciate your feedback, as it will help inform our decisions going forward. Leave your comments on the existing discussion topic.

  • Without including running in the Fitness and Freshness functionality, I will really have to consider leaving Strava and moving over to Training Peaks instead. My training partner uses it and it has really helped him improve his bike and run. Strava generates as suffer score for running, so why is this such a difficult task? I would be good enough even if it was only visible in the Heart Rate view of F&F. Come on guys, get this going or risk losing many of us to your competition!

  • FYI Stravistix -- an excellent Chrome extension for Strava, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stravistix-for-strava/dhiaggccakkgdfcadnklkbljcgicpckn?hl=en -- supports fitness graph for multiple sports.  Worth checking out.

  • Great tip, Adam Koprowski

  • I second using the Stravistix plug-in if you don't want to spring for Training Peaks. If you like the feature, please donate to the guy since he was able to do by himself what Strava couldn't.

  • Looks like this feature was implemented.  

  • Wow! At last!

    The blog post describes this new feature!

    "Fitness & Freshness, our Premium heart rate analysis feature, is now available to runners and multi-sport athletes ..."


  • So they have! Had to guess a functional threshold power to make it work but that number then seems to have no influence on results. Brilliant. Finally
    Great comms Strava! ;)

  • Thanks Ronnie - that is a known issue. We are working to remove the FTP pop-up so that it is not required seeing as it is not relevant to other sports besides cycling. 

  • Does nordic skiing count yet? Swimming?

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