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December 22nd, 2015:


As we go into the new year, where annual achievements would reset, we wanted to let you know that annual achievements have been deactivated.

We're grateful for all your feedback over the course of the year, positive and negative, and we will continue to explore and develop other ways to celebrate and incentivize Strava athletes. Thank you for understanding and have a great holiday season. 



Starting in 2015, annual achievements recognize your accomplishments on running and cycling segments during the current year. 

Full explanation found here:

We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature, so please leave your comments below! 

January 30th, 2015 update:

To summarize what Strava has done so far to address the feedback we've received:
  • As of today, we've disabled annual PR achievements on your activities. Those activities uploaded in the past will see 2015 annual PRs removed in a few weeks once the caches have cleared.
  • A few weeks ago, trophies for 6th-10th place for the 2015 overall leaderboard were disabled. 
  • We fixed how we prioritize significant achievements as highlighted in the Activity Feed, Top Results (Activity page), and Recent Achievements (Profile Page). What was happening initially after the release is that annual achievements were appearing among the 2-3 highlighted achievements in the Activity Feed and in the Top Results section of the Activity page when there were more significant overall results later on in the activity. This was simply due to faulty logic, and we changed the logic to surface the most "significant" achievements instead by prioritizing all-time achievements. 

  • The Annual Achievements that remain are KOM/QOM/CR and trophies for 2nd-5th place.

We are not going to develop an opt-out feature for annual achievements. Despite the overwhelming support for such a setting, we have chosen to take other steps to address your feedback instead, allowing us to work to make this feature better. By turning off a significant number of the annual achievements we hope that the clutter will be improved, and that it will be easier to view the achievements that are most important. As you can read below, we still have a number of projects coming later this year that will also improve the situation regarding too many achievements and visibility into annual leaderboards. Please continue to share your feedback with us here. 

You can find an update to the Strava Blog on Annual Achievements here:


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  • To be honest, I don't like the way it is presented. I preferred how it was done before.
    When I saw 10KOM's after my first biking trip, I knew something was wrong.
    A KOM/QOM is only a valid one by using the all past activities and that should be the default one.
    I someone wants to check it for the current year, let him/her do so, but I don't want it to have it as default.

  • Hi,

    I love your website and I am a paying premium member.

    What's with all the new achievements? Every segment on my ride today was some sort of a 2015 KOM. It's diluting the real KOMs! To make matters worse, I can't tell the real KOMs from the rest of the KOMs. I can't tell the 3rd fastest time award from 3rd overall fastest time on the real leaderboard. I really don't care about my fastest time on a year to year basis either. Just give me my fastest of all time. And the regular leader boards. All these crowns are difficult to tell apart and it's becoming meaningless.


  • Perhaps you can use a chew check boxes that will allow us to filter the achievements we see. 

  • I think it's great that you are trying to recharge the segments by adding the yearly trophies; however, some might just see this as added noise.  I think it would be good to have a way to "opt out" of the annual achievements.  I had no feeling of achievement upon receiving 32 "2015 achievements" during a ride.

    Thanks for considering a way to opt out.


  • Being able to filter by year is interesting (or it will be after a while) but all the 2015 KOMS showing up on activities add a whole lot of noise we could do without IMO. 

    The overall leaderboards are meaningful precisely because they have been built up over so many years - they're one of the site's great assets. Whilst overall is still there, all the 2015 trophies are doing something to detract from it. 
    My suggestion: keep the new filters but ditch the new trophies.
  • I don't like current year achievements showing up. The number of awards per ride is now meaningless and to be honest, it now means I won't click through a lot of other peoples rides because it's all too cluttered. You could always filter by current year so what's the need for the awards.

  • Historically, we’ve been able to filer by age group and see where we stand among our peers, yet age-graded rankings are not considered  KOM’s… a policy which I think most would agree with.  But now you’ve muddied the waters a bit by awarding a half-hearted KOM for efforts during a calendar year. 

    I believe this detracts from the value of the KOM/QOM concept.  I do agree that it’s nice to see who’s doing best “this year”, but you need to make it like the age filter – just display a ranking based on year-to-date efforts. 

    For instance I earned several “year” KOM’s today and I was soft-pedalling the whole time… so how meaningful is it really?       

