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Feedback on Run Tags and Moving Time/Pace Calculation


What is the difference in tagging a Run Activity as one of these Run Types?

1) Run

2) Race

3) Long Run

4) Workout

5) Treadmill

The one difference I see is that by tagging a Run as a Race, Strava modifies the Pace to be the actual Pace instead of the Moving Pace. On all other tagged Run Types, the Moving Pace is used for mile splits (but labeled as Pace). Also, the Elapsed Time is shown at the top of the overview in large vs small font and presumably calculates the pace from the Elapsed Time.


1) I don't see any KB Articles on Run Types, so please elaborate on them

2) Strava should not be using Moving Pace on Run mile splits - its misleading and not accurate. If Strava wishes to display the Moving Pace vs the actual Pace, then Strava should label it as such.

3) I should not have to switch my run to a Race just to see the actual Pace mile splits.

4) IMO Strava should not even use Moving Pace, its not useful. But if they wish to use it, it should be labeled so people are not confused if it is a Moving Pace or the regular Pace. By tagging a run as Race vs Run we are somehow suppose to know that the Pace has been changed from Moving Pace to Pace? Just label the Pace always and show both. For mile splits, GAP and Moving Pace (labeled as just Pace, misleadingly) are of no interest and the true Pace is not shown (unless the run is tagged as a Race)!


Strava - please straighten out your usage of Moving Pace. We need to see our real pace for mile splits - not a massaged # that looks great even if we stopped at every drinking fountain.

Also, on the Run overview page, the Moving Time shown is not the actual Moving Time, its the Time. Garmin defines the following times; Time, Moving Time and Elapsed Time. Strava is overloading the usage of Time and Moving Time. The label on the web page is Moving Time, but the value is Time. Change the label to Time. And in the mile splits, you do the opposite, label the pace as Pace when its really the Moving Pace. Both of these are misleading, and in the case of mile splits do not even have the actual Pace per mile. iPhone App displays Pace as Moving Pace with no option to see the actual Pace and does not label the Pace as Moving Pace either. This needs to be fixed too.

Quite simply - label the correct values - and show the real mile split Paces. Label Moving Time as Moving Time. Label Moving Pace as Moving Pace. Label Time as Time. Label Pace as Pace. And show the actual mile split Paces (not moving pace) despite how the Run is tagged.


connect.garmin.com labels these values correctly and includes both regular and moving times/paces.






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  • I stop being a premium user since it looks like that Strava team doesn't listen to us, the user.

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  • I've cancelled my Premium subscription (effective in 3 mos); beats pounding sand. I've been a loyal & passionate user of Strava, but only in the last few weeks have I learned just how illusory my pace and performance is.  Honestly, I have no idea which runs really are my best ... if I get a new personal best on something I'm now just as likely to think it's due to bad math rather than good running.  A fog of uncertainty pervades the entirety of my results.  And ditto that further if I want to compare to other runners.  It's really awful.  The flag-it-as-a-Race hack is idiotic and doesn't work throughout the site for that matter.

    Just what do they think?  That most of their users are special snowflakes that want to be told they are better than they actually are?  This snowflake feels duped.

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  • If i can choose elapsed time for every workout, i will join a premium member.

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  • I just uploaded a 4KM run from a Galaxy Watch. S Health showed an average pace of 4:59/km. Strava showed an average pace of 4:30/km, with a couple of splits around 4:00/km.

    I know I wasn't running anywhere near 4min pace, so I changed the type to 'Race' and now it's set it as 5:00/km pace, on par with my watch. 

    Strava, this is really disturbing and I no longer trust any data from my previous activities or those of my friends. How many Strava runners would know that they need to change the type to 'Race'???!

    This needs to be fixed.

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  • Changing to race only changes the title. Then when you start comparing runs Strava still uses their non-functional moving time.There is no way to indicate you want to compare elapsed time.

    I have runs where I never stopped and Strava thinks faster runs are slower than others because they decide to shave off random minutes. It's totally insane. Either fix the moving time to actually show you know.. "moving time", or disable the moving time debacle. At least for trail runs, hikes etc.

    The current code may adequately work for bike rides and fast flat runs, it's not working at all on trail runs, hikes etc.

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  • I agree with everyone. Strava, remove moving time. It's just crazy. It could be an option on top but def not the primary feature. 

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  • Another example shows its not an issue with GPS accuracy but the Strava calculation.



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