Display data from all activity types in the Training Log

Currently, Strava's Training Log interface provides three views: Run, Ride, and Multi-sport. However, despite its name, the Multi-sport view does not include any activity type data other than that for running or cycling, apart from acknowledging that such an activity took place on a day with an XT tag. As a result, Strava is far less useful for those of us who participate in other activities, and many people are avoiding paying for Strava Premium because of this lapse (yes, we feel ignored).

At minimum, we would like the Training Log's Multi-sport view to include cumulative time spent on all supported activities, displaying them in different colored circles, as it does for running and cycling. That way those who snowshoe or cross-country ski in the winter, for instance, will at least be able to see how long they're exercising, as will those who are unable to run or bike, but can walk or kayak, for instance.

Better yet would be additional views parallel to Run and Ride for each activity type that Strava supports. Strava could easily display such a control for an activity on the fly based on that activity taking place at all, or show the control only if the activity took place a certain number of times, or within a certain time period. For me, for instance, I'd get a Snowshoe view and a Cross-Country Ski view, since those are sports I participate in regularly, but not a Kayak view, since I've never done that as an activity. In this scenario, the Multi-sport view should still calculate cumulative time across all activities.

If you're troubled by this discrimination against sports other than running and cycling within Strava, please leave a comment in this thread so the Strava folks realize how important it is.


Thanks in advance to Elle for passing this on, and to the developers for implementing it so we can all happily pay for Strava Premium.



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  • Most athletes do some amount of cross-training and seasonal variation. Alternative activities are planned and tracked in the same logs. Weight lifting is part of a training plan for runners. Cross-country skiing is preparation for cycling.

    Consider a club where athletes want to track total minutes for all activities for a month. Strava only supports this if members falsify all activity as the same sport.

    If Strava doesn't support this, the tool is limited in purpose and scope. It's hard to imagine a technical difficulty. Maybe there's a strategic business reason for remaining inflexible.

  • Another XC skier here. I use the training log to figure out my weekly/monthly/yearly training volume, since I run, bike, ski, and hike, and have to do it manually. I hate having to use different devices and multiple training platform sites. I previously paid for premium thinking I would get more features, but the power analysis on poweragent (free) is better than strava so I'm not premium anymore. 

  • I just signed up for a premium trial only to find out what all of you have.  I do lots of different sports year round and not having Strava track that time in my training log is troubling enough to take a pass on the paid functionality.  Please fix this simple request.

    Strava you must include Cross country skiing!

  • I really want backcountry skiing and snowshoeing to register on my training log.  I don't want to have to call backcountry ski days "running" just so that they show up on my training log - that's crazy!  If a training log can't display all of the training that someone does, then Strava as a whole is a much less useful tool than it could/should be.

  • Just adding my vote to what is obviously becoming a consensus: it would be incredibly helpful to see total mileage for all activities. Disappointing to log significant mileage snowshoeing and hiking only for it not to be considered mileage in totals. 

  • Using Strava to log training is totally useless if different kind of activities doesn't count into the total. It cannot be hard to add that function. Right now I am using two systems and to pay for Strava is just not worth it for the moment.

  • Please add ALL sports in the training Log View. For me especially ice-speed-skating and inline skating ar of great importance. I am allready waiitng for it 2 years.

  • I add my voice to all the comments here. Please add xc skiing to the activities on the calendar! This is the bulk of my winter training and it would help to have the training included.

  • I'm a +1 too, I'm trying to get back to fitness after breaking my hip in a fall and walking/hiking makes up a lot of what I do these days, when my premium subscription ends in April I won't be renewing it.

    I can get what I', after from my Suunto watch with movescounts, its a shame as Strava has the capability to be a great resource.

  • +1

    Please display weight training in the training log. If you can upload and specify the activity then I don't know what it's hidden. An empty calendar with +XT is poor visualisation.

  • Something has changed starting Jan 2017, so that other activities besides running and cycling, now show as REST, in the training log where last year they at least showed as xt. A 10 mile hike or snowshoe is NOT rest. Like others I don't want to mislabel things as runs, just to see my times and efforts for other sports in the log. Why the change?

  • After viewing all the comments on this issue, and noting that Strava does not appear to be interested in complying with our wishes concerning proper registration of all training activities, I now seriously concider ending my subscription.

