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Love the new Route Builder feature in Strava Premium. I have only had a quick play on an iPad so far but have a couple of comments. To define a starting location it appears you need to type in an address. It would be great if there was a "use current location" option that drops the pin where you are standing. Keep up the good work guys! Tim



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  • Click and it will drop the start waypoint where you click. The beta in my area is only putting the waypoints on roads. I have tried three local trails I ride and the waypoints keeps jumping to a road close by so looks like the beta in it's current form is not suitable in my area for mountain biking/running unless you are doing it on the road. Even a stopbank road along one of our local rivers is not recognized and will not allow waypoints dropped on it, it shifts it to another road close by. Hope they allow a feature so the waypoints can be dropped anywhere to create your route for us mountain bikers   

  • Also if you have route that back tracks over existing route it doesn't work
  • Derek, I know you can click and drop, but that kinda assumes you know where you are, if you are visiting an area, it would be nice to just be able to drop it at current position. When I open a new route, the map just shows half of our state. Just a nice to have feature in user friendliness.
  • If you a visiting an area you can type in the road/street and town.  When I open Route Builder it shows my town, mouse wheel easily zooms in or out the view. I type in street number, street, town click search and the route builder map will go to that position. i can then click anywhere on the street for the 1st waypoint to start planning my route. I can then type in the destination street address, even a different town, click search and the map will go to that position, I click for and get the 2nd waypoint, Route Builder then creates a route to the waypoint 2. Works on known roads and cycle/running paths but not on the trails and some unpaved roads I ride.

  • The Route builder uses the location on you profile setting as does Strava Explore (segment explore, segment search, Activity search, Club). to change to your current position you can change the location on your profile settings 

  • I saw Tim's question above, but no answer. How to delete a route that you have created? I just created a test one, works fine so far. But I dont see a delete option anywhere.

  • I created a dummy route to play with the new feature and I can't delete it, I can't believe Strava hasn't developed a Delete Route option.... please add it, I don't want rubbish routes cluttering up !

  • Just tried building a route on a cycle/walking path that is recognized by Route Builder and showing on the route builder map as a green line. Little River 20km Rail Trail, Canterbury, New Zealand, I am able to get around half the route mapped until the path is right next to a road then no matter what I try the route keeps jumping the waypoint over to the road, the builder then back tracks the route back down the trail around 2km  jumps over to the road, along the road to the waypoint it has just moved to the road. Would be good if a feature was added to follow/unfollow roads when adding waypoints. This would allow a fix for this and also allow creating routes of trails/paths and unpaved roads not recognized by the Route Builder       

  • I guess this tool is for road bikers.

    Very popular trails in the mountains don't seem to work with your tool.  I tried to make a route from Blackstar canyon, across the Main Divide, to Blue Jay camp ground, and down Upper San Juan.  It is just not possible with your tool.  It goes crazy trying to re-route for miles around the hills to the highways.  I guess it doesn't know the popular routes in the mountains.  It has a lot of trouble creating paths through parks such as O'Neill park and Blue Jay campground.  It probably cannot create routes through Caspers park or the hills around Coto De Caza.

    This tool is completely useless to me.

  • Just like Tim and Thomas how do you delete a route. I created one looked at the profile and decided it would be better to start the route at different point to avoid starting the route with a big climb. I now have two routes that look the same but just have different start points.

    PS. To stop others keep asking the same thing why not post an answer, even if it is this is a beta and the delete feature is missing but it will be in the final version.

  • Hello folks,

    - I'm inquiring about the delete/remove functionality for a route you have created, and will let you know what I hear back. As a workaround for now, you can just edit a previously created route to make one you would like to keep, thus overwriting the one you want to delete. 

    - If you are not able to create a route on the roads/trails that you would like, first try turning off Popularity (switch at the top). If you still cannot route on a specific trail or road, please report the problem. There is a exclamation point in a triangle in the lower left of the Route builder. If you report a problem, we will document the problem internally and in the future edit our base map to allow for that route geometry. It's a work in progress! Open Street Maps is the base map that we use, and it is community sourced. We appreciate your feedback about trails that are not currently in the base map, and we hope to have your help in adding them in the future. 

    - Mapping out-and-backs work for me!


  • Here are a couple of comments regarding the TCX export format.


    Currently the TCX export does not include the elevation data. The data is there when you build a route, but is not included in the export. This data allows the Edge to show you the elevation profile of the route.

    The export also does not make use of the course point feature of TCX to provide turn instructions for those head units that do not have routable maps.

  • I find the Route Builder very poor after using ridewithgps which is excellent! This beta is virtually unusable 

    I am a roads only cyclist - but it won't accurately follow roads! I can't move a track it has plotted inaccurately onto the road. Changing an existing route fails: you can't add waypoints without the route doubling back, or delete waypoints either. I can't move the start point. The map view is just Google - but we need Open Street Map too: Strava need to support this excellent project (as ridewithgps do) - for example it shows tracks differentiated from roads - which Google maps fails to do properly. I need to be able to edit cues (like you can in ridewithgps) to correct errors and produce my own custom ones in the right places (you can with ridewithgps).

    Basically - when producing this Beta didn't you look at the competition? Surely you studied ridewithgps to make yours at least as good?

    This Route Builder has no visible version number - how will we know when/if it is updated?

    Finally - and crucially - I am interested to see if any of Strava's developers look at this forum and respond!

  • By the way - why can't you edit your previous posts on this forum?

  • Also - why can't I opt to be emailed when there is a response on this thread?

  • Another mountain biker here!

    It seems that I can't just create a route anywhere!  This is just nuts.  There needs to be a way to add a route in a freeform kinda way.  Without this, this feature is literally useless to any mountain bikers out there.

