Switched iPhones and want to import history

I have upgraded my iPhone and did the old backup and restore onto the new phone but my Strava history did not come over. Any way I can move it to the new phone? 



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  • If you're signed in on the app, you should see everything.  Ride data is stored on Strava's servers, not on the phone app.

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  • Can’t see my history on my new I phone have transfers everything over but shows no rides or photos

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  • As Patrick said, none of the data is actually stored on your phone.  It is all on the server online.  That is why you can see all of the same ride data and photos if you look on a computer anywhere you go as you do on your phone at any time.  I would double check that you are logged into the correct strava account on your new phone.  If that isn't it, I would use the "Submit a request" link at the bottom center of this page to contact Strava technical support who may be able to help you.

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