A trophy/title/award for the person who has ridden the segment the most

Each segment currently lists the fastest man and woman of the segment as the current KOM and QOM.

More and more segments however are becoming out of reach from the average rider, as times become dominated by the local pro, or were taken assisted by massive storm-induced 30+ mph tailwinds (guilty of this myself).

So in addition to stating the KOM and QOM for each segment, a new title could be added for the person who has ridden the segment the most. This would have the following benefits:

--- Making segments more inclusive for everyone.

--- Rewarding participation in addition to performance.

--- Gives local riders more satisfaction/ownership over their local segments.

Titles for this award could be 'Chief', 'Overseer', 'Ruler', 'Governor', 'Resident' or 'Native'.




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  • While this may be fun for the ego, I just don't see any value in this type of functionality. There are many other upgrades that Strava should concentrate on, such as being able to sort our Routes and Rides...

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  • Segments are becoming inaccessible and a bit elitist. I enjoy a bit of KOM hunting, but this would make segments more inclusive. Getting more people participating and out riding bikes is a good thing.

    Also, this sort of addition wouldn't prevent Strava from adding the functionality you mention - they aren't mutually exclusive.

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  • Not an award, but a classification of the segment with the most frequent riders should be a nice feature.

    In addition to this, a classification of a segment in the current month / week (day already exists) is also a nice extra.

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