It's 2018 and we still can't edit to correct time/distance

C'mon Strave whats the deal? Is this really so hard to add as a feature?



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  • A few years ago, I suggested that Strava allow us one or two "mulligans" per month. This would allow us to manually enter lost mileage/elevation gain/etc for whenever our devices crapped out, we forgot them, or whatever. And that the "mulligan" aspect was a forgiveness for the event, therefore the corrected values would count towards our monthly Challenge...

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  • I just ran an official 5k and Strava/Garmin says its 3.05 miles.  I was able to correct it on Garmin but strava doesn't get the corrected.  Even better, if I click "create route" from the run, the route is 3.1 miles, not 3.05.  Is this ever going to be addressed?

    Is there a way to contact Strava support to ask to have it corrected?

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  • Twice in the last week I left the Garmin on my bike, and got a few KOM's as I drove along the 101 freeway. Of course I was red-flagged, as well as I should've been. But prior to that, I tried to edit my ride, so I could delete the part that I had driven. The purpose was twofold; so that people wouldn't think I'm a cheater, and so that I could get the correct mileage.

    I agree that, along with being able to "Search" for our Routes, we should be able to edit/correct our rides...

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  • I guess the problem is every activity is backed by a gpx file. If you want to alter the time or distance, how should Strava edit that gpx? FYI a gpx is just a list of timestamps and lat/long coordinates.

    Let's take time first:
    Should they shuffle all the timestanps a little so it makes you slightly slower/slightly faster to match the new time you've set? Probably not, because then you're going to screw up all the segment leaderboard times as you are now a bit slower or faster over a segment than you were before. Not to mention, it gives people the opportunity to artificially move themselves up the leaderboard.
    Should they add it onto the start or end? Again, still messes up your overall speed/pace. Not to mention for bigger changes in time your start and end time will become noticeably incorrect.

    And what about distance:
    If they edit any of those coordinates, it's going to say you were somewhere you actually weren't. Which could mess up segments, as you might now not hit the start or end as you should of, or you are travelling a longer route through a segment than you should be, meaning that your average pace for that segment is recorded as faster than it really was, but you would still be the same place on the leader board because it only looks at time, because it already knows what distance a segment is.
    Metro and Heatmaps are also messed up then as well, because you've got all these fake gpx points in places that they didn't actually run.

    The obvious solution is to only make the time/distance changes superficially, and leave everything in the background as it was recorded. That means all the graphs and analysis within Strava is going to be inconsistent with the stated total time/distance, which isn't very good UX. Really you get to the point where you have to change so little in order to not mess up a lot of other stuff that it starts to lose its value as a feature.

    For those who are unhappy their officially measured race doesn't show up as the same distance on Strava, that's just a fact of GPS, it is almost always going to cut a little bit off as you go round corners, because it typically only records your position every second or so, meaning that as you run round a corner it will record a shorter line through the corner as its missing out a little bit of curve between each point.

    Finally to say, I'm not actually saying it's an undesirable feature, I've often wanted to adjust the distance of my activities because I've started my watch late or something, I'm just trying to explain some of the technical challenges behind it and why it's not as simple as you might assume at first. It's such a rare occurrence that you really need to change the time/distance that I think it's fair of Strava to not offer it as a feature. If you really want to alter it that much you can export the gpx file, edit it and re-upload. I've done that when I've accidentally not hit save after an activity and then restarted it later in the day, causing the time to be massively off or a big jump to appear on the route map.

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  • I think it is easiest just to delete the activity and enter a new one manually with the correct data.

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  • Is it possible to add heart rate data (recorded) to a manually created event?

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  • It’s now 2020 and we still can’t do it. If a man can run A sub 2 hour marathon you would have thought strava could figure out this problem. Really annoyed to run a measured 10km, garmin records as 9.93km (I can correct on Garmin - must have some tech geniuses over there) but can’t correct on strava. The computer is not always right Strava - sort it out!

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