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It would be nice to add a swipe gesture on the average pace view on the iOS application so you could switch between current pace and average pace. This is a small feature which would be handy for a lot of users. Users that use this must just be aware it consumes some more battery. That's all!

PS: Also the lack of a small interval timer like on nike run + club app running would be super nice, but off-course a little more work. ;-)



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  • This is a great idea. Why isn't this a feature already? I recently ran a half marathon and I really wanted to view my current pace but it wasn't available on mobile. I had to rely on a friend who had a watch to give me the pace

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  • I was thinking this exactly today. If I'm using my phone for a quick training run, I want to be able to see my current pace so that I know when to push/ease off etc.

    I'd also like the option to be able to set a 'target' whether that be distance, duration or speed.

    So many of the other apps offer both of these features as standard and Strava is definitely missing a trick.

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  • To be honest. I already bought a Polar M430 watch to have this functionality. This is much more handy than running with the phone. Also setting up interval workout is easy.

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  • I totally agree. This is why sometimes I use Nike + run app at the same time, because it shows you your current pace. Please add this Strava or you may lose people to Nike and other apps!

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  • Strava needs to think about their UI a little bit more. A few other applications I have used help you customize you run screen - like add more fields ( average/ instant pace/ lap pace etc). Strava just has the two fields while running. Wearables friendly is the way to go!!!



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