Display data from all activity types in the Training Log

Currently, Strava's Training Log interface provides three views: Run, Ride, and Multi-sport. However, despite its name, the Multi-sport view does not include any activity type data other than that for running or cycling, apart from acknowledging that such an activity took place on a day with an XT tag. As a result, Strava is far less useful for those of us who participate in other activities, and many people are avoiding paying for Strava Premium because of this lapse (yes, we feel ignored).

At minimum, we would like the Training Log's Multi-sport view to include cumulative time spent on all supported activities, displaying them in different colored circles, as it does for running and cycling. That way those who snowshoe or cross-country ski in the winter, for instance, will at least be able to see how long they're exercising, as will those who are unable to run or bike, but can walk or kayak, for instance.

Better yet would be additional views parallel to Run and Ride for each activity type that Strava supports. Strava could easily display such a control for an activity on the fly based on that activity taking place at all, or show the control only if the activity took place a certain number of times, or within a certain time period. For me, for instance, I'd get a Snowshoe view and a Cross-Country Ski view, since those are sports I participate in regularly, but not a Kayak view, since I've never done that as an activity. In this scenario, the Multi-sport view should still calculate cumulative time across all activities.

If you're troubled by this discrimination against sports other than running and cycling within Strava, please leave a comment in this thread so the Strava folks realize how important it is.


Thanks in advance to Elle for passing this on, and to the developers for implementing it so we can all happily pay for Strava Premium.



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  • As a regular cross-country skier, I find it incredibly troubling to look at my weekly training log and see four or five "XT"s and a big fat ZERO for the week.  This is a no brainer.  It's called the "Training Log", not the "Running/Cycling Log".  All duration from all activity types should be logged here.  It shouldn't matter if you ran, biked, cross-country skied, pushed a shopping cart, rowed a boat, etc.  YOU TRAINED, bottom line.  Please make this fix!  Thanks.

  • As someone who engages in other activities apart from cycling and running, I'd want to see metrics in the training log as well as on my profile of my activities. The current design is discriminatory towards other sports and benefits neither Strava nor the users.

  • This is ridiculous (and boring now). How many years has it been since people have requested it with basically nothing from Strava? Here is what we expect, Strava: either give us an expected date when this functionality will roll out (preferred), or tell us it will never happen and we can all just take our business elsewhere if we feel like it. That's it. #1 or #2.
  • If your unsure what to do, have a look at Garmin Connect and bring up the Calendar screen, as that shows all logged activities, along with a total miles logged. A dropdown box allows restriction to a single sport to see what you've done that week/month etc.

    I use Garmin Connect to log my indoor rowing, which also allows me to adjust the distance/time, plus enter average/max strokes per minute.

    Outside of the cycling Strava segments, Strava is lagging behind Garmin Connect.

  • Totally agree with Adam and the others on here. If you - Strava, Elle - need a requirements document I'm sure we (myself and the other posters) could generate such a thing for you. Or, as Josh suggests, just let us know if you never plan on doing this. The reality is that when asked by people about good training-recording apps, I always have to qualify Strava as being "very limited" unless one is a cyclist or runner. That can't be helping your subscription base (and, consequently, Strava's value to a potential buyer).

