Filter my segment times firstly by sex and then age group

I can view my segment times by age group but that includes men and women. I can also view my segment times by sex ie. women of all ages. What I can't find but would like, is my segment times filtered firstly by sex ie. women, then by my age group, so I can see how I compare to other women (rather than men and women) in my age group.



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    Hi Susan and Linda - this is possible from the Segment Leaderboard on the website. You can choose gender from the top of the Leaderboard, and this will remain the same for an of the filters chosen from the left sidebar. 

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  • I agree. I would also like to be able to filter by women in my clubs / who I am following.

    This would be a very helpful feature! As women, we want to be able to see how we compare to other women - quickly and easily. There are so few of us it is difficult to find other women in the leaderboards.

    I would love to be able to filter by women in my challenges / rides - e.g. km / elevation per month, hill climbing challenge, distance challenge, etc.

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  • Hi Elle and Strava Support, I think you misunderstood the question. I have the same issue and struggle to find myself in the list of the participants to challenges. One way would be to add a filter by Pace so that I can find who I can compare to. I hope this msg won't be answered in 1 year. Many thanks, Mariella

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  • I can't find a way to make your system work.  I think it used to function as you describe but doesn't appear to any more.  If I choose Women and sort, I'll get my ranking.  But if I then choose an age group it goes back to mixed gender.  I'm 61.  It's so hard to get to my legit standing against my peers.  And to have to do it for every segment I'm interested in is too time consuming.  Could you make it a personalized setting we can determine individually?  That would help, though I'd rather have everyone see the standings. 

    In general there is a built in gender bias here. Instead of listing top men and women side by side, you group the women in with the men.  We are different and should have a chance to see our performance against our peers without jumping through hoops to do it. Also to have the pride of our accomplishment in our peer group respected instead of diminished by implication since it's so hard to find it.  Last point, as my friends and I get older and the ranks thin out, I think it's even more impressive that we stay pretty darn competitive in the general field.  Why doesn't Strava celebrate older riders in the rankings display? From your self-interest POV I note that we are also the dominant high-growth demographic with time and money to spend on cyclling. So, in addition to being gender biased I think the format and display of your rankings is ageist! 

    I'm a big Strava fan and love being part of the community. It's an overall very useful and fun application. I'm grateful for your efforts and challenge you to lead the way in breaking down age and gender bias in sport!!  YOU have enormous power to influence perceptions and CHANGE THE STATUS QUO!!  I am an age group Mountain record holder on Mt. Washington and in 4-Woman RAAM (60+).  I am certain that better visibility and recognition of older elite athletes will encourage the broader population to get out there and get fit. In addition to fighting ageism and sexism, it's a social impact mission for the health of the population!

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