  • From a long term perspective — I think this was important to introduce as it allows an annual renewal of sorts (whilst maintaining a good sense of history to compare things to). For those starting out & trying to get fit it provides some 'lower hanging fruit' which isn't completely out of reach (like most of the Top 10's times on prominent segments).

    Currently though—since it is early days in the new year—the "value" of KOM's (2015 specific) has plummeted (given riding to the shops at a leisurely pace can get them). There is an over-supply. This will naturally subside as times progress and improve again over the year.

    One way to address this moving forward would be to start recording the 2015 times; but the trophies only get "introduced" after a week or so. That way allows for a grace period of sorts... for everyone to not get bombarded with KOM's for simply rolling around on 'refreshed' segments.


  • Its a joke, no one likes them. We all work hard for kom's but now you get them so often I missed it when a friend got a real kom. Can the color be changed or the name changed to something like annual segment leader or yearly segment leader , anything without kom in it. Please ditch fake kom's

    Someone said let us be able to look up current year kom, what a great idea.

    How about strava club kom's like our leader boards that way you can see them but there not in the feed

  • Well this is about giving honest feed back, right.??.....Ok,Sorry i don't like it....It clouds your "real achievements", makes it take to long to go through your ride, like if you have 200 to 300 achievements it's crazy scanning all that ...Overall leader board is the "Real Deal" to me , this 2015 stuff is not useful.....Thanks

  • I wish to complain that this new system for KOMs is a bad idea and I feel it will be the death of Strava. Myself and my friends have no wish for yearly KOMs or PBs I will now have to troll through loads of crap to pick out relevant results. This is a terrible idea and I will now be looking at other system rather than Strava. Please rethink this before it is too late.

  • I think this should be a opt in/out system...Myself personally do not like this idea..As like previous comments I think you have to much going on. I would like it back how it was please. KOMs will mean nothing if they are popping up every time you ride...

  • It's great to see all the feedback posted here - we really appreciate it! 

    So far, it seems that a number of you have voted for an "opt-out" system so that the new yearly achievements do not appear on your activities. This isn't something we originally considered, but we'll put some thought behind it. 

    The "filter" aspect by time (This year, this month, this week, Today) is NOT new as of 2015, and it's a feature that has existed for a long time. You can find these filters on any segment leaderboard if you click through to the segment page: 



    I've also seen feedback from folks saying that these "Time"-based filters would be great if accessed from the Activity page itself, when reviewing the list of segments matched to an activity (instead of clicking through to the segment page each time). This is also something we're hoping to consider adding.

    Lastly, I think @*Conza*'s point is worth noting - for the first few weeks of the year, the new achievement system may be a little cluttered or crowded, but our hope is that as the year goes on this new feature proves motivating and entertaining as a great way to reignite the competition around Segments. 

  • A KOM/QOM should be an achievement that is aspired to.  It should represent the hard work each individual who achieved it put in not just an automatic achievement that is given to each rider the first time they ride a segment now due to the Annual Achievements that are being awarded.  The new system of KOM/QOM is uninspiring and while the awards are free flowing and you get them for little or no effort to strive to improve and push yourself to do better each time you ride. 

  • Good idea, poorly implemented.

    Yes, have Annual KOMs to stimulate activity on
  • Good idea, poorly implemented.

    Yes, have Annual KOMs to stimulate activity on segments that have be saturated with activity.

    However, flooding users with results for the first few weeks if a year is pointless, they don't mean anything until they've been ridden by several other riders.

    Also the 2015 KOMs are just that, 2015 only, not all time best so should be down graded as such. All time KOM should be displayed by default on segments.

    What would be interesting would be a daytime and night time KOM, especially for mountain biking purposes.
  • Don't like them.
    I like the idea James Watt put forward. change it to a filter.

    But like your other "open for comments" sections, you will simply ignore the bad stuff and leave as is. As is the Strava way.
    Fake Koms, fake comment boards, fake Strava developers...

    BTW, differentiate MTB from Road riding while you are fixing all the other messed up crap on Strava.

  • >>"The "filter" aspect by time (This year, this month, this week, Today) is NOT new as of 2015, and it's a feature that has existed for a long time."

    How long is a long time? I'm a daily user of Strava and only noticed the filter 'This Year' on the left menu right at the end of 2014. I simply do not believe I overlooked it for a 'long' time, at least by any definition of the word I'm familiar with.

