Divide climbing challenges into two categories, true barometric devices and corrected devices.

Strava's ascent computation for iPhone and Android devices typically gives too large a number - sometimes double the true ascent.  All results from those devices and any other ascent derived by correction should be put into a separate category for climbing challenges.  There should be a category reserved  for ascents derived from uncorrected barometric devices.  

I have attached data pulled from Strava for all activities that cover a route - Cyprus Cycling Challenge Day 3.   There is an obvious trend that needs no explanation. 

See the rules for the true Everesting event.

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Results from CCC Day 3.pdf
Everesting Rules.png


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  • I didn't notice all the discussion that had gone on regarding this topic until I had posted my reply comment about the climbing challenge.  I agree the phone apps/elevation corrected rides should be in a separate challenge.

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  • For those who think the effect is limited to a few countries here's data from the USA.  I had my computer gather ride data for everyone (500) who passed through a segment in Orange County.  Everyone has different rides but one would expect the elevations to have the same distribution.  It didn't work out that way.  The phone users had more elevation.  Interesting that the peak for phones was almost 2X that of barometric GPS's.    The GPS data includes some people who pushed the easy button but Strava doesn't show the status.

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  • So much talk about App users ... lets talk about Garmin users and data not being reliable from them. Four rides with four Garmins with huge variances.
    Ride Device Distance Elevation feet
    http://www.strava.com/activities/219997145 Garmin 510 106.9 24,135
    http://www.strava.com/activities/219973694 Garmin Forerunner 910XT 104.4 12,454
    http://www.strava.com/activities/219971323 Garmin 800 93.4 11,178
    http://www.strava.com/activities/219989836 Garmin 800 106.6 23,707

    Brian Toone rides with two different Garmins side by side on his handlebars, a Garmin 1000 and a Garmin 800. In his photos on these two rides and many more they show different elevations. How can that be?
    http://www.strava.com/activities/193513748 3848 5738 1890
    http://www.strava.com/activities/192774582 9172 12290 3118
    I think Toone will leave these photos attached to his rides for everyone to see, if not then there is a problem with him too.
    He does upload from his Garmin 800 since it has the higher numbers. Is that wrong? It just shows that Garmins vary significantly and it doesn't matter where they are used.
    As of Nov 21, Brian Toone is loading from his 1000 and using the correct elevation button. As seen here http://www.strava.com/activities/221741960 Garmin showing 2463 but ride posted is showing 2917. Corrected elevation using the button gave him an additional 454 ft. of elevation gain. On his Nov 22 ride he didn't post photos of his Garmin at all, which is breaking his pattern of trying to show everyone support for his numbers. Sorry things don't add up.
    So Garmin users have a problem too. It is not possible to have an accurate race unless everyone is using the same course and are being timed. To put down any Strava user because of what device they are using whether Garmin or App is extremely biased because of personal opinions and bias. People have been rude and derogatory in attacking other users, because they think Garmins are the best. Garmin users are the biggest bullys on Strava. Maybe those people who think Garmins are the best and only reliable source should examine the Garmin problem a bit more thoroughly.

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  • It's true that the Garmin 800 and Garmin 1000 show different numbers. I posted tons of pics of the differences after I first got the 1000 in hope that Garmin would do something about the smoothing filter it has added into the firmware for the Garmin 1000, which really penalizes those of us who don't live in the high mountains but are addicted to climbing (and descending). I've refrained from being critical of the leaders because I have definitely been on the receiving end of criticism in the past for the elevation numbers and I know how much it personally hurt so I will still refrain from passing judgement on the current leaders of the climbing challenge. If you see a ride that I post from my Garmin 1000, it is for sure elevation corrected. If you see a ride from my Garmin 800, it is not elevation corrected. I used my Garmin 1000 on two of my mountain bike rides during the challenge, because my 800 seems to lose the satellite signal and sometimes crash ... I lost over 5000 feet of climbing on this ride during the climbing challenge http://www.strava.com/activities/221076969 ... look at the instagram photos posted in the comments, which were of the mountain bike ride I started immediately after commuting home on my road bike. So if there is any question about me "gaining feet" from using elevation corrections on two mountain bike rides, I think the lost ride on Wednesday more than makes up for the small amount of feet I've gained from using elevation corrections on the 100 mile mtb race I did yesterday and the pre-ride on Friday. 

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  • Thank you Brian. You have confirmed the point that Garmins have a consistency problem too! My question for you is why don't you continue to post clear photos of both Garmins ascent gain results so this problem is more evident and better known. There is quite a difference of elevation gain between the 800 and 1000. By using the elevation correction, you have done away with the supposed accuracy of your Garmin and switched it out for the Strava phone app elevation numbers. This from a Garmin is the only reliable device user. Everyone loses data at times regardless of what device they use.

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  • @Just Being.  Sorry if you think being objective is being a bully.  I can assure that of the 4 rides you linked to, the first and the fourth have been "Corrected". If you have been reading my posts you will realize that the first and fourth rides were treated as Android/iPhone results.  Those two riders used the EASY button.  In summary the two values are not Garmin results.  I'm not putting down anyone, I just want separate categories.  (A) True Barometric GPS   (B) Android - IPhone - "Corrected"

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