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I'm excited that you have added the training log tab. To improve functionality, add a weekly and monthly totals column. Likewise, create a training log that includes all activities-- not just the three triathlon sports.




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    Below are some related feature suggestions regarding the Training Log or Training Calendar:

    Display data from all activity types in the Training Log

    Coaching Features for Strava 

    Add a "Rest Day" button to Training Calendar 

    Add Private Training Notes

    Calendar to plan Activities or workouts in Advance 

    Please continue to leave your comments here. Thanks!

  • I agree, it would be helpful if the training log included all activities (even if it still emphasizes bike/swim/run, "XT" could include all other activities, not just a select few).  Thanks

  • The one big missing element here is custom reporting, I have no idea how many miles I ran (not cycled or anything else)  in 2013, can anyone tell me how I can look for this? 

  • In a somewhat similar vein to the above posts, I would like to see other XT activities (optionally?) included as part of the total calculations. If I spend 3 hours this week in the gym doing weight work (which I may enter manually in Strava), I would like to see that included in the total hours that I train this week.

    As it is, I cannot use the log to accurately set goals based on time trained, at least not in the winter when I'm hitting the Gym, so will keep using my Excel spreadsheet

    Otherwise really liking the new features

  • Agree, i did a lot of workout during weeks, but it show it like rest and didn't calculate that time at all. It's very important to see whole picture.


    thank you!

  • Yes, what a fantastic tab and thanks to the very good folk at Strava.  I mainly run, but I do strength and conditioning workouts most days.  It would be great if they showed up on the training log view - at the same time as the runs.   Thanks again for the excellent development.

  • The multisport option is awesome - thank you!

  • Training log is great ... what I would really like to see though is how many miles I rode in each month in previous years and compare to current year  ..and it would be awesome to split by type too  ! ...road, mtb, etc .... Strava really is pushing on and just keeps getting better ...keep up the good work

  • Wow.  The new Training Log feature really whips the Llama's ass.  Great visual way to consume the data.  There are some good ideas on this page, but this feature is already awesome.

  • I've posted it as a separate entry on the forum but I'd really like to see the 'Suffer Score' total for each week.  It's a better way of seeing if you are training progressively rather than purely looking at time and distance.  Avg HR/Cadence data for runners would also be useful on the Log.  The data is all there in the activity.

  • It would be great to be able to compare between years, and maybe f. ex. between biking in june 2013 and june 2014.

    I think the XT notes don't come out clearly enough compare to the ride/run ones on the timeline, and it would be nice if the XT kilometres/hours could show up in the monthly totals as well.

    Of course, that would be practical to separate all activities, and not throw everything under the XT. Ideally, it would be simply awesome to being able to choose, through check boxes f .ex, which activities are to count and appear into the log :)


    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • Can you add other workouts to the "Training log" reporting view? I'd like to see gym time, stretching, etc. thanks.
  • For Premium Users you need to add a 'Training Load' option with weekly, monthly and yearly totals. The same for Suffer Score.

    More Reporting generally would be good with time in power zones, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom being key.

    Keep moving forward.

  • Liked the old training log, need to see a higher level view of all months on 1 page, then drill down by week.  Right now it's not giving me an idea of performance month by mth.  Yes you can click on the sidebar but it's not the same thing.  I'll go back and take some time to go through the page again but what happened to all the PR's... that was also a good indication of how training was going.

  • Agree with Ross, for Premium users with a power meter there are two main features missing in order to move completely away from Training peaks WKO+.


    1) The training log must allow you to see training stress, power statistics, even cadence statistics would be nice.  Basically, anything you can see in your ride analysis should be viewable in the training log.

    2) Manual workout entry must include a training stress estimate.  This is important when you do cross training, or ride on another bike without a power meter.  By not including the training stress, the rest of the fitness curve is invalid.   Training peaks lets you do this for that reason.

  • There's a bug on the Training Log page.  The first week of July is labelled as "JUN".  See attached.

  • Thanks Peter! We'll get that bug fixed. 

  • What are the chances of "Paddling" being added to the list of activities? I know plenty of kayakers, canoeists, SUP, surf and ocean ski paddlers that use Strava and wish paddling was an activity option, I currently use snow shoe :-)

  • Love the new training log and power features. These alone brought me over from Training Peaks. Strava is a much cleaner and more modern interface. Any chance of training load for running and swimming like TP?
  • I also would like to have paddling added. Stand up paddling is a very popular and competitive sport here in Florida

  • New training log waaaaay to limited.  The Strava world is not limited to cookie cutter triathletes.  

  • I'll add my voice to these. Pls. let me customize my training log to include whatever activity tag you already support. Then it would be awesome. Otherwise, I have to use another tool to log my training. 

  • Any plans for allowing printing of training logs in a formatted manner?  I'd like to print them and put them in a book.  Thanks.

  •  New training log looks very nice, although it'll take a little getting used to.  One thing I would like is an option to view the data in a graph format, like the old log.  Actually, would it be possible to build an option to just toggle back and forth between old and new format?

  • For the training log, your week in Monday-Sunday.  When I entered my Monday activity (which is typically a spin class), I have not been adding a time.  I left the default of 12am.  The weekly log is double counting these sessions.  For example, the week of Dec 30 thru Jan 5 is also including the spin class from Jan 6.  This is a bug in the system.  Please fix.

  • Can we have the cycling training log set up so that we have different colours for "Commute" rides and non-commute rides?

    A bit like how we different colours depending on Run type.


  • Programmers/designers at Strava should read and study the books of Edward Tufte to get a handle on minimal but informative graphs - he is an information theorist with very practical advice on graphs, tables, visualizations, etc.

  • Dear Strava, 

    Training Log is great for monitoring k's, would be awesome to see a weekly log of training load under the k's.

    Would make periodised training much easier to monitor?

  • Love the new training log; thank you! Yes, to more/all activities. Would be very cool for premium users to do 'custom reports,' and select whatever metrics they wanted to see on the chart. Would like to see CADENCE, and whatever metrics are available to upload from a device...uploaded to Strava for this purpose. Elevation gain per day, week, pace,'s all key training information depending on how you like to measure and guide your training. A great start! Can't wait to see an update.

  • When there is enough snow, I run with snow shoes. I log it as "snow shoeing", but these activities don't show up in my training log. So what am I supposed to do? Log them as runs, and put "snow shoes" in the comment? Then I can't report on how many miles I put on my snow shoes. Bottom line: Strava is nice. I use it mainly because of the segments. To do real analysis, I still have to log my activities in two other systems

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