    Cherry picking the opt-out quotes is convenient when more of us have emphasised the sheer noise this change has created, and the feeling that it diminishes one of the key things that made Strava interesting: the historic overalls. 
    Detractors of Strava have sometimes described it as a Cat 6 riders site. Obviously this is an unfair accusation, with great racers using (and working for) the site. But these latest changes certainly feel like you're pushing in that direction.
  • The issue with this addition, is that early on in the year you get lots of fake trophies and as the year goes by these trophies appear less often.....I would rather like to see overall top 10 positions on my KOM list so I know which segments to chase next.
  • @Alain - It's hard to determine why the time filters have escaped you! They've existed for at least a year but I think more. It's been so long I can't remember when the filter was introduced.

    @Tony - thanks for your honest feedback as well. 

  • I also don't like how easy it is that you get a 2015 KOM/QOM on your first ride. Better would have been if similar to the PR system the first segment attempt would have been ignored for the 2015 KOM/QOM.

  • The feature is nice to stir up the rides (i will have to work hard to defend some of my KOMs though :) ), i would like to do a couple of suggestions to help visualization: In the ranking lists there is a "all | following" there should be a "all | 2015" or "all | year" with same presence, it fits well. In the results, for the year if you put "2015 kom" instead of "2015 KOM" and leave the capital "KOM" and "QOM" for all time would help distinguish the two type :)
  • A fastest in the last 12 months would have been useful Fastest in the last 3 days is rediculous, and everyone said it this morning in my ride - 6 out of 6
  • Strava, if you want to keep these, please let me turn them off. I feel like I am in one of those societies where everyone gets a trophy! Oh wait, I am! As someone said, this just adds tons of noise that I don't need and can find on my own. If I want to know if I did a segment the fastest or the 3rd fastest this year, then I can look at My Results. 46 medals on January 1st with only one true PR and no other true top 3's adds no value whatsoever and in fact, has me reaching for the disconnect button. 

  • Hi,

    I personally think the addition of annual achivements is great, and a good way to keep things fresh and motivating, especially later on in the calender year. As alltime KOMs/PRs are still easily spotted I don't really see any downside.

    Best regards

  • I really don't like this feature at all. Went for the first ride of the year yesterday and got a load of rubbish awards that meant nothing.

    As it stands, this feature is therefore pretty useless IMHO.

    Currently PR is an 'all time' thing. It might be useful to have a PR for the last 12 months. Ie. something that doesn't reset at the calendar year but is driven by a simple 12 months duration from whenever. I understand this would be more complex, but it would mean more.

    Having overall KoMs, even in this modified context still wouldn't be very interesting for me.


  • I fully support an opt out option. I think this is a good feature for users (more so newer users) to have, but definitely don't think long term users should have to sift through results to see where they stand overall. I'd personally rather see nothing than a 2015kom. 

    I think this could be more well received in the mountain bike community where trail conditions can change from year to year. At least I found it less annoying in the dirt. 

    Great work in Europe Elle! Stoked for you!

  • I wrote to Strava to ask that they drop this feature or offer a mechanism to opt out, and they referred me to this page. So I'll repeat: I regard the calendar year achievements as meaningless clutter. If you won't get rid of it entirely, please let me opt out of having it appear on my activity feed.

  • I really, really don't like this new feature. I don't like how it clutters up your ride and segment achievements with irrelevant stuff. Please Strava, can you make this an option? It really detracts from actual achievements. No one (surely) wants to know if they were top 10 this year??? It just doesn't work. Hollow attainments are just a ridiculous ego massage. The beauty of Strava was/is that you can see how you measure up against other riders. Please make it optional and allow us to only see our attainments clearly. Thank you
  • First, Elle -- congrats on your spectacular 14th in Superprestige Diegem!  That is absolutely incredible.

    My feedback: this is a really excellent feature.  It's early Jan -- things will sort themselves out quickly enough.  With Strava's exponential growth, best for the year is as good as best all time was not so long ago (I've not extracted the exponential constant, but it's around 1 year).  Obviously not on 3 Jan, but by 1 Mar the quality will be there.  Sliding 12 months would be too complicated.  It's excellent as it is.


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