Bypassing Google Maps on Android

I live in China and have had an iPhone for the last few years which worked fine with strava.  Strava defaulted to apple maps on my phone and I was able to track my workouts, although it never gave me distance or time until I stopped the workout.  I recently switched to an Android phone, and strava forces me to use Google maps.  Since google is blocked here, I cannot use strava without turning on my VPN, but even with VPN on the connection is buggy and laggy.  Is there any way to have strava use another map source like Baidu?



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  • I also live in China. Can Strava provide another map source for us?

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  • I don`t use Google Maps app so I deleted it. Strava is the only app that stopped working properly. I still can track rides, but it takes a lot of asspain. Please, make Strava a standalone app or make it compatible with other kinds of maps

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