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  • this is great, but as most HR, Cadence and Power sensors are ANT+ how are we planning to support this communication?  Especially with the samsung products and their preference for ANT+?


  • same Q from me since I have Samsung devices


  • Greg and Piotr - you can find a discussion regarding Strava and support for ANT+ with Android here:

  • deflecting the comment to another discussion board where no attempt is made to address any of the strava community's comments for ANT+ support is kinda lame.

    "oh hey there, you have a question?  You want to help us make our product better and more robust? You want us to open our platform to support the majority of activity sensors on the market?, here is an extensive list of other users that also have your question and comments...  yeah, you aren't gonna find any answers there..."  -- Strava support  


    given the fact you are highlighting android devices and to support samsung accessories (which is an odd thing as, samsung's mission is to develope an extensive infastructure to support ANT+ devices ), this question seems perfect for this discussion board.  


    also on all your BTLE boards, it seems the strava community would prefer ANT+ support. maybe i am wrong, but the first two comments on this page where you are announcing BTLE for andriod are like great, but no one is using this, can we have ANT+ instead? 





  • Sorry Greg - it was not my intention to deflect your comments or those comments of others to another forum. 

    Back in February, I wrote "Unfortunately, ANT+ support for Android is not currently on our road map. But we greatly appreciate the growing amount of feedback here, as it may help decide our course of action with ANT+ devices later."

    Because I have no new updates to share at this time, I chose to direct you to the relevant forum as opposed to repeating myself here. However, I hope my statement helps. I do appreciate you sharing your request for ANT+ support with us.

  • I'm having issues with my Wahoo TickR Run monitor.

    I would open Strava as normal on my Sony Z1 Compact running 4.4.2 (latest update from Sony) and Strava would work fine, the HR would connect.

    As soon as I hit record a ride, Strava would crash asking me to report.

    I tried multiple times but in the end I just headed off without recording my ride.

    When I got to my coffee shop, I deleted Strava, reloaded and logged in. I tried again and every time the HR monitor was connected, and I record a ride it would crash.

    I then turned off the BLE and Strava worked for the ride home.

    This morning I had the same thing happen, BUT this time I ran Wahoo fitness first and the HR monitor didnt connect to Strava, so Strava worked.

    Well kinda. It worked right up to me getting home. I opened Wahoo fitness and completed my ride on that app before I completed the ride in Strava. As soon as I logged out of Wahoo fitness, Strava crashed.

    I just left the phone to sort itself out, wen and had a shower and came back. The app had crashed. I closed the app, turned off BLE and managed to save my ride data.


    I hope this information helps with the Strava team sorting out any issues at their end. Bit of a bummer from my end.


    At least Strava is updating MyFitnessPal now. Woohoo.

  • First of all, thank you so much for supporting Bluetooth devices! This is exactly what I've been waiting for!! but let me report an issue I've just met.

    I use Stages Power ( which supports collecting both power and cadence data. However, my strava app running on Nexus5 (4.4.4) detects only a power meter

    but not a cadence sensor.

    It would be nice if the app supports collecting cadence as well. Also I'm happy to provides any information if it's useful to debug the issue. Please feel free to ask any questions.

  • I have an galaxy s3 with cyanogemmod 10 (android 4.3). If i try to use with a ble sensor (oregon sz999), strava crashes when i record a ride. 

  • I have logged a ticket with Strava about this issue.


    They have come back to me and said the issue is known (so no, we're not crazy) and the fix will be in the next update.

  • let´s hope the next update fix the bug..

  • Elle, is it possible to get some information whats in the road map.

    There have been excellent improvements in the app (except there seems to be lots of crashes in recent versions) but connectivity is definitely something that strava needs to get a move on with...

    The options for me are simple either €400 for a garmin and Strava free or use my android s5 and get Strava Premium...

    I know you say this feature isn't on your "Road Map" but never see a reason why seeing as Android has 80% of the smartphone market...

    Paying €400 for a device that does all the same as the android app (bar ANT+ support) isn't ideal. Not really great "Green Credentials for STRAVA".

