Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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  • Hey Strava,  when will this be available?   Is it on the product roadmap?

    If not available, i will likely switch to strava basic  and use garmin connect as the goto tracker!

  • +1 request

  • Yes, Strava needs to recognize the Swim heartrate data. Also, needs add "Swim Type" just like run and bike with subcategories "Swim", "Race", "Long Swim", "Workout".

    Currently, when I race triathlons, the run and bike legs can be flagged as "Race"; but, the swim cannot. Don't make no damn sense.

    Otherwise, Strava has a big hole in its usefulness.

  • It says to buy a HR monitor and when you do, strava doesn't import the data. Come on...

  • And this is why I have cancelled my Strava premium, this will unfortunately never happen as Strava are not interested in what their customers want!

  • +1 

  • Please add this!!

  • + 1 very dissatisfied!!! I just spent money on the HRM Swim for exactly that... using the data for suffer zone etc!
    I don't understand... surely it the same data from Garmin Connect that the Run HRM would send?
    Does it work with Sunto or any other brands? Or is it just Garmin Strava politics?!!!

  • Has this been solved yet? Garmin HRM-swim data in strava for suffer-score?


  • No... Strava are still sitting on their hands, with no land to revamp!!!!!

  • +1 for this.  

  • You guys might want to point the finger at Garmin here. HRM data is syncing from my Suunto Ambit3 Peak, which seems to indicate that Strava's API has support for it.

  • Another vote for HR data from swims.

  • Please support Garmin HRM swim data. 

  • @Jonathan Willis, I'm going to leave the onus on Strava. For some reason Strava is lacking on the Swim. There are other issues both with transferred data and the level of nuance that Strava supports swim.

    Firstly, an issue that is totally within Stava's purview, the ability to designate the type of swim as Swim, Race, Long Swim, Workout. You can do this with run and ride; but, not swim?!?

    In a related note, Strava does not recognize triathlon races. Transitions are "Workouts", the run can be "Race" type, the bike can be a "Race" type; but, the swim is just a swim.  Note there are swim only, age group or master swim races that happen, as well. So, does Strava just not believe in competitive swimming?

    Finally, you can export the workouts from Garmin to a file which has the HR data. About the only thing quirky about the file is that the HR fields are designated "Avg Power" and "Max Power"; but, Strava knows that is HR data.

    So, I believe there has to be some reason intentional reason why Strava's swim support is lacking.

  • According to what's reported near the bottom of the the DC Rainmaker review (which I just came across in my anger that my newly-purchased HRM-Tri was providing no HR data to Strava), the issue may be that Strava needs to upgrade to the FITSDK version (16.30) in order to read the HR data from Garmin. Either way, I bough (yet another) HRM in order to stop seeing the "buy a HR monitor" screen on Strava for swims (and out of curiosity on how hard my ticker is working during swims), and that screen seems AWFULLY deceptive now that buying a swim-specific HRM does nothing for Strava. (As to the pinned comment on this thread suggesting that the HR data is captured on the mobile version, that's not the case for me.) 

  • For me it doesn't show on the mobile app at all. It only shows on Garmin Connect.
    Please add HRM swim data on Strava!

  • +1, please add hr from garmin hrm-swim (as recorded by fenix 3) to swim activities on strava

  • +1 for HRM swim data from Garmin.

    Thanks for considering running data within "Fitness & Freshness" now.

    For triathletes it would be great to have also swimming data included.

  • Yes please - the data shows up nicely on Garmin Connect.  It would also be great for the swim HR data to go towards calculating the fitness and freshness scores too!

  • Does anyone from Strava ever respond to these boards? If there's a reason why HR can't be added for swim, just let us know. Otherwise please recognize that there is a demand for this feature and add it.  Thank you.

  • Just adding my 2 cents worth.......


    Dear Strava. Please support Garmin HR Swim data, Swim Race types and Triathlon.

  • Any update on swim HR data being assigned a suffering score and included in the Fitness and Freshness graph? I signed up for the premium version for this and disappointed not to see my swims included being a triathlete. I use the Garmin 920xt swim and Tri HR monitors. That

  • This should be an easy feature to implement. And it is crucial one for triathlets now that we have the rather usefull Fitness and Freshness graphs. Please implement it.

  • Another request for HR data for swimming.

    I'm a long time Strava user for swimming, just upgraded my Fenix 3 to Fenix 5 with HR Tri crazy the data isn't be used!

  • I'm thinking that Strava can't support this because of some sort of technical issue. Or they don't have resources to put toward the problem.

  • My interpretation is that Strava chooses not to put resources towards the problem.

    Run - you can manually designate its "Workout Type" as "Run", "Race", "Long Run", "Workout"

    Bike - you can manually designate its "Workout Type" as "Ride", "Race", "Workout"

    Swim is just a swim to Strava and there is not even a "Workout Type" designation field. Note being able to designate swims as Race or Workout or Swim is all on Strava.

    In addition to all that, Strava doesn't recognize triathlons as one entire event like Garmin Connect and treats transitions as some funky activity (Morning Activity, Lunch Activity, etc) which only lasts 20s, WTF?!?

    My guess is that Strava definitely doesn't have any Masters Swimmers on staff and if they have any triathletes on staff, then they have a very WEAK voice within the company.

    On a related note, Training Peaks receives heart rate for open water swims; but, not pool swims. So, I believe the info is there.

  • 2 years and nothing?

  • Yeahhh... nearly 2 yrs & not even a reply from Strava. Wow! And this is their support system channel. Just amazing guys! Thats the way to communicate to your customers.

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