Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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    Strava does accept heart rate data from most Garmin swim uploads, but the data is only displayed in the graph on the mobile app, not yet on the website. And there is no suffer score calculation. 

    With notable support for this improvement, I think the work can be prioritized to fully support the display of HR for swims and the inclusion in the suffer score calculation. 

  • Yep, that would be great!

  • yes!  I just got my hrm-swim/hrm-tri kit and used it for the first time tonight.  SO disappointed to find out my coach can't see my HR data on strava. :(

  • Is there a plan to fix this?

  • I too wish this would work! I just got my Garmin HRM-swim/HRM-tri and am disappointed that the information does not sync with Strava! I wish Swim had better support. I pay for premium features and they're pretty much useless when it comes to swim workouts. :( 

  • another request to add heart rate data as an import from garmin supplied data.
  • +1 Please add heart rate data to swim workouts!

  • Please add heart rate data to swim portion. I have a garmin 920xt with swim and Tri monitors. It's kind of embarrassing for Strava to not have that information available. Currently the Garmin app supports swim information better. Maybe someone at Strava development should make a phone call to someone at Garmin and ask them how it's done! Ha!

  • +1 with swim goals now added to the site, this is a must!

  • Completely agree. It would be great to have the same swim metrics that we see in Garmin Connect, especially now I've got my 920XT to record accurate distances in the pool, and first try with the HRM this morning was very successful indeed! Not so, the reporting in Strava.

    Obviously I can also understand why Garmin wouldn't want to readily share the information though. If Strava were able to offer similar swim metrics then it would certainly make me a lot happier to remain a premium member.

  • +1 It does not make sense that the heart rate data doesn't come in for swimming from Garmin! You can log any activity with a Garmin device; for example I could create a new activity profile and call it 'Making some toast' then start recording whilst wearing my heart rate monitor. When I end the session the data will sync with Garmin connect and then to Strava WITH HEART RATE DATA.

    So, the question is, why's making toast better supported by Strava than swimming!! Or is it a Garmin issue?

  • +1

    Agreed, this would be very helpful to view!

  • Just been on to strava support and the inclusion of Garmin hrm swim data is not on their near term plans. I use strava for cycling and it's amazing I use it for swimming and it's not so amazing. Swimmers are people too strava. Get your fingers out and sort out the heart rate data for swimmers.

  • I don't get why you don't support it. The swim activity as it stands now recommends to purchase a HR monitor to have a more accurate analysis. This lead me to conclude that the feature was available and thus I spent a fortune on a useless HR monitor for the swim... It seems pretty straight forward to add. Why is it promoted if not available?

  • Hi Everyone, 

    I appreciate you adding your thoughts and frustrations. I understand where you're coming from. I've put this on the team's radar and will work toward getting this added. 

    Keep on commenting and upvoting so when I share with the team, I can show the overwhelming popularity with these requests. 

  • What's going? 1 year has passed this was reported. How can this still be a missing feature if not a bug I'm afraid.

  • Strava clearly has a bunch of Stravaholes that don't care about swim. Totally sucks!! They are cycle snobs and would probably drown if they ever tried keeping up with a triathlete on a swim.

  • @Jamie, I have no clue what you are talking about, what does Training Peak have to do whit my comment? My comment slash complaint is aimed directly at the fact that Strava suggest to buy the heart trayé monitor for the swim to have a more accurate analysis. I contacted them about it and they apologized saying it was a mistake... so stop talking about Training Peaks... Inpay to be Strava Premium and expect minimally that what they promote is available. Oh one last thing... that piece about Garming not making making the heart rate information available... well you should contact Garmin and see what they say about that ;)

  • The root cause of it not working is all perfectly well described at the end DC Rainmakers excellent review of the HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri from 3 years ago -

    "3rd party sites (Training Peaks, Strava, etc…) are having challenges consuming the swimming activity files generated when the HRM-TRI/SWIM straps. This is because Garmin essentially appends the HR data to the existing workout file, rather than make it appear seamless. This is using a slightly updated version of the ANT+ specification that almost nobody has implemented yet. On one hand it’s good to see Garmin being innovative, but on the other hand they should have ensured 3rd party compatibility ahead of time (even if via some shim process). Or at least worked with those companies to ensure supporting of the metrics.

    The ‘fix’ for that is that these 3rd party companies have to update their sites to use the recently released FITSDK version (16.30) in order to support the appended HR data. I’m sure that’ll happen sooner or later, but it’s kinda a bummer for now."

    I just tried the workaround of deleting the activity from Strava, exporting the activity to a .tcx file from Garmin Connect and uploading that to Strava and it doesn't work.

    Quite simply Strava needs to update to support the FITSDK version (16.30) just like loads of other sites do ... e.g. TrainingPeaks (and of course Garmin).

    But also I've found the 'Fitness & Freshness' stuff in Strava is a laughable simplification of ATL and CTL metrics so let's face it, Strava is a good 'fitness' social network but that's about it ... I'd strongly recommend TrainingPeaks for anyone serious about ... well fitness.

  • This seams so simple! It's available for every other activity! Please support Swim data! And can someone from Strava please explain to us why this isn't already Available!?!?

  • Agreed.  It's been long enough.  This is not something that needs sophisticated coding.   All the coding is already there, just needs to be hooked up.

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