Silly start/pause announcement function

First of all I have to say that I love strava by quite a bit.

I must complain though for the start/resume announcement that has been added to the latest version of it. It is the silliest feature for an application of this kind can have.

First of all it scared me when for the first time while cycling in the city I heard a voice interrupting my music on my first stop. What the heck was that I thought, where did that come from. You cannot imagine how pissed I got with it later while listening to these announcements every single time I had to stop for the traffic lights, for pedestrians, or for anything else. Later, at home, I had to google it to find the shut-up switch for it. Next time, please think twice before enabling such distracting functions by default. Besides, annoying they are dangerous especially when cycling.

Second, the choice of wording is a big fail. "Try again" on stopping! Really? C'mon, I am waiting for the light to go green!

A big thank you for the Strava team for what they have offered to us though! I love it on every ride.

All best!



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