  • The new Route Builder looks like it will be a great tool. A few observations on the negative side, but know that most of the experience was on the positive side:

    - It seemed like when I was looking at segments, I couldn't click on the map to draw my route. When I minimized the Settings (left side), I was able to build my route.

    - It seemed like when I clicked on a marker on the cue sheet, it wouldn't take me to that location on the map, and correspondingly it seemed like I couldn't edit it. This is a huge need; I use this all the time with RWGPS. 

    - I love the idea of being able to leverage Strava segments and/or what Strava users have uploaded, so I can get a sense of popular routes. I was picturing a heat map or color-coded overlay or something, but I didn't see what the popular segments was going. Maybe behind the scenes it was picking the most likely route I'd want to take. I'd like to explicitly see popular routes. Similarly on the segments when I'm building a route, it would be helpful to see "Ridden X times by Y people"


  • I can't seem to force a route. I have two problem areas where I live. #1 is where they just moved a street and it is now  a swooping curve where the road used to be straight. The map is updated but the path will only go where the road used to be.  Issue number two is a farm road that connects to a road through a barn yard area. The route goes to with in 50 yards of the next road then backtracks all the way around to meet the road. I just need it to go straight and connect the road. I know this wouldn't be good if that was private property but it isn't or we have permission to ride it. 

  • Greg - these are both great problems to report! We just need to correct our base map to fix the roads you're referring to. Have you reported them yet? I explained how to do so above. 

    Thanks everyone else for the feedback!

  • I have a feeling that once Strava gets this right, it'll be better than other tools out there. However, I think it needs some serious work before going out of beta. I tried creating a second route today, and made some additional notes (in addition to what's above), and at this point it shows huge promise but can't really be used.

    - Google Street View is essential but not available in Route Builder.

    - The printed cue sheet is not customizable (e.g., can't show miles to next turn)

    - I don't seem to be able to add to the cue sheet (e.g., food here, bathrooms here)

    - I don't seem to be able to edit text in the cue sheet (e.g., CAUTION, easy to miss, unsigned, etc. - other directions that are more helpful than the automated text)

    - I don't seem to be able to click along a road to show the Route Builder where I want the route to go, without creating a waypoint... by which I really mean without creating a cue sheet entry. I end up with a mess of a cue sheet with instructions to "proceed onto" the street that you're already on. If you delete the waypoint, the route gets messed up.

    - Finally, I had built about 50 miles of a route, then I guess maybe I clicked somewhere and... it lost everything after mile 16. Multiple undo/redo attempts did not resolve this.

    Hopefully this thread will be updated when there is a newer, better build, but until then I'll stick with non-Strava tools for this.

  • OK, one more comment. I tried mapping a route that for whatever reason RWGPS just can't get right. It's an out-and-back. The good news is, Strava lets me map it. The bad news is, like RWGPS, there's no "U-Turn" functionality... and with Strava seemingly not having custom cue sheet entries, there's no way to indicate what to do.

    Taking a totally wild guess here, but maybe Strava lets me map it because it's using OSM for the base map... which is interesting since what's shown to the Route Builder user is Google Maps.

  • Is there going to be an option to save a ride you just completed as a route?  I try to ride new roads all the time to keep things fresh, and would love to be able to save my favorites as a route, instead of going back into the original ride.  This way you can also print out queue sheets for others who want to check out the ride.

  • I was searching the web for a way to take the "raw" cue sheet from strava and clean it up (remove all the "continue" and "proceed"). I like to get it down to a size where I can print on a 4x6 card to tape to my bike. A 8x11 sheet is not really workable. I suppose when the routing is better I could have less continue/proceeds but for now sometimes I have to click every mile or so in order for my route to not go off-road on some MTB trail. Still I think its a fantastic feature and really helping consolidating on one app/service. Would love a mini elevation chart too for another (or same 4x6) card to tape into a rotating tube on my stem.

  • as a suggestion it would be good to be able to create a list of segments which you're interested in riding and be able to import them into a route.  i.e. build a route based on a series of segments which you've either ridden before or want to ride

  • Unusable without street view... which is how i determine if roads are paved

  • With OSM view unpaved streets are visible - please provide this Strava!
    Is anybody working on Route Builder? You would have thought at least we would be able to delete routes by now!

  • Quite impressed with the route builder.

    But, some comments...

    The manual mode allows one to map that 'cycle path under the dual carriageway', though only if you know it's there.  So, OSM cycle map detail would be great.  Strava providing this as a selectable option would be high on my wish list.

    The download options need to be improved.  Currently the download appears to be Edge specific.   For people using older Garmins, I think there needs to be some way of reducing the number of trackpoints, to say less than 250.

    Can't zoom in that close, but then the map detail is a bit lacking, so it doesn't make a huge amount of difference.



  • I couldn't get this new feature to stop processing today with Goggle Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69.  Should I try a different web browser?

  • Good idea, but rot really usable. Having no option to turn on/off unpaved sections I can not plan specially for roadbike/MTB. 

  • The TCX file format is supposed to support turn-by-turn directions on an Edge 500, but I can only see the map view and what looks like a summary page with Dist Ahead, Time Ahead, Dist to End, Crs Time, and what I believe is an elevation profile.  I've tried riding a route I built on Strava in TCX format on my Edge 500, and it seems to only notify me if I stray from the course, not notifying me when I should turn.  Using RideWithGPS, I've seen a cue sheet type page before that shows the distances to the next few turns and beeps when the turn is coming up.  Do any users or Strava Support folks know what I'm referring to, if that's something I should be seeing with a Strava-built route, and why I'm not seeing it?  Thanks!  Attached is a route I built on Strava that doesn't show the cue-sheet on my Edge 500 (Saturday Hills), as well as one built on RideWithGPS which does have the cue sheet page on my Edge 500 (Killing Me Softly).

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