  • Dear Elle. With referance to your post on https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/26352755-Include-all-Activity-Types-in-the-Training-Log on April 23. I use a Polar V800 (a great watch) and the Polar Flow web service (which realy s****). Strava gives me what Polar can't deliver in terms of statistics, social sharing and session analysis. I guess all users of Strava, and in particular all Premium members, acknowlwdges that this service is designed for runners and cyclists. Frequent users of Strava, and in particular Premium members, probably train more then average (being "training freaks") , and are interested in keeping track of their training, showing it off (or PROVE it as you say) and compete with friends and peers. Some of us do other activities than cycling and running, for variation and to build strength and endurance. As training freaks we would like to keep track of all these activities as well. This being strength and/or core training to increase cycling or running strength, or cross country skiing when It's snow, and the bike is parked inside. I personally have no problem with Strava grouping all other activities as XT, but I would realy like to include it in the displayed statistics. What I miss with Strava is: 1) A bubble/circle visualizing the time spent on XT activities in the same way as for running and cycling (and probably swimming which i don't do) in the training Log. NOT just the letters X and T on the line, but a real bubble. 2) The time spent on XT sessions included in the week totals in the training Log 3) Include a coloured bar/pole on the "Last 4 weeks" stats on my profile page, and a black square on a day with a XT session. This is it for me. I'm probably not 100% in line with this thread. I do NOT expect Strava to become a "all sports" service. I do NOT expect Strava to arrange chellenges in all types of sports. I DO expect Strava to continue as a service made by, for and of runner and cycling freaks.
  • Here is a reply I sent to @Josh in a ticket, and he asked if I could share with this forum:

    I don't know if Strava will expand on the activity types we primarily support. There are no plans currently/in the near future to more fully support activities outside running and cycling, but this doesn't mean that it won't ever happen. Your feedback is of course helpful in determining the demand for such developments, and we greatly appreciate it.

    In the big picture, we're still a small company trying to produce a high-quality product. We are currently striving towards that goal by primarily focusing on cyclists and runners at this time. We understand that the Strava community does many other sports outside this, but our ability to fully support every activity type is limited. I hope you understand our need to prioritize projects, and accept our apologies that we are not able to develop better features for other activity types for you.

     Please keep this discussion going. 

  • We appreciate that Strava isn't big company, Elle, but that's in part why the suggestion is two parts, one of which has got to be pretty simple. Just changing the Multi-Sport view to include bubbles and cumulative times for any sport can't be a major development effort. Supporting them fully in the Training Log alongside running and cycling would be, and that's why that was the second part of the feature request.

    But really, I'd far rather Strava spent a few developement days on this than on something like the Flyby feature you just introduced. Sure, it's cool, but was anyone asking for it? The enhancement we're proposing is something that's actively preventing some number of us from joining Strava as Premium members. It's usually a good idea to listen when people tell you how they'd like to give you money.

  • Thanks for raising these points Adam. There is a flip side to every angle, but what's clear is the request being made here! 

  • + 1.

    If you have support for logging other activities (which you have), it would make sense to have them being displayed in the training log. 

  • I was just about to submit a similar request.  I find I am currently using two apps to record all my activities.  If I was able to look back on a yearly or monthly summary of all entered activities I would be able to use Strava alone which would be great.

    Hope this is able to be worked into the program in the future.


  • I run, ride and hike.  During the summer months in particular I either mix all three or focus on one or two depending on what events I have coming up.  I hate, hate, hate having the Strava training log show my hiking days as 'rest' so I manually enter my hikes as trail runs and record that it was in fact a hike in the description.  To the Strava developers:  you have a good program but if you continue to limit its use in this way you will lose clients to programs like 'MapMy...Whatever'; but maybe that's what you want?

  • Adding to this idea, I just would like a place to log how much time I did some kind of non-motion activity (like lifting weights).  I'm a fairly new user (not Premium, yet) so maybe not aware how to do this.  This way I can look back and not see a day devoid of activity when in reality I was pumping iron.  I don't do yoga or dedicated stretching but same idea for them.  Horticulture probably wouldn't count but it's up the user.

  • Strava please include all of my logged activity in the training log. It doesn't makes sense to only include two sports. Many of us cross train. I am a runner but I walk a couple of miles each day and like to eyeball my activity. Garmin has improved its apps and I can customize my profile (e.g. walk and hike) such that I can upload all my activity there. You should do the same  - please. Follow Garmin's model of sports supported and you'll be on the right track. Thank you.

  • It would be much appreciated if someone from Strava responds to this request. At least give us a confirmation if this feature figures in your future plans or not.

