Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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  • I also will not subscribe for Premium due to this issue. It appears that Strava dont care about swimmers. Why should we care to pay them then?

  • Another request for swim hr data. Would be really great to add my swim workouts to the fitness/freshness data

  • +1.  Is this likely to be updated - it would be really helpful (and appreciated)


  • I don't know why this isn't a feature yet. my Garmin Swim Strap Works pretty good @Strava please Pull this date to be aggregated into our Fitness and suffer score. A hard swim is a huge part of Fitness and Fatigue, Without compiling and using this information when grading the whole score this is utterly pointless for triathletes.. 


  • 1 year later, this issue is not fixed.  Please fix.  THX

  • . I emailed them today and while they couldn’t give me a time frame, it’s in hand.  Good news 👍

  • Swimming, triathlon, Swim-Run, multisport and other swim remater so osprey are on the rise so this feature is important to keep those users, including me, satisfied.

  • This seems strange why a simple feature request is being ignored. Have they burned through there startup funding and started to loose the customer base? There seems very little development going on for such young company. Can I suggest everyone reading this puts in another request for this feature. Maybe a big surge of requests will be the motivation they need to do something even if its just announce a statement of intent regarding this feature.

  • Hi Elle,
    You mentioned in your comment that the hr data is only displayed in the mobile app. I still don’t see hr data graph on my app. I use Garmin Fenix 3. Thanks.

  • This, and the fact that their data analysis is now inferior to Garmin's, has led me to cancel my premium membership. Seems too much effort is being spent developing 'fluffy' features rather than things athletes would find useful.

  • Did my first swim tonight with Polar V800 watch and Polar H7 hrm.  After all that I've read, I was pleasantly surprised to see that heart rate did export to Strava.  Thanks guys.  Also confirmed that a bit more data is provided in the iOS and Android versions than the website.  Also, Polar Flow (Polar's Strava-like site) is quite comprehensive in the swim activity details; at this point, it's much better suited to understanding pace and efficiency and stroke details.  

  • Yup, it is working for my first swim with Polar v800.  Still working out the kinks, but thanks Strava for your efforts.  

  • How did yiu get that?  I swam this am with my garmin hr but no record on Strava? 

  • Cath,

    No special settings other than automatic export from Polar Flow (similar to Garmin Connect) to Strava.  Make sure you have all that working.  Here's more evidence that the HR details are provided along with suffer score.  Users have waited a long time for this:

  • still nothing here, 920xt with tri-hrm

    cmon strava!

  • Hi... I have iphone 5s and I wanna buy GARMIN HRM TRI to use with app strava premium...Does It can work togheter?? Does I will can pair Iphone with Garmin hrm tri with app strava???? I dont have any watch Garmin.  Thanks!

  • Robert - the issue with with Garmins, not Polar. Garmin stores the HR data in the transmitter itself, and downloaded it to the watch when you save the workout.  Polar records it live as part of the workout itself.  The issue has something to do with the way the downloaded HR data is presented in the .fit file.

  • Fede -

    You need a compatible Garmin watch for the HRM-Tri strap to work.  It will not work with the strava app (and was not designed to).

  • Christina--I'm fairly certain this is a new feature on Strava. I can't find any activities other than mine that show swim HR, even from other users with same V800 device.

  • I’m not sure why it is so hard to sort swim data. Do you realise that if I use my swim heart rate monitor while running.... Strava transfers the suffer zone data across!! WTF

  • I swim twice a week with Garmin 735xt and HRM-Swim. Every upload to Strava omits the HR data and annoyingly recommends I get a HR strap! The last couple of times I have been slightly more hopeful because of your posts Robert but I think Christina is right about it being a problem with Strava’s software accepting Garmin data. I’ve had a few emails direct from Strava about it saying that they are working on it and they’re only a small team but I still think they should have sorted this out two years ago.

  • I use Fenix 3 and still no swim hr data on Strava.

  • It really is a pity heart rate doesn't show with swim activities.

    Why, oh why? This can't be that difficult, can it?

    Overall Strava is not really active with adding new functionality.

    Garmin Connect seems to be more active. Pity most people are at Strava, but don't be sure things stay that way.

    Just do it!

  • As I understand the issue is that garmin creates a separate file (.fit) because the hr data cannot be transferred to the watch under water. There should be a way to merge the 2 files easily, preferably by Strava but otherwise using a 3rd party tool before uploading the file to strava.
    Has anyone looked into this?

  • I am quite frankly appalled that there is a thread open for more than two years and Strava have done nothing to either fix the problem, or simply tell people to go away and stop moaning, we are never going to fix it.

    They have certainly gone down in my estimations and come renewal of premium, I don't think I will tbh.

  • Garmin HR data from forerunner 935 - can you please add this ... given you already process running and riding from this device I'm a bit bemused as to why this is not relatively simple.

    big fan of strava but would like this added.

  • @Adrian: Nope, there is a single FIT file, Strava simply ignores the HR data. Even when uploading a TCX file generated from the HR file.

  • Just picked up a HRM Tri Band and it indeed does not show the HR data on Strava. Seems like an easy feature.

  • Pretty annoyed with this too, definitely won’t be renewing with strava when my renewal comes around.. absolute shambles to have this sitting there for 2+ years and nothing to show for it..

  • Has this been implemented yet? 

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