Cyclists should be able to add or retire a bike frame.

As it stands now, a cyclist can only add an entire new bike. I just replaced a frame with all the old parts but my only option is to create a new bike with old parts. Which brings me to another suggestion: when stating "from beginning" please include mileage since the beginning.



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  • Totally agree.  Also very useful if you have a bike stolen.  Nothing like having to scroll past that bike and being reminded after every ride that it was stolen.

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  • Agree Felipe, 

    Insurance crash on my Pinarello sees me being able to retire the old frameset but not add a new one!  I could just create a "New Bike" though would not be able to keep track of the Klms on chain etc. ie not being able to back date them as the klms would not register against a the right bike....

    Should be able to just add a new frame component.

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