Strava not showing up on Sony Smartwatch 3

I've just acquired a Sony Smartwatch 3 from a friend and was excited to try out Strava on it.

However, Strava doesnt show up on the watch as an available app.
Starting a run on my phone and nothing happens on the Watch ( I was expecting a display to pop up ).

In the 'Wear' option of Strava's settings, however, there is a 'Use Device GPS' option. I've checked and unchecked that and seen no change.
I've tried re-syncing, resetting, reinstalling, but no luck. I even opted into the beta programme after reading that it might help.

I'm just wondering if Strava no longer supports the SWR50, or Wear 1.5 devices, I can't find anything to say that it is supported, or not supported, I'd just like to know really.

I've seen posts around saying to install older Strava versions, but they're all on shady sites so I'd rather avoid that.



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