Team Segment Challenges

Team Races are events that can take several days or a single day and the winner is the team (or rider) that races faster the sum of all segments.

If a segment is a circuit, then the time is the time to do the circuit but it can be a bunch of pre-selected segments (this can be very interesting).

To build a race:

- Choose a name

- Select the segments to be used in the race

- Select race start and end

- Invite friends

To be part of a team, we can use the "team" that strava already has

A results board page calculated with times in segments between race start and end dates;:

- total (sum of best times of each team member in all segments)

- ranking by segment showing the best team member with a + to see all team members times

- ranking by team showing the sum of all team members of NOT YET with a + to see all team members times

In the future there could be a % bonification by age and gender (3% 40-44, 6% 45-50, etc).

See you!



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  • Thanks Filipe! This sounds like a very cool idea. 

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  • We already do this but doing calculations by hand (and it is desperating).

    I think it is a thing that fits well into strava.

    I am planning to organize a wider race with all the local groups around our mountains and with a simple registration scheme and calculations inside it would be perfect.

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