Seconds No Longer Shown in Reported Activity Time in Latest App Update

In the latest update of the Strava Android app it appears that activity time is now only displayed in hours and minutes, rather than hours, minutes and seconds as was the case previously. This seems like a highly reterograde step, in particular when viewing race activities. Several friends of mine ran in a 3000m race yesterday and at the moment I only know whether their times were 10 minutes something or 11 minutes something, and this is unsatisfactory to say the least! Please can we have seconds back on the activity time?



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  • Hi, I’ve noticed the same problem and thought there would be more fuss about it but your comment is the only one I could find!
    Anyway I’ve found you can see your time (with seconds) by scrolling down and pressing Matched Runs - providing you’ve ran that route before.
    Not ideal for obvious reasons though and such a ridiculous thing to remove with the update!

  • Thanks Jordan, that's good to know. I've also noticed you can get round it by going through the group activity page and clicking on other people's activities in there. Obviously that only works if it was a group activity, but fortunately for races that is almost always the case. I'm still hopeful it's something that'll be fixed!

  • Same issue...

  • Hi,

    Yep, seeing the same thing. Running version 65.0.0 on Android. My girlfriend has the same version but it still seeing the old view which included seconds so doesn't seem like everybody is seeing the updated version.

    I did a run today which is showing as 22 minutes on Strava, but in reality it was a few seconds shy of 23 minutes so Strava is making it look like I ran much faster than I did.

  • Hi, yes it's a problem I found a couple of days ago. I have contacted Strava and attached a screen shot of the problem. Apparently my submission has been handed to the design team. I would encourage both of you as well as others to email regarding this problem, otherwise it will get brushed under the carpet.
    Who in their right mind would redesign something that was perfectly functional to something missing vital statistic like seconds!!
    Get complaining or they will do nothing.

  • Strava, seriously, what is going on removing seconds!? Just have to round up my 5k times now or keep running the same route. Preposterous.

  • yes, Strava, bring back seconds.  It's ridiculous to not display seconds, they are clearly in the data. 

  • Hi, mine has changed too showing only hours, mins & no senonds.... what a rubbish update to your activity...... Will this be changed back to show the seconds?

  • Hi, mine has changed too showing only hours, mins & no senonds.... what a rubbish update to your activity...... Will this be changed back to show the seconds?

  • Agree. It's a ridiculous change. I've tried logging on to the web site version on my phone to try and get round it too, but the browser defaults to the App all the time. Grrr..

  • Oh my goodness, I thought i was losing it.. Glad I've found this thread. Do the people at strava actually do exercise?

    What's the most simple metric you'd want from any GPS / Sport App = the activity time.

    For shorter runs (10 miles and less) seeing the seconds is critical, i often know the minutes without having to look..

  • I noticed this too....tried to get in touch with Strava and no response. Really infuriating, how am I supposed to know if I am improving if seconds are not listed and I have never ran the route before. I too would have expected more people to have been screaming about this!

    Strava - can we get our seconds back please!

  • Same problem on the iOS App as well as the Feed page on the Website. Can we have this back asap as it's a bit ridiculous not to be able to see your full recorded time. There' a big difference between 25 min and 25 min 59 sec.

  • they've fixed it !! hooray

  • double hooraý........ it's fixed.....thank goodness 👌🏾

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