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I have some issues with the strava app on android wear. I was using my Sony Smartwatch 3 with an Xperia Z for a while and everything was working fine. On monday I got a new Xperia X and paired it with my watch. Since then Strava is no longer available on my watch. I also tried resetting the watch and syncing it again, no luck. Are there any issues with Android 6 or something? (It is the only thing i can see as a difference)



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    Sorry for the delay - we resolved this case a few weeks ago. 

    Please make sure the watch has updated to the latest version of Google Play Services, and the issue should be resolved. 


  • Hi Sebastian, 

    We've been able to reproduce this issue, and we're looking into it. Thanks for the report. 

  • Hi,

    I believe I have a similar issue. I have factory reset my phone since upgrading to android n beta. I have factory reset my moto 360 1st gen to reassociate it with the watch... Now I don't have a Strava application on my watch.

  • I have the same problem. I have the Huawei watch paired to a Nexus 6P. I have Strava installed on my phone, but the app does not show up on the watch nor in the Android Wear app. Please help!

  • The Strava app has now installed about 24 hours after all the other applications installed...

  • I too am having problems with my Huawei watch, originally I had the problem where I couldn't find the app on my watch, now I can find the app but cannot start an activity using android wear I have to use my phone, which kinda defeats having a Android watch.

  • Hi Iv been off my bike for 2 months. I launch starve by my Sony SmartWatch 3. It crash this happen a Cupple more times till I restored to factory setting on my watch and uninstall the app. I reinstall the app to my phone signed in and rebooted my watch now starva will not connect to my phone. This is well frustrating as I like the fact you could have your phone in your bag and you could start the app from your watch please fix this


  • I have the same issue with my Nexus 5 and Sony SW3.

  • I am having the same issue. After factory resetting my Moto 360 Sport the Strava app is no longer installed on my watch.

    Help addressing this would be much appreciated! 

  • Same issue here. Brand new LG G5 and Sony SW3 watch. Strava not showing on the watch. Reinstalled Android Wear and factory reset the watch many times to no avail. Didnt have this issue with my previous phone.

  • Well right after i posted my comment, strava appears on the watch. Go figure.

  • For me Strava now is showing on my SW3.

  • Hi, i have the same problem with my asus zenfone2. With my older smartphone i had no problem, but now i can't see strava on my watch. Thanks.


  • Hi Strava Community Moderator, 

    Unfortunately I am as well affected like the folks below. I've searched around for the solution, but no luck. You have mentioned that you were able to reproduce the issue, but since then - no solution provided. That was more than a month ago, therefore, besides the fact that for some of them the app re-appears doesn't necessarily means the issue has been resolved. In my particular case I've had Galaxy S4 with Cyanogenmod 13 and SW3, worked perfectly for a few weeks before the app disappeared. Than I was able to upgrade the device to Galaxy S7 (stock android 6.01) and the problem repeated (worked for few weeks before the app miraculously took off. In addition, I can see a notification on my watch after a run when my results are ready to be uploaded, but this is only in case i have been using the app through the phone. For instance I CAN NOT see the app on the watch, and no longer able to start/pause/stop run or ride by the android wear vers

    Could you please resume the investigation and provide a logic solution, because there are plenty of different activity monitoring apps out there, and clearly this could be leading us to the other side easily if we can not take advantage of your nice app throughout our devices.  

    In addition, if I go to Android Wear and re-sync all the apps - than STRAVA re-appears, but only last couple of weeks.


    Kind Regards


  • Same here. I installed all updates for the wear, tried re-sync and it didn't work.

    I uninstalled Strava from phone and installed it again - and it seems it was synced on wear as well and now it works.


  • When I start new record Strava with my nexus 6P, my LG G watch R is blocked  00:00. The Nexus 6P is ok. Sometimes, i delete the cache, stop app and it works but it's random. Please, fix it :D

  • I've experienced the issue of Strava randomly unintelligible itself from my Sony SmartWatch 3. It still seemed OK on my phone. Maybe Strava for Wear doesn't like it if smartphone apps are on a micro Sd card?

  • I have the same problem I think. Cant run strava on lg watch urbane anymore. Screen stays on 0.00, doesn't seem to want to talk to my phone (s5 neo). It worked fine for 9 months prior to this..

  • Just to add to the list I have the same issue. SmartWatch 3 will work on its own using it's built in GPS but it will not control an activity using strata android on phone. This is only such an issue as the battery life on the watch using inbuilt GPS is shocking.
    Also I use audio announcements from my phone which only work when an activity is started on the phone or (when it worked) started the phone app from Android wear.

  • PS. Sony SmartWatch 3 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Marshmallow.

  • Strava customer support first told me to uninstall then reinstall the app (really?!). They have since told me to look out for an update to the app, so we'll see what happens then...

  • Sorted, I think.
    On the Play Store, search the Strava app and scroll down to where it says "Become a beta tester" this, after a few mins will download the new release test version. This has solved the connection issues for me.

  • Cheers mate. Fixed it. The hours I've spent uninstalling, unpairing, reinstalling etc!...

    Still gonna buy a GPS watch after payday and leave the phone at home ☺

  • I'm still having the issues. I'm am up to date with play services and am using the beta. Please help

  • Resurrecting this thread.... I can't seem to find the Strava Wear app when searching the play store on my Huawei Watch 2. When searching for "Strava" or "Strava Wear" I just get other fitness tracking apps appearing in the search - no sign of Strava. I tried going back to a previous version of the play store with no success.

    What's going on?!

  • Same problem with my TicWatch S. Your official reply doesn't help. No way to update Play Store!

  • Another resurrection to this thread, does anyone found a solution to this problem. I have to reset my watch almost every 2 weeks, because strava was not able to locate the GPS  and now the app completely disappear form app store. 

    I think best option is switch to a Garmin watch instead continue dealing with this

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