Try this fix if your strava is crashing

Press the "running apps" button (usually the left of the three buttons on the bottom of your phone or long-press the menu button if you only have the one) and lock strava app to prevent it from being automatically killed if your phone starts to run low on RAM.

If your RAM is running low your phone starts to kill running apps and locking an app prevents it from being killed. Strava is quite the memory hog so it's not surprising the phone decides to kill it if it's running out of free RAM.

You can also find an option in "developer settings" in your phone to change the memory optimization to be less aggressive with killing apps to free up RAM.



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  • What a brilliant idea!! I can't wait to give it a go and see if it works for me. Thanks

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  • I'm curious if it worked for you? Let me know.
    I haven't had a single crash since I permanently locked Strava in to memory (Recent apps -> find Strava -> lock the app (on my phone I swiped down the app and the lock icon appears)

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  • Just installed Strava last week and run twice and both times app crashed. Quite disappointed as didn't have problems with other exercise tracking applications. Phone has 6GB of RAM, that sounds quite enough. 

    Will try locking the application as see if it works. If not, other solution is uninstall :(

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  • How do you lock an app as suggested? Can you give a very detailed description for iPhone 7,8? I can’t follow how above. Thanks.

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