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  • Weekly goals are good but from my point of view, not that usable for real goal setting (to short and weather dependent (sometimes)). I think monthly goals add more realistic type goals as it allows time to recover when unavoidable situations occur (family, work, weather, etc.) that effect training / riding. Also able to set goals against previous months number of rides and mileage. So my suggestion would be to add Monthly Goals for Mileage and Number of Rides for the month.

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  • A repeated plea to include the ability to set monthly goals as weekly are to short for anyone who has family or work commitments that can have weekly impacts, and yearly is to long and fails to take into account seasonal variations such as how much and what type of training you do in summer 'vs' winter.

    By way of example this is how I track my monthly activity at the moment, manually exporting the information out of Garmin Connect into MS Excel:

    So I believe that the ability of setting Monthly goals and comparing them to the same month in previous years will be a huge value to Strava athletes.



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