Fix Strava Android app recording issues

I have a HTC ONE M8 and an M9 using Android version 6.0 (Not rooted) and have been using strava successfully for over a year now but it's now stopped recording info properly. It starts off recording fine then drops off and picks up again after, so all the stats are incorrect. Has anyone else had this problem / crash?



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    A new article has been posted with detailed troubleshooting steps for your Android App recording issues. Please check them out. 

  • I'm having the same problem,  I've tried uninstalling and re installing the app but it has made no difference.  I would be keen to know if anyone can help with this problem as I generally like the app and all my friends use it.

  • I have had the same issue with couple of rides since updating on Tuesday. The recording starts and then drops and doesn't record. I downloaded the most recent update from google play store and that has not helped. Galaxy S6 phone running android 6.0.1

  • Hi. I've started having the same issue after my android was updated to marshmallow using a galaxy s6. On rides, it appears to auto pause on my own driveway, and doesn't restart unless I click on the app. Tried a ride this morning with auto pause switched off, and it appeared to be recording normally. However, it would only update my location whenever I stopped and manually clicked on the app, and even then it would only show my route as a straight line directly from the last time I clicked. Fairly useless. I suspect it's something to do with the way the app permissions have changed on marshmallow, as I have noticed whatsapp doing a similar thing (only receiving messages when you manually click into the app)

  • I have the same problem with my Android phone. Really sad, cause last year it worked just fine. 

  • I have the same issue, i've the HTC One M8, Strava used to log my walks etc perfectly for time taken, pace and distance covered. Now its all over the place apparently i did 10miles in 24mins the other day....i'm not that fast! Its really frustrating as i'm training for an event and need to know my improvements etc. Im glad its not just me, but Strava need to sort it out!!

  • Hi all. Think I have managed to fix the issue. Turns out that the way the new version of android behaves is different to the older versions - if your phone is set to power save mode, the GPS function will go to sleep when the phone isn't being used, hence apps like strava and google maps don't work properly. Just tried a ride with power save switched off and it's back to normal

  • Thanks, David Hall!!!! your suggestion fixed the problem for me and a friend!!


  • Thanks to David Hall for this tip:

    "if your phone is set to power save mode, the GPS function will go to sleep when the phone isn't being used, hence apps like Strava and google maps don't work properly. Just tried a ride with power save switched off and it's back to normal"

  • Strava app should sense this and ask us if we want to disable the power save mode for the ride; Strava MUST take on the responsibility to work in the context of the platform it's running on.

    This is on a HTC M8 with Android 6

  • Well my Galaxy s5 is never in power save mode and I have this issue. The app worked just fine on lollipop and on my iPhone 6 but now I'm superman cursing at an average of 25mph and I can now fly as the last ride I left the road and crossed a lake instead of riding around it. For the record MapMyRide works just fine but I prefer Strava as do my friends so please fix this issue

  • I'm having this issue on a Nexus 5X (Android 6.0.1 patched to 6/1/2016). Just put Strava on it, so I can't claim it used to work. Things seem to work until the screen turns off, and then recording stops. I've seen the suggestion about turning off "Power Save Mode." I can't find that setting on my phone. I do have "Battery Save Mode", which is off. (I don't know if Battery Save Mode and Power Save Mode are the same thing.) Google Maps works perfectly; OSM maps works perfectly, so GPS is good.

    At this point, Strava is useless for me. It also might not be the best choice for me. I'm only interested in tracking my own performance; the competitiveness of Strava is of no interest. At my age, if I can do this week what I did last week, that's good!

  • Nice tip, I´ll try in the next ride! thanks

  • This tip worked for my phone. However when the phone installs updates, the settings tend to revert to default, and it must be done again. Lost a pretty long ride the other day due to this. One additional issue, not with Strava, but a Zephyr HR monitor which worked with my previous phone will not connect to the new phone...   I guess the only thing that stays the same is change.

  • I was hoping that was my problem on my LG. But, unfortunately not.  My road route looks like it veers off into a field and then comes back to the road. Missing the segments that I really wanted to record.

    Lantzville Road South and Ware to Skatepark. Both missing.  :(   This has happened twice now in the last week.

  • What a crock of rubbish. Turned Android power save off and issue persists. Strava is the only app not working since phone upgrade. Sort it out Strava. Pathetic. 