    BTW - is ANT+ supported on iPHONE 5s or 5C directly or through an adaptor...

  • What feature are you referring to specifically David? ANT+ Support for Android? (there is a separate forum for that FYI)

    @Naoki - I'll try and do some research on your Stages question. I can't remember if this is something we are hoping to address.

    @Blayne and @Eduardo - thanks for sorting that out for each other! 

  • I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with specific cadence monitors for use with Android?  I'm interested in purchasing one, but don't want to get one that has no support, as of yet.

  • Hey all, just to let you know, I just got a Sports Tracker Bluetooth Smart HRM from a sale in a local sports retailer and I can confirm it works with Strava. (this one:

  • @Kallie - this article might be a good reference in regard to Cadence meters with Android:

  • The cadence meter and android article you list doesn't state which ble cadence sensors will work or not work?  I purchased an i-gotu cs-20 BLE cadence and speed sensor which works with its own app and monitors speed, cadence.. Strava says it sees the sensor however it doesn't register when recording as I can't see any speed or cadence on the screen. Just a big fat donut for mph. Any ideas?

  • Hi guys,


    I have used the Wahoo TickR Run with Strava with no issues after the update.

    It connects quickly and without any issues. No drop out during the ride and the battery seems to last quite awhile too.

  • I too would love to see Strava's Android app support ANT+

    It's a bit rich to have the iOS support the standard, when an adapter is required, but in the ecosystem where there are a growing number of devices that natively have it baked in, the best you can say is it's not on our roadmap!

  • @John - any luck with the cadence sensor? As far as I know it should record cadence data, but the Strava app does not accept speed readings from a sensor at this time. 

    Glad to hear @Blayne.

    Sorry @David - it doesn't look like Strava will be pursuing ANT+ support for Android.

  • @Elle, any word on reading the cadence data from a Stages power meter? I'm able to see my power data, but not cadence data.

  • The strava settings do not appear on my android phone. This way I do not know how to set my frequency counter. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 with Android 4.4.2. How can I have access to strava settings in this machine ??? already tried a menu button but does not exist.
    In another cellphone, an Iphone, everything works perfect, but I would like to use the Android phone.

  • I just got a Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor that is Bluetooth Smart.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 and my Strava app is up to date.  I have gone into the sensor settings and the app can't find the H7.  I didn't have any problems getting the H7 to pair the the S6 in the phone bluetooth setting.  Can someone please help me with this.  Thanks!!!

  • Hi Carter - did you get the issue sorted with detecting your Polar HRM? If not please click the link "submit a request" at the top of this page to reach out to us directly. 

  • I have CooSpo BLE cadence sensor and it is not detected...neither scosche BLE sensors.
    CooSpo HRM works fine

  • HTC One Remix (Verizon version of Mini) phone. Polar H7 heart rate monitor does not work with Strava. Works fine with other activity tracking apps, but does not show up on the "Sensors" screen when "Searching for Bluetooth Devices".

  • I can't get any of my Polar Bluetooth Smart/LE Sensors to pair with Strava app on a Sony Xperia Z5. I've confirmed all sensors transmitting fine by pairing them with Ifor Powell's fantastic IpSensorMan BTLE app and i'm seeing Heartrate, Power & Cadence suggesting the issue is the Strava App?


  • Hello,

    a have the CooSpo speed and cadence sensor (bluetooth 4.0). The app is not able to find it.

    With runtastic the sensor works fine.

    Does anyone have the same problem or solving the problem?


  • Like Oscar, I too have the CooSpo cadence sensor, which doesn't connect.  It is visible to the Bluetooth Toolbox and will detect both speed and cadence correctly, and but will not appear in the Strava App. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Having the same problem as Sam Hocking.

    My polar H7 cannot be found, though Runkeeper and Endomondo find it just fine.

    Using huawei P9 Plus.

  • Slightly optimistic today. Stava app is now at least seeing my Look Keo Power Essential pedal. It doesn't seem able to calibrate with the pedal though and still doesn't pair with the cadence sensor in the pedal.

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