the activities counter desperately needs to open up to sports other than run bike swim :)

Jerome Coullaré, Dec 6, 7:13 AM:

Hi Guys, good work to all the Strava team. The issues to upload the data is now solved, thanks!

Issue we have at stake now with all guys for the kayak/ pirogue club is that all the hours we spend on the water are unaccounted for! not fair: why do we record hours of swimming but we cannot have our hours we spend in a kayak represented in our counter? Believe me guys, rowing is as tough as swimming (i know i do both). Could you please open the hour counting to all activities, not only bike swim run. My XT activities are as good as they are! thanks.


PS: for the marketing guys at strava, you know that opening up to other sports would open up new customers.... classifying everyone but run bike swim in XT is outrageous :)


cheers, jerome.




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