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All tied KOMs/QOMs/CRs should count and register on Profiles

Currently, if you equal a KOM, your achievement is only recognised on that segment's leader board. It is not recognised and does not appear in your personal list of KOMs on the 'KOMs/CRs' section of your profile page. This to me seems non-sensical and unfair, as that KOM only appears on the profile page of the person who first set the current KOM. Surely if two or more people have achieved the same time, they should each have it recognised in their personal list of KOMs on their profile page. It is by definition a shared record, and should be recognised by all who share it. 

Or, if it is only possible to recognise one person for whatever - as it currently appears to be - it should appear on the profile page of the premium member, as they are financially contributing to the Strava site.   



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