  • When contacting Strava Support, they gave this comment about this thread: 

    "I am definitely aware of the thread you mention and I review it regularly. The team at Strava is also aware, and it is on our list of goals for 2017 to be more inclusive of all activity types like in the Training Log for example. 

    We don't have any specific timeframes or plans, but know that this is on our list and that we have reviewed the request."

    I encourage you all to vote on the main topic in this thread as well as all comments - this functionality needs to be implemented! 

  • This is pretty ridiculous. As I started to improve my training metadata and marking trainings into yoga or other types, they started to disappear from the training log. Sigh.

    They are visible as XT markings in the log, but not counted into the total in any way.

    Why oh why this can't be made into something people could configure.

    Training Calendar view is not as usable.

  • The training log works great for during the fair-weather months, as I primarily log trail runs and mountain bike rides. These activities are what I consider for myself as cross-training for my winter pursuits.

    The winter is an entirely different story though. I continue to run at a lower volume, drop biking altogether and log most of my hours either Nordic or backcountry skiing / skimo racing. Neither the elapsed hours spent in these activities nor the elevation gain is reflected in the log. Both of these metrics are very important to a ski mountaineer. 

    At the very least, the Multisport mode must reflect these metrics. There are a lot of users in the Strava community that would agree. As a software architect myself, I understand the challenges of aggregating different data types sometimes, but this seems on the surface that it would be a pretty straightforward use case.

  • I just ended my Premium membership until this is solved. Should be easy.

  • Bump - not sure why Strava wouldn't publish the detailed time of any activity on the training log. It's actually quite frustrating, as i'm using Strava to track & measure my fitness over time. I sort of NEED to know that I spent 1.5 hours on an ergometer in the middle of a week, and didn't take a rest day! 

    What the F Strava? How hard can it be to publish the times for any manually entered activity? 

  • I want to be clear about my previous post, and presumably all the posts on this thread.

    Strava is a fantastic tool. Very handy and efficient. I like it and want it to be a central location for my training data. But until Strava tracks all data regardless of sport or activity, it cannot serve that purpose.

    This is the motivation behind the request. 

  • Could I just add my voice to this? If I am ski touring and climbing more than 1000 meters in a day, I dang well want that climbing to be added to my training log display. Just saying...


  • so one more time.....PLEASE FIX this NOW--should not be very complicated....!!




  • Spent 42 hours Alpine Skiing last week - by Strava 'Log' looks like I was on the couch eating Cheetos.  The algorithm could start with 'minutes' and they could improve it from there but to simply have Zero minutes workout on 42 hrs of workouts is stupid.  Come on Strava, an imperfect plan today is better than a perfect plan in 'I dont know when...' 

  • I've a had a premium account with Strava for a while but it's time to move on.  It's really bad that XC skiing isn't supported.  It's pretty close to running so you;d think that Strava folks would've figured out that it would be important to many of it's subscribers to support XC skiing.  Nope.

  • As MANY others have stated, it is disappointing to pay for premium, then have most of my workouts disappear when looking at the training log bubbles! I wouldn't even mind if all other workouts were combined in one field. But it would be very nice if it at least included all the time I'm putting in with the app--through Garmin and direct tracking!

  • Nothing new that hasn't already been said. Excited about the stats and analytics and other features with Strava trying it out with my recent running activities. Upgraded to Premium and migrated every activity since 2011 from RK to Strava just to realize that my cross country activities is regarded as REST? Come on. What's the problem here? Solve this or I'll head right back to RK. The season for cross country skiing starts in late october and has not yet ended here in the most northern parts of Sweden. Surely disappointing that this excellent tracker, despite other fantastic features, doesn't have this support that RK implemented almost from the start. 

    In short: Just wanted to bump this important topic.

  • Ditto - Split my time running, cycling and kayaking. Trying to balance training across all three and work out trends from my historical data would be a lot easier if I could see the other third of it in the log/calendar view. As with many of the other comments here, just the minutes of general other activities would be v useful!

  • How is this still not a thing??

  • Nothing new, and no word from Strava that they're going to fix this. As a consequence I've cancelled my subscription to Strava Premium. Not worth paying for when I don't get what I want from this service. Also, I get it for free from Garmin as I use Garmin devices to track my activities.

  • Please add this so basic feature

  • Be sure to vote on the headline activity to increase the profile of this feature request.


  • As someone responded above, it is not a big development from a software perspective to show cumulative time spent on all sports!

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