  • I'm an avid hiker and want to have that be a prominent feature.

  • As a previous developer would not take much effort to code in the other activities as XT and just show that total time in each day.  I think what I am going to do is for weight training just call it a run but make sure in the description, detail my workout with my gains.

  • I would also like to see this implemented. Even though I'm a triathlete and my main activity types are exactly those which Strava supports (Cycling, Running, Swimming), I also incorporate weight training in the gym as part of my training plan. And I don't think I'm the only triathlete doing this. So please, expand the support. As a first step, just include all activities in the weekly & monthly totals. That would go already a long way.

  • When the weather is bad or night falls, I don't want to run or bike, I use my indoor rower. I log my session as "swimming" because if I log it under rowing, it shows (barely) the XT entry which isn't tallied as you mention. I too think Strava could look into better displaying and tallying of the XT activities.

  • SO,  I just call all my training sessions run or ride then huh…then in the description "note the activity". Really all I want to see is the overview of my training week, the time spent in various areas modalities. AND when I am part of a club have my training sessions validated or recorded on the leader board!


  • Hello Strava

    I can't believe this one is not yet taken care of. I've signed up to Premium again to give things a whirl, and I'm already disappointed.

    Yes, I am a cyclist, so for most of my activities the current setup works fine. But unfortunately, just like every year, winter is coming which means I have to mix things up a little. This includes weight lifting sessions in the gym and cross country skiing. And now I cannot set weekly time based goals and strive to achieve them when I know not all my workouts will be accounted for

    I am very disappointed that a feature as trivial as this still eludes you. Perhaps I'll have to cancel _again_ and go back to look for a suitable alternative, hopefully one that listens to what their customers want!


  • Strava, there have been similar requests for YEARS now. Are you listening to your customers?

  • C'mon guys! We want this feature, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  • Fairly new to Strava, paid the premium service but I can't understand why you can categorise other activities in the training log  but only display them XT?
    Seems like an oversight as you can see them in calendar and my activities ?
    Surely a quick win to fix this Strava?

  • Sorry Nick. You might as well remove that desire from your thoughts right now... there have been a number of us hammering on Strava for more than a year to implement this functionality, but they haven't moved an inch on it. Too busy dreaming up climbing challenges and such. Bummed to hear you paid for premium b/c Strava isn't worth it... at least in my mind (I was paying premium for a while but quit b/c they wouldn't address stuff like this topic).


  • I would like to see "cross-country" as one of the activities in the "Training Log", as this is one of my main activities during winter. It can't be that hard to implement this functionality as it is basically just another way of "filtering" the data that are to be displayed in this view.

  • I would like to see "cross-country" as well in the "Training Log",  this is a major activity during winter here in Canada. Why it isn't featured It can't be that hard to implement.

    it is basically just another way of logging Km's or time, I skip the same trails that I MTB in the summer. I just signed on fro Premium and now I beginning to regret it somewhat.

    Not a long stretch to include e this in the Strava data base, Im a bit shocked that they don't include it as its a base cardio endurance sport.

    Strava you must include Cross country skiing !

  • And here we are, back in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing season, without the merest peep from Strava.

    Just noting, folks, that I won't ever bother paying for Strava without this lapse being fixed. There's just no point - if Strava's not interested in my opinion, or in supporting how I choose to exercise and wish to track that exercise, I'm not interested in supporting Strava financially. 

  • It appears quite clear that they have dug their heels in on this and refuse to display activities outside of running and cycling in the training log. You could cross country ski or snowshoe 7 days a week, and all you are going to earn for your labors are 7 big "XT's". Congratulations. I've thought about this for a long time, and just can't come to a rational explanation as to why Strava won't address this issue. I would at the least appreciate an explanation. 

  • Also, based on how low this thread is on the entire list, I imagine we need a few hundred more 'Me Too" clicks to garner any support...

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