Let us add more Gear, like for skiing

I would like to keep track of the milage on my rollerskies, and cross country skies. Cross country skiing (and roller skiing) should be divided in classic and skate/free, and each category should have the option to add several pairs of skis.



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  • I'd also like to add wheels and other parts of my bike that are new to track how many miles I put in them as well.
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  • Yes, it would be nice to be able to add specific hardware.

    It would help in many ways:

    - It could help us measure the lifespan of various gear and know when it's about time to change it.
    - Being able to set a reminder after X mileage on my chain would be like a dentist reminder.
    - It could help prevent being stranded on the side of the road with broken parts
    - It could also help to assess an item quality if it breaks or wears out too soon.

    We should be able to bundle bike and gear and select the set the same way we select a bike.

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  • Commenting to second this idea. I'd love to have this for my alpine skiing/backcountry skiing so I can track not only the age of my gear, but how much love I give them over time. It's very common for ski gear (skis & boots) to be rated based on "# of days". It'd be great if Strava let us capture this.

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