  • Thanks for starting this thread same problem here, used to work great. Using Android Galaxy s6. Just goes to "stopped" after about 20 minutes even with power saving disabled. Strava should provide a warning whenever the app stops.

  • Without using any power save mode (never ever used them) I noticed the same problem at 100% of my latest rides using my Samsung A5 (2016) with Android 6.0.1

    Strava should at least give a voice feedback like "Session has been paused" next to "Session started" and "Session stopped" when it's auto-pausing.

    To be fair: BikeComputer Pro tracked a lot more rubbish thus I assume there's something going completely wrong in Samsung's or Android'd GPS system. :-(

    Edit: 3 days ago, same problem: Strava auto-paused while cycling at about 30 km/h. When I noticed it some kilometers later, the GPS fix had gone. I had to switch off GPS and to switch it on again, to get a new GPS fix (after one second). Checked that with "GPS Test" app.

    Today, I disabled Bluetooth and Sync before tracking. No GPS fail today!? Don't know if switching off Bluetooth is a solution for me but I'll give it a tray again next time.

  • I tried this week with my LG3 with power saver off, and it has not solved my data disappearing dilemma.

  • I'm having the same problem with Mi3 running Android 6.0.1. It just stopped recording my activities. My phone is set on performance mode so it doesn't sleep or power off.

    So how do we fix this issue?

  • I also had this problem on android 6 (xiaomi redmi pro 3s).
    Problem was  power save...

  • Unfortunately this does not work on One Plus 2 with Android 6.1.

  • Dear Elle,

    as you can read below lots of users have the same problem without having activated any energy savings. Will you be so kind to keep on helping us? Just repeating it: Strava stopps even if one doesn't have energy savings activated! And this is annoying, frustrating and leading me directly into stopping my Premium Account if there's no response from Strava because it's just broken.



  • The same problem on the Huawei Honor 4c, Android 6.0. Departs at any of the points. Then just when checking draws a straight line, and the whole exercise flawed. Restrictions lifted on energy saving and work in the background and so on. But nothing helps. Solve this problem. Thank you

  • @Kaare Chridtian - I have a Nexus 5X and AM NOT experiencing this problem.

    There is a setting in the Display section named "Ambient Display".  This setting is designed to wake the screen when you pick up the phone so you can get a quick peek at any notices.  I had many problems, including Strava stopping, when this setting was enabled and the phone was in my front pocket.  It seems that jostling the hone while hiking.jogging would somehow sometimes turn the phone on and apps running would get random input.  Once I disabled this setting, problems with Strava stopping during a hike disappeared.

    Maybe try this and see if it helps.

  • I've got a OnePlus 2, with OxygenOS 3.0.2, which is Android 6.0.1

    Strava used to be absolutely fine, no dropouts at all.

    When I upgraded to the latest version, I found that it would drop the GPS after 10-15 mins of recording.

    I thought it might be the phone going into doze or something, so I tested it with Strava recording at the same time as Google Maps navigation was on, and the screen was on. After about 10 mins, the navigation stopped, and Google Maps showed "searching for GPS" and wouldn't get a lock.

    I stopped Strava, and Google Maps immediately got a GPS lock.

    So it's worse than just losing a lock - Strava actually blocks or breaks a GPS lock on the whole device, even when the screen stays on!

    Any chance of an urgent fix?

  • Hello. All checked and this problem not I have one for 6 version Android. To wait and try I'm tired. It tried everything, but the problem remained. Eventually had to reset the system 5 version. And there are no problems. NO. With it not even thinking about saving, background work or something. So please, consider the problems in the program Strava.
    Thank you. And success to You.

  • In aid to this, if you want to still keep power saving mode on. Go into power save mode, click on app details, and you can turn off strava and keep the rest of your apps on power saving mode!

  • A few helpful updates: 

    1. For Strava app crashes when viewing Activity details from the feed, a fix was recently released through Google Play Services resolving this issue. 

    2. As also mentioned in this discussion, please disable any battery saving functions for the Strava app as these will shut down the GPS while recording an activity. 

    3. For Huawei phones there are some helpful tips posted by others in the community.

    4. Lastly, please try the GPS reset recommended in our help article

    If still experiencing issues, